Amazon Echo: how to enable do not disturb mode and turn off Alexa

Amazon Echo can be an incredible device to have at home. Still, Amazon's virtual assistant can cause some distractions with your notifications or if Alexa understands that you called her in some situation. So that you don't have to deal with it all the time, there is a way to activate a do not disturb mode or even turn off Alexa quickly.

In case you are curious, just check out the complete and detailed guide we made on the subject. See how to turn off Alexa or use the Do Not Disturb mode below!

How to turn off Alexa

Regardless of the Amazon Echo model you have, because there are many, there will always be some buttons available. In general, you can find them at the top of the device.

The button that allows Alexa to be turned off is the one with the streaked ball in the middle. Basically, it is a way to temporarily silence the assistant.

alexa buttons

As highlighted in the image above, just press the button to turn Alexa off. When you want to reactivate it, just press that button again.

Amazon Echo Do Not Disturb Mode

If you don't want to have to press the Amazon Echo button all the time to turn Alexa off, you can also activate the do not disturb mode. The best thing is that this can be done directly in the Alexa application.

If you don't already have it on your smartphone, just access the Google Play Store or the App Store. With the app downloaded and installed, open it on your phone and select the “Devices” option

alexa devices

Then, you must choose the option “Echo and Alexa” to proceed.

select amazon echo

Now, you must select the desired device, which in this case is your Amazon Echo.

select amazon echo

On the next screen, we will see some standard options from Amazon Echo. Click on "Do not disturb", an option that will normally be turned off.

alex do not disturb mode

When you do this, you will have the option to activate the Do Not Disturb mode or to schedule the exact times that it can activate and deactivate itself.

alexa options

If you choose to activate the mode manually, you will also have to disable it in the same way.

If you prefer to schedule, you only have to choose the times. Either an hour to start activation in this mode, or a time for it to be deactivated.

In general, just think about the times you want to be calmer, like the time you are working or studying, for example.

turn off alexa tab

And it is basically that it is necessary to configure the do not disturb mode and turn off Alexa without having to interact with Amazon Echo all the time. Pretty simple, isn't it ?!

It is one of the best things to do when setting up routines on Alexa.

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