Apps to position on Google: 4 best for your site

Finding apps to position on Google can be a powerful weapon for your results on the internet. The positioning at the top of the search engines is guaranteed to improve your number of visits. These apps are ideal for those who work at home with websites and blogs.

With the popularization of the use of apps, companies invest heavily in development to create applications that make life easier for their customers. Even better when this app is free.

In addition to the possibility of finding features that you would not find in other channels, the applications allow agility in iterating with customers and, consequently, better results.

This allows you to improve your positioning without needing a digital marketing agency.

In this article we will cover 4 applications that will certainly help to improve the positioning of your site on Google.

1. Google My Business

google screen my business

Google My Business is the best way to make your company stand out in Google searches. Every day, thousands of people search for products and services on Google and having this visibility is extremely important for your company.

To make things easier, you can have the free Google My Business app on Android or iPhone. With this app, you have at your disposal one of the best apps to position on Google and you can:

  • Easily connect with your customers from wherever you are responding to ratings, comments and sending messages;
  • Uploading photos and adding filters so that customers who are searching can find your company profile;
  • Posting about products, services, offers and events that your company will hold;
  • Evaluate Insights reports where you can find out how customers find and interact with your company;
  • Receive notifications in real time, as well as updates so you don't lose sight of your customers on Google;
  • Get tips for improving your site to have better performance;

2. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is one of the main tools used by SEO and digital marketing professionals to monitor website access data and find optimization opportunities.

It can be integrated with any page on the internet, even blogs.

To do so, just register on the Google Analytics website, set up your account and export a code to be added to your website or blog.

To make life easier for SEO professionals, Google Analytics has a free app where you can have this information via mobile in real time. Download it on Android or iPhone.

Through the Google Analytics application you can:

  • Check the main metrics and reports;
  • Compare date and segment periods;
  • Monitor your website data in real time;
  • Explore data and create your own reports with different combinations of metrics, segments and dimensions that are important to you;
  • Save the reports generated in your control panel to view them again in the future.

3. Serpchimp SEO

serpchimp screen

One of the needs of an SEO professional is to monitor the evolution of their sites and also the sites of clients, especially ecommerce.

SerpChimp SEO is one of the applications to position on Google that will help you in exactly this need.

It is an application that allows you to track your websites and monitor how your pages are evolving in the main search terms of your business.

SerpChimp SEO has a free version that offers 200 credits for you to make the best use of it. After consuming these 200 credits, it is necessary to make a recharge and then the application becomes paid.

It is worth testing Serpchimp SEO to stay well informed about the results in the ranking of your sites.

4. Evernote

evernote screen

Like any good SEO professional, it is important to organize your ideas and action plans within a tool.

Evernote is not exactly an SEO tool, but it is an essential note-taking app for any professional. Especially for professionals who carry out the practice of link building. Through this free app, you will be able to control all the prospects you have already made and all those you have not yet contacted.

I remember that some activities of an SEO job are subject to penalty and depend a lot on the way the professional performs his actions, especially in the link building.

For more applications and tools that exist to facilitate the work, a good networking can help a lot to get precious links that will make your site rise considerably in the search results.

Apps to position on Google: why use it?

Technology has evolved a lot over the last decade and today the application market is very extensive, providing very important solutions and tools for any segment.

With the Digital Marketing segment it is no different. Especially the work of SEO, it is possible to obtain tools that facilitate management with quick access and in real time, on your Android phone or iPhone.

If you are an SEO professional, install the applications mentioned in this article that will certainly make a big difference in your results!

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