x Linktree: what is the best service?

Putting just one link in your Insta bio may not be enough to take your Instagram followers to different pages of your business on the internet. Therefore, there are several services that allow you to increase the number of links you put in your phrases for Instagram bio. and Linktree are some examples. So that you can compare better, we brought the x Linktree comparison.

In the next few paragraphs, we'll talk about the service that both platforms provide. Next, let's compare the features of each free plan.

We will also demonstrate what each paid plan offers, comparing the services and also the prices that each charges its customers.

Stay with us for a few more minutes and find out the outcome of the x Linktree dispute!

What do and Linktree do? and Linktree have a common goal: to allow their customers to place more than one link in the Instagram bio. How do they do this?

Forwarding whoever clicks the link in their biography to a kind of “mini site”. On this page, the follower can choose several links. You are the one who defines which pages will be present on this mini site.

The benefit of such services is that you are not held hostage by the policy of just one link in your Instagram bio. This limitation ends up forcing content creators and companies to send their followers to the homepage or just to a specific page. And one page is not always enough.

Any type of service allows you to place more than one link in the Insta bio. What sets them apart are the additional services each offers.

So keep checking below to find out more about the x Linktree dispute.

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Both services have free plans to start using right now. However, not all features are available for use.

Linktree offers only two of its features to free users: the predefined templates that serve to create the mini site and the function of placing more than one link in the bio.

You will also be able to access the total page views and the number of times the links were clicked.

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All the free tools shown on Link.tree are also present on makes life for social media managers easier. In addition to showing the total number of clicks and views on your page, the free plan of the tool also brings the number of touches given in each of the links available on your mini site.

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When it comes to paid features, who wins the x Linktree dispute? Which one is cheaper? Check it out below! x Linktree – Paid plans

Both and Linktree have only one paid plan, which unlock all its features. Among them, the possibility of including a form to capture email contacts. Thus, you can sell your products directly to these contacts through email marketing platforms.

By including this form on the mini site in your Insta biography, you make it what we call landing pages, which we mentioned in this article.

In the paid version of Linktree, you will have access to the data of views and clicks in more detail, something that already happens in the free plan of

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Both also allow for greater customization of your pages, including new elements, with more template options and permission to remove the and Linktree logo.

Both also make it possible to include codes to track the behavior of users who pass by, facilitating the creation of sponsored ads on Facebook and Google, for example. That is, when creating a paid ad, you can target that ad to visitors who have had a certain behavior on your mini site.

How does a Pixel code work?

For example, imagine that the group of visitors A clicked on the button to visit your Facebook page; group B accessed their sales page and bought a product and group C clicked on the link to the home page of their online store.

By having the codes on this mini site, you can create specific ads for any of these groups, as the code – called Pixel – has already analyzed how each one behaved and formed the audience automatically.

Who takes the lead in the end?

In this sense, both and Linktree have similar functionality. However, takes the advantage in two aspects.

The first one is to be in native Portuguese, both the interface and the support service. That is, it was developed in the Portuguese language, without translations. Linktree is only available in English.

The price is also an important point. While costs only R $ 19.90 per month, Linktree's price is $ 6 USD per month. At the current quote – made on 4/13/2020 – Linktree is for R $ 31.18, excluding taxes and fees. x Linktree – who wins?

Considering that offers more features in its free plan, it has the same functions as Linktree in the paid version, it is in our language and it still costs less, the choice is

It is worth considering that the attendance of also happens during business hours in our country, without the need to adapt to another time zone.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can start testing right now and take the test yourself.

So, start using for free by accessing the link!

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