Amazon Echo Show 5: Everything You Need to Know

One technology that was introduced not so long ago is smart speakers. They are basically speakers that connect to the internet and via bluetooth and have smart wizards inside them such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

If you are interested in purchasing one of them, it is a good idea to consider those from Amazon, which have been around for the longest. We have a recent article comparing the company's three devices, and here we will better explain the details of the Echo Show 5, the screen version of the Echo line.

1. Body and construction

The Echo Show 5 is an extremely well-built smart speaker with a high quality fabric backing on its back. At the front is a 5.5-inch touchscreen with plastic edges and a camera at the top right to make video calls.


Its screen is the smallest of the Echo Show line, which also has the Echo Show 8 and the 2nd Generation Echo Show, but considering that it is not possible to find the others sold in our country, turns out to be the only option for the consumer. Brazilian.

At the top of this unit you will find a series of buttons: the volume up and down buttons and the mute and mute button. In addition, it also has a camera shutter that you can drag to cover it and make it unable to film something, which is great as this device is meant to be by your bed.

On top of all that, the device still has three inputs on the back: for its charging source, headphone or auxiliary audio and a micro USB socket that you will probably never use, but its function is to connect internet cables to a more stable connection.

2. Features

A very important factor when it comes to the products we intend to buy is all they are capable of, and the Echo Show 5 doesn't escape that. So here we list all its capabilities and explain them fully.

It was designed with the idea that it could very well serve as an alarm clock or an assistant to your room. It has a feature called Sunrise Alarm, or Dawn Alarm in a free translation, which works by turning on the device screen and increasing the brightness, simulating the dawn to wake you naturally.

When you connect Show 5 for the first time, it will be ready to assist you in setting up, starting with your WiFi. After the connection is made, you can open a menu by dragging it from the top of the screen, allowing you to customize the look of the clock, alarms and other settings.

Dragging from left to right opens another menu with several shortcuts to things like alarms, watching videos, playing music, controlling your smart home, viewing your routines and communication options.

Echo Show Menu 5

In alarms obviously the user can set their alarms. In music, users can choose what they want to hear by choosing from the platforms that Alexa supports, including, among others, Spotify and Apple Music.

It's the same thing in videos; you can choose what you want to watch, within the supported options which, unfortunately, are few: Amazon Prime Video, UOL, Backdoor and a few others, but no Netflix or YouTube.

To watch or listen to other things on Echo Show 5, you need to connect your smartphone via bluetooth and play from it, turning it into a wireless display speaker.

Using this device, the user can also make video calls to the important people in his life, through Skype or the functionality Drop In, on compatible devices.

Echo Show 5 Connection

Routines allow the user to configure various functions to make the wearer's life more comfortable, such as slowly turning on the smart lights to wake you up, preparing your coffee to be ready when you get up, saying “Good night, Alexa”, to let her turn off the lights and play relaxing sounds to sleep.

You can also prepare your home for when you arrive from work by turning on the lights automatically, adjusting the temperature to your favorite and even playing a playlist to make it even more cozy. In addition, they can have personalized notices for you or your family members and let you know when to settle out, for example.


Amazon Echo Show 5 is certainly a great product with quite amazing features. It lets you better control many aspects of your life and automate others to make it more comfortable to follow the day.

It does it all in a very compact size, which doesn't lack in functionality, as it has a very clear screen, very reasonable audio, even though for listening to music is not very good, camera for more basic videos and the assistant Alexa.

So what did you think about our review of Echo Show 5?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the article and also about the product. Comment on if we help you decide if it's worth buying or not or if you have any other devices you prefer and be sure to check out our comparisons between Echo Dot vs Google Home, Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini and Alexa vs Google Home.

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