Audio editor: check out 10 options for Windows

Many people often use video editors to make audio edits. The problem is that this software does not always have specific or advanced tools that an own audio editor could offer. In such cases, it is best to use the most focused software for these tasks.

To help with so many programs for editing audio, we have separated some of the best options available for Windows today. If you're curious and want to find the perfect audio editor for you, check out the list below!

1. Audacity

audacity audio editor

Our first tip is also the audio editor most used by many Windows users. Audacity is very popular and highly recommended for anyone who needs really complete audio software.

Even with professional options and resources, this tool can be used totally free and at will. Its interface is still very simple to understand, even with so many configurations available.

If you are interested, you can check out more by accessing the link.

2. WavePad

Our next tip for anyone who needs an audio editor is WavePad. It is also well known among software in this category, even because it is very easy to use.

Fortunately, it is also one of the programs that offers excellent tools and resources to its users. You will be able to make professional edits and without much delay when learning.

The app has a paid premium option, but it also has a free version for those who need it. In addition to the Windows version, the program can also be used on Mac and mobile devices.

Learn more about the software by accessing the link!

3. FL Studio

FL Studio, on the other hand, is a little different from the other two programs we just talked about, in addition to being much more expensive than them. Instead of being a simple editor with cool features, FL Studio is really a type of editing studio with very impressive functions.

One of the most trivial things about this app is that it constantly receives updates, always counting on more features and very interesting news. The interface is another positive point, having a very professional and elegant air, but it can be a little intimidating for newcomers to the subject. As we already said, it is expensive and its cheapest version is around 100 dollars.

If you're still interested, you can check out more by checking the link.

4. Ardor

Ardor is very similar to FL Studio, with a similar interface and incredible resources, worthy of truly professional software. Still, it is very easy to use and can be very useful for beginners and anyone already working in this area.

In fact, Ardor ends up bringing many cool options for mixing and improving songs, as well as offering support for recording and editing various tracks. Best of all, all the advanced features and functions of this program can be released with just 1 dollar. Much more affordable than other software of the type, isn't it?

Check out more about Ardor by accessing the link.

5. Adobe Audition

use adobe audition

Of course, Adobe software could not be missing from our list, after all, they have a program for everything that involves more creative work. In this case, it is Adobe Audition that takes this position on our list, offering really incredible features and much more advanced than almost all the other programs we mentioned here.

Its interface is very similar to that of other Adobe software, being easy to get used to and learn to move. Like other programs offered by the company, Audition is also geared towards professional use and offers great quality and performance compared to other apps in this category. You can download a trial version to try the program, but you need to pay a monthly fee to access it later.

Check out the link to learn more about Adobe Audition.

6. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is an excellent option for those looking for a free audio editor. Another cool thing is that it has a studio feel, since it has tools for mixing music if you need to.

Of course, it is also possible to manage and edit almost any type of audio file without major difficulties. This is true even for people who don't have a lot of experience.

Its visual and interface are more minimalist, making its use easier than the rest of the programs mentioned in our list. But that does not mean that it has few advanced features, as it has a very comprehensive and impressive range of options available.

Currently, it is only available for Windows and can be found at the link.

7. Sound Forge Audio Studio

Sound Forge Audio Studio is another great option for those looking for a more professional alternative among the audio editors available today. It offers incredible features for creating music, high-quality recordings, great sound effect options and even more ways to improve and refine audio in your files.

Despite so many functions available, the software is still very easy to use and understand, even being intuitive for those who are already familiar with such programs. Of course, all of this does not come for free, but its price is quite considerable when we analyze everything that is offered.

You can check out more about Sound Forge Audio Studio at the link.


LMMS, formerly known as Linux MultiMedia Studio, is another software completely free for you to make your audio editions. Despite its name, the program goes beyond compatibility with Linux and also works very well with Windows and Mac.

Incredibly, it is a software equal to FL Studio, with a really impressive number of advanced features and very cool options for those who need a program with a more professional footprint. It also supports all formats you can imagine, being one of the most complete apps today. As an open source project, LMMS ends up receiving several updates and brings news frequently.

You can check and download this amazing program at the link!

9. PreSonus Studio One

PreSonus Studio One is used by many professionals, which can be both positive and negative. The upside is that it has all kinds of features you can imagine.

The downside is that it can be a little tricky if you're not used to messing with an audio editor. Of course, you can learn, especially if you follow tutorials on the internet.

For those who need an editor for recording, mixing, editing, production and refinement of audio files, it is perfect. The coolest thing is that you can buy it in three versions, each one for a different type of use.

You can learn more about PreSonus Studio One through the link.

10. Acoustica Basic Version

acoustic audio editor

To end our list, we have a great audio editor called Acoutica Basic Version. It has a very beautiful and easy to understand interface, especially compared to other software on the list.

Other than that, it is clear that it has excellent resources. The program has several options for editing, mixing, producing and improving audio for your files, not being as complete as so many of the programs we have already mentioned.

Fortunately, many of these features are available in the free version of the software, but if you want something more advanced, you need to purchase the premium version. Fortunately, there are several packages for different needs, as you can check through the link.

Did you like the audio editor options?

Did you take advantage of our list to know some of the best options for those who want an audio editor for Windows? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions!

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