Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10? Which one is the best?

For those looking for smart speakers, it can be difficult to choose between Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10. Both boxes work with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can be used with virtual assistants so that you can perform various voice commands.

This can be very useful for those who have many smart devices at home and want to control them only with the speaker and its assistant. To help you decide between Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10, we made a comparison of the two. Check out more below!


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As you would expect from smart speakers, both have a very similar shape and design. So, if you are in doubt between Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10, appearance shouldn't be such a deciding factor.

The two boxes have a cylindrical shape and are very discreet. It is worth mentioning that although JBL Link 10 is only available in black, the Amazon box has several color options.

Currently, you can buy it in black, white, gray or blue. Other than that, even the weight of the boxes is similar, since JBL has 710g and Echo has 780g.


Now we have a factor that can be considered very important when choosing Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10. After all, the battery issue is always very valuable to most consumers.

The JBL box has a 4,000 mAh battery and can last for 5 hours of continuous use. The Amazon box works very differently.

Although it is unexpected, it does not have its own battery and only works plugged in. Although it is inconvenient for those who want to take it to places without an outlet, it is good for those who want to leave it alone at home and without having to worry about refills.


worth buying the JBL Link 10

The sound quality of the two speakers is very good overall. It is possible to hear the speech of the virtual assistants clearly, enjoy music and even the audio of videos without noticing loss of quality.

Of course, this also depends a little on the environment you are in. If you are outdoors with the JBL Link 10, for example, you may notice a lighter and lower sound than normal.

As Amazon Echo will only be indoors because of its power limitations, it is much less likely to encounter this situation.

Virtual Assistants

Another point worth mentioning is the use of virtual assistants in the boxes. Before choosing Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10, it is good to know that they work with specific assistants and different from each other.

While Amazon Echo works with Alexa, JBL Link 10 works with Google Assistant. In this case, this is more of a preference of the user himself, since the two assistants are very good.

If you already use one of them, this can be taken into account before purchase.


Although JBL Link 10 was launched for the price of R $ 899 here in Brazil, there has been a drop in its cost in recent months. Currently, you can find it for R $ 699 in most stores, including the official JBL.

Amazon Echo can be found for sale also for R $ 699 in the official Amazon store. The price does not usually change so much in promotions, but it is always good to keep an eye on.

Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10?

worth buying amazon echo

Considering that the two boxes have similar format, sound quality and prices, it can be tricky to decide whether you want Amazon Echo or JBL Link 10. Fortunately, differences in the type of power and virtual assistants can help you decide.

If it's important to take the speaker to places without an outlet nearby, Amazon Echo is at a disadvantage compared to JBL. But if you know you're not going to take the box out of the house and not have to recharge a battery for hours, it's the JBL Link 10 that is disadvantaged by Echo.

As mentioned, the situation of the different assistants is in the user's preference. If you use an Android smarpthone and are used to using Google Assistant, it may be a good idea to buy the JBL Link 10.

But if you are already an Amazon user or have phrases to speak to Alexa, we recommend that you try Echo. Overall, it's pretty easy to get used to and set up routines on Alexa, so it might be worth it.

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And if you've chosen Amazon Echo, it's also worth checking out the benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime!

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