Baby development: 10 apps you can't miss!

It is really impressive the amount of applications that can help in our day to day. Even more niche apps and for very specific occasions or situations, like pregnancy, for example. Many people have no idea, but there are several apps to monitor the baby's development.

Whether to check the size, to know what changes are happening in a specific month or even to take notes with what you are feeling during the week. If you are interested in these apps to follow the baby's development, just check out the tips below!

1. My Pregnancy

pregnancy apps

Our first app to monitor the baby's development is entirely Brazilian. We are talking about "My Pregnancy", which is very popular among apps of this type.

This app gives you a lot of information about pregnancy in general, but it also tells you about the baby's development based on the week it is in. You can also personalize your use by placing the expected date of birth.

Another positive point is that there is a type of name search engine, which is great for those who want to find the perfect name for their baby. It is one of the best gestation apps and can be downloaded by accessing the following link.

2. Pregnancy • Sprout

Our next suggestion is the Pregnancy • Sprout app, which is one of the best options to use during this period. After all, it brings tools for anyone who wants to have useful information during their own pregnancy.

Like so many apps, it also has a countdown timer. But other than that, it can still be used to manage all your information and changes over the weeks.

This can include the weight, size and even the kicks that the baby gives during pregnancy. As you can imagine, this ends up being much more important than just watching the development of the fetus through the app.

Another interesting tool is the possibility to record your appointments with the doctor. This goes for consultations that have already taken place and for those that are scheduled for the future.

You can download the app on your Android or iPhone.

3. Pregnancy +

Pregnancy + is another recommendation for pregnant women. Your big goal is really to help you monitor your baby's development each week.

The cool thing is that it not only shows information about the changes, but displays images of how the fetus would be each week. It is something very interesting and that can help you visualize your baby better.

Other than that, it is clear that there is a countdown timer and a weekly report on your pregnancy. One feature that we could not fail to mention is the possibility of creating a wish list for the baby.

This can help if you need an item for the eventual baby shower, after all, you can share the list on social networks. You can download the app on your Android or iPhone.

4. Pregnancy Tracker

If you have an iOS device and are looking for something unique to it, we have the Pregnancy Tracker. The app can only be found for iPhones and iPads today.

Like the others on the list, it serves to track the progress of the pregnancy. Therefore, he displayed a lot of information about what is happening each week.

Then, you will be able to know everything about the changes taking place in your body and the baby's development. It is worth mentioning that this app is only available in English.

If you liked the features, you can check and download the app by accessing the link.

5. WeMoms

wemoms is a social network for mothers who want to know about baby development

Continuing our list of apps to track the baby's development, we have WeMoms. It is quite different from the others, as it focuses on offering tips, information and everything you need to know during and after pregnancy.

The best thing is that it has a large community of users who are going through pregnancy or who have had their children. These users are there to help, offer advice, ask questions or just talk.

As the app uses your smartphone's GPS, it can put you in touch with nearby users, but only if you want to. If you are interested, you can download WeMoms on your Android or iPhone.

6. Pregnancy Exercises

Many people do not expect to have to exercise during pregnancy, but this is an important and healthy thing to do. To do this safely, you can use an app like Pregnancy Exercises.

This app offers exercises designed both to keep your health up to date and to help aid in weight loss gained during pregnancy. The cool thing is that the app brings a series of exercises depending on the levels of the pregnancy.

Just be sure to consult your doctor before performing these exercises, since each pregnancy can have a peculiarity. If you liked the app, you can download it by accessing the link.

7. My pregnancy and baby today

Another app that you should consider using is “My pregnancy and my baby today”. It is very popular and focuses a lot on the delivery forecast and the tips according to the week of pregnancy.

In addition, there is a counter for contractions, something very useful for late pregnancy. Another cool thing is that the app still has tips on the care you should take in the first weeks after birth.

If you are interested, you can download the app on Google Play or App Store.

8. Flo

Another of the apps to use during baby's development is Flo. But the cool thing about this app is that it can be used in other stages of your life, including when trying to get pregnant.

We say this, because it can help you have more control with your fertile period. It is possible to use it as a calendar application, in order to predict the date of your next menstruation.

For pregnant users, there are many other resources available. This includes a countdown timer for the pregnancy, information on how the baby is developing and tips according to the week.

There are also several daily articles with useful information. To check out more about this app so complete, just check it out on Google Play and App Store.

9. Music for Pregnancy

Among so many apps to monitor your pregnancy, we also have one that focuses on music. It is sensational for anyone who wants to use classical music to help the baby develop in the womb.

It works like an app for listening to ordinary music. But everything is done for your baby, which includes playing classical music, as we talked about before.

This choice comes from the proof that this type of music can have great benefits during pregnancy. This can include reducing stress and anxiety, smoothing the agitated mind and stimulating the baby's brain function.

You can download the app by accessing the link to Google Play.

10. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

To close our list of apps for baby development, we have the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker. It includes many useful features and even offers the possibility of customization that other apps do not have.

And we are only talking about personalizations in relation to your pregnancy. As some examples, this includes what week of pregnancy you are in, if you noticed anything different, your doctor's appointments, etc.

There is also a countdown timer and a child's birth forecast. Unfortunately, it is another one that can only be accessed in English, but it can even be a good one for those who are learning the language.

If you liked the app, you can download it on Android or iPhone.

Did you like the apps to monitor the baby's development?

Was it possible to take advantage of our recommendations to find good apps to check the baby's development up close? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and which apps caught your attention.

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