AnyRecover: How to recover deleted files from SD card

We know how bad it is to lose important files because they ended up being accidentally deleted or because one of your devices ended up being formatted. Fortunately, there are specialized software that can recover practically everything that has been deleted from an HD, Pen Drive or SD Card, for example. IMyFone's AnyRecover is considered the best data recovery software by many today.

So, if you need a way to recover your deleted files from the SD card or other removable devices, just take one in our step-by-step tutorial with AnyRecover. Check everything in more detail below!


anyrecover guide

Well, for those who still don't know AnyRecover so well, it is always worth talking about its main features. As we mentioned earlier, this is software that focuses on recovering lost data on virtually any of your devices.

You can use it on Windows or Mac to recover data on the HD / SSD or on removable devices, such as a Pen Drive or SD card. This can be extremely useful both for those who accidentally deleted a file and for those who had a damaged HD or had to format it.

The best thing is that AnyRecover works regardless of the make or model of your device, so you will not see any compatibility issues when using it. It is also worth mentioning that AnyRecover has support for more than 1000 file types and formats.

This ensures that you do not have to worry about any files of a different format. In addition, it can be used free of charge, but it has great paid plans for those who want to take advantage of all the advantages that the software has to offer.

There are monthly, yearly options and even a lifetime alternative for anyone who wants AnyRecover forever, with guaranteed updates at no additional cost. Considering the importance of such software for those who handle many files on a daily basis, these plans can be very worthwhile.

Pretty interesting, don't you think? So now is the time to recover all your deleted data and files using AnyRecover!

Recovering deleted files with AnyRecover

Knowing more about AnyRecover and what it has to offer, we can now show you exactly how to recover your data with the program. You just need to follow our step by step how to use it:

Step 1: To start, you must go to the official website of AnyRecover, where we can download the software for free. Just access the link of this SD card data recovery tool and choose between the Windows and Mac version depending on the computer and operating system you use.

anyrecover tutorial

Step 2: After downloading the tool, install it on your computer. The process is very fast and the software will already be configured in Portuguese if this is the language used in your operating system.

software installation

Step 3: With AnyRecover properly installed, open the software on your PC to start the file recovery process. Also, don't forget to insert the SD card into your computer, either through a specific slot or with the help of an adapter.

Step 4: With that done, select the SD card in the "External removable devices" section. Then, click on "Start" to start a scan of the SD card in search of the possible deleted files you want to recover.

anyrecover external device

The duration of this scan will depend a lot on the size of the SD card. So, if it is a smaller capacity card, the waiting time will be very short, for example.

The best thing is that you can pause, stop and resume scanning at any time you need. This is great for anyone who has any unforeseen circumstances and can only continue the process afterwards.

Step 5: When the scan is complete, you will see the warning that you must prioritize the files that have been found. If something was not found that first time, it is possible to try again.

anyrecover scan

Either way, you’ll see exactly how many files were found. AnyRecover will give you the total estimate of the number of files and the size of the files found in the process.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-103069″ alt=»anyrecover scan completed» width=»610″ height=»385″ src=»″/>

Step 6: You will also see some folders of different categories, such as "Image", "Video" and "Document", for example. Click on one of these folders according to the type of file you want to find.

anyrecover analysis

Step 7: We select the “Document” folder, for example. Within it, there are two other folders indicating the format of the files found in this category: "PDF" and "TXT". Select one of the folders according to the file format you are looking for.

recovery folders

Step 8: When entering the desired folder, you will see all the files recovered from that format and specific category. If you need to see a preview of the files, you can click on the icon highlighted in the image below:

anyrecover preview

If you find what you were looking for, select the file and click the "Recovery" button

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-103090″ alt=»anyrecover recovery» width=»610″ height=»362″ data-lazy- src=»″/>

Step 9: Right after that, you will still have to select where you would like to save this file that will be recovered. It is possible to select the SD card itself where the file was originally located, but it is not suggested that you do so. After all, this action may compromise the process of recovering other files in the future.

anyrecover saved

Fortunately, you can save the file on your computer or even on other removable devices. Select the location you prefer and click "Ok".

Step 10: Once this is done, the recovery process will start and the time will also depend on the size of the file. But when everything is right, AnyRecover will warn you and even open the folder in which the file can be viewed and used.

process concluded

Very simple to recover deleted files using AnyRecover, isn't it ?! The good thing is that you can do this for different file formats and on any drive that is connected to your PC.

In addition to the SD card, this goes for your HD, SSD, Pen Drive and external HD, for example. It is also possible to recover data from your computer's Recycle Bin even after it has been deleted, as you can see in the tips on the official AnyRecover website!

The best advantage is that this tool is very simple to use and you can download it free of charge for simpler use. So, it's really worth checking it out!

Do you like AnyRecover?

Did you learn how to recover your deleted files using AnyRecover? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the software and our tips and if you managed to follow our tutorial properly!

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