Are you quarantined? Check out 10 ideas to not die of boredom!

I didn't come to tell you again that staying at home because of the quarantine is very annoying.

You must have read it a thousand times before reaching this article. You may not even agree with that.

Of course, the restriction of going out whenever you want is a problem that we need to get through and that makes you need ideas to not die of boredom.

This is our role here. In addition to telling you about the best and most respected Instagram profiles or websites to follow the coronavirus, we also have the role of giving you some ideas for not dying of boredom during quarantine.

If you can't take the housework anymore and don't have the patience to watch TV programming anymore, check out our suggestions below!

1. Gather friends for a party "at home"

The main concern with the coronavirus is that the infection is very fast. This is the main factor why quarantine is important. But it blocks an important aspect of life: sociability.

Fortunately, we are in an age where it is not necessary to be present to communicate effectively. In that case, you can invite your friends to a "home party". Only each in his own home.

A previously unknown application that has been calling attention for facilitating these virtual meetings is Houseparty.

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In addition to being very easy to use and calling your friends for a video chat, it brings a lot of fun games and filters to send the boredom away.

It is worth mentioning that he is not the only one. To have fun or chat with family and friends, check out this list of apps to meet online. If you need an app to bring your work team together, check out this article with the best apps for team meetings.

2. Use apps to exercise at home

Another important factor that isolation can cause is the lack of physical exercise. Most Brazilians do not have a physical space available to exercise properly. If you are one of those who pays for the gym, but barely goes, you may have already thrown in the towel.

Do not do it!

The better your immune system is, the more defenses you have against the coronavirus. So it is important that you try to exercise at home, even if it is some stretching.

Some applications can be very important to create a home training routine. See in this article some of our recommendations for exercise apps.

3. Search for platforms to consume cultural content

Culture has never been more important than now. Whether just to entertain without provoking deep reflections or to try to reframe our time, consuming cultural content is one of the best ideas to not die of boredom.

Again, you don't have to leave the house to find different apps to watch movies and series, listen to audiobooks or download new multiplayer games. Most of them can be accessed by a computer, smart TV or even a smartphone.

See here on AppTuts some of the main streaming services to consume cultural content.

4. Defeat your game backlog

If you like offline games, then it's time to beat your game queue, which we usually call a backlog.

You can even take the time to catalog your collection and set up your backlog. From there, just choose which will be the first game to reset and put it to run on your computer, cell phone or video game.

5. Gather friends to play online

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Isn't playing alone with you? Then kill two rabbits by gathering your friends and combining game sessions to play online.

Fitted in a variety of styles, you can either call someone for a “nice” beating in games like Mortal Kombat 11. However, if you're in a larger group, you can take advantage of Fortnite, Free Fire or CS: GO group modalities, among others.

The important thing is to take advantage of these ideas so you don't die of boredom and make them as fun as possible.

6. Marathon that series that was pending

Have you always wanted to watch long series like The Office, Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother, but never had time for your large number of seasons? In quarantine you have it!

Don't know which series to start with? Want suggestions on which show to watch? Then check out this article with the best Netflix series to marathon!

7. Go back to reading your books!

Did you buy an amazing ebook, start reading and have never picked up your Kindle since? You are not lazy or sloppy. In fact, most Kindle owners end up doing the same thing.

The tiredness of the routine or the hours dedicated to work can cause this unwillingness to read a book, especially when it involves some mental effort.

But how about taking it out of the drawer and resuming its reading? It is time to do your best in a bad situation.

Use your free time to read these books that are stuck, either to distract your mind or learn something new, which is even the next suggestion on our list of ideas for not dying of boredom during quarantine.

8. Learn something new!

It is a fact that this pandemic will pass, even if it is already a tragedy at its present moment. As cool as zeroing all your games seems, it is important to devote some time to your studies.

Staying at home compulsorily ends up being the ideal situation to develop new skills or deepen your knowledge in your area of ​​work.

If you also work with content, have you considered professionalizing your production of lives?

How about learning to do live streams for business? Then access the page now and see how to improve your skills in front of the cameras!

9. Start a new home business!

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If you are unable to work in your formal job, but have always had a business idea in mind, now is the best time to invest in your alternative project.

Depending on what you work with, it is possible that your earnings – however fixed – may have been affected. So investing that free time in a new business idea can be the key to start making money on your own.

Who knows, it may be the initial step to change your life and stop exchanging service for money. So don't leave without checking out our complete guide to make extra income!

10. Switch your activities!

Exploring just one or more ideas for not dying from boredom is not recommended. By doing just one type of activity continuously, the chances of it stop being pleasant increase.

So it is interesting to vary between the activities that we show throughout the article. Finished a game? Marathon a series or a trilogy of films?

Also, don't forget to take advantage of the free online course offerings or learn something new. That way, you are always entertained and healthy physically and mentally.

What ideas for not dying of boredom do you suggest?

The quarantine period is fleeting, but it certainly has its challenges. Remember to keep the most attention on hygiene and avoid leaving home, as in the recommendations below.

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially as soon as you get home;
  • Do not frequent places clusters;
  • Avoid leaving the house in general, only in unavoidable situations;
  • Sanitize frequently used devices, such as your smartphone;
  • Do not buy masks if you are not showing symptoms. These resources are limited;
  • Do not panic. The situation is alert and it is important to pay attention, but panic does not help anyone.

What ideas for not dying of boredom are you taking advantage of? Have you assessed your mental health? Comment with us and stay firm, because this crisis will pass. 🙂

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