Badoo: complete guide to the relationship app!

Due to the quarantine caused by the coronavirus, many people are without any contact or social interactions, which can be harmful to mental health. Also, check out the other activities to do at home and promote your well-being!

A potentially fun way to alleviate this and form new connections is to use social networking apps, like Badoo, to search for people and even do virtual dating.

Read on to find out all about this incredible platform that allows people from all over the world to get closer and closer.

1. What is Badoo?

In this first section we will explain a little about the origins of this, the relationship apps, in addition to informing you how it works and what is accessed through it.

It is a social network with a focus on relationships founded in 2006 by Andrey Andreev, a Russian businessman. Currently, it has two headquarters, one in London and one in Cyprus.

It operates in 190 different countries, including Brazil, and is available for use in 47 languages, making Badoo the most used social network in the world, surpassing even Tinder.

Whoever wants to use it, can do it in any of the best internet browsers or on their smartphone, be it Android or iPhone, through free apps.

In 2017, it changed the design of the app and the brand, adopting the now-known purple color and the orange heart as the logo.

Like most relationship apps, Badoo also operates based on a model known as “freemium”, whereby users have access to all the most essential features and tools for free, but need to pay to be able to use of several extras that serve to improve the use.

What is ?

Check below a list of the main features that the platform offers, so you can start using it already knowing what to expect. First, it will be the free ones:

  • People close: Through this, you can see and contact all users who live near you and use the app. It also shows all other users that you have crossed the path;
  • Search: It is possible to search and find everyone who uses this app, regardless of the city or part of the world the person lives in;
  • Meetings: As with almost all other relationship apps, on Badoo the process of selecting who likes or dislikes is done by swiping left or right to give "like" or "dislike" to other users, thus giving "matches" ;
  • Video chat: Very useful, especially now with the coronavirus quarantine, video chat is a feature that allows you to chat and chat in real time, face to face, with the people you "match";
  • Verified Profiles: You can also verify your account using a three-step process. By completing them, you will have “proven” to the platform that you are a real person, not a fake profile. With that, you can choose to see and chat only with other people who are also verified.

In case you wish to have access to Badoo Premium, you will need to subscribe to the plan. With this, you gain access to several tools, among them:

  • Have access to know who favored your profile;
  • Know who gave you a "like", which will facilitate the process of giving "matches";
  • Have your messages sent with priority, faster, so that they are always the first to be read;
  • See profiles without letting anyone know about it;
  • Have the possibility to correct it in case you accidentally dislike someone you're interested in.

2. How to use Badoo?

Now you know everything you need to know about this social network and have decided to use it. We will then teach you step by step what it takes to get on Badoo and use it. In this section, we’ll cover how to do this on your smartphone.

How to enter Badoo?

The first step is to download the application on your smartphone, following the link to the Play Store, in the case of Android, or to the App Store, in the case of iPhone.

With the app installed, open it to see a screen where you can select your gender, from a large number of options. Choose whether you are a Man or Woman or, if you do not identify with any of them, you can click "More options" to see a comprehensive list.

Then, you need to choose which name you want to use on Badoo (it will be the name that other users will see) and click "Continue". Enter your date of birth, remembering that you must be at least 18 years old to register, enter your email and then click "Continue".

Now, you must add a profile photo in order to proceed. Choose one that really represents you, in order to make a good presentation of yourself. On this screen, it is also possible to add more photos, the recommended ones being in the domain six. Good to be mentioned, if you want to change your profile photo on Badoo, it is quite easy to do whenever you want.

Create a password for your account, preferably unique and strong (but one that you can remember). A highly recommended thing to do for anyone is to use password managers to never forget your password and generate really strong passwords.

Finally, it will be necessary to accept the Honesty Pact and select what you're looking for when using Badoo, and you can select from several options: “Something without compromise, "A serious relationship", "We will see" or "Talk".

How do I set up my Badoo profile?

Finally, your account is created. Now, let's create your profile, making it perfect for you to be able to "match" people who have a greater affinity.

The main Badoo menu, the screen to which you will be redirected shortly after you finish creating your account, is where you can "like" or "dislike" other users, in addition to being where you access all other settings and options of the app.

To start configuring your profile, you must click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, in the upper right hand corner, click on the edit profile icon to be able to configure it. It's possible:

Profile 1 Badoo

  • Add more photos to the profile or change the featured photo;
  • Add videos to your profile;
  • Change your name, date of birth, gender and location;
  • Change your location;
  • Add information about your education and your profession, including position and company;
  • Change the section "What I really want", being able to change what you are looking for in the app;
  • Create a short bio of yourself on Badoo, describing yourself. It is basically a presentation of its own;
  • Add information about yourself, such as: your height, your physical type, if you have children or if you want to have them, if you drink, if you smoke, what languages ​​do you speak, who do you live with, what is your marital status and what is your sexuality ;
  • Add key questions, which are three questions that you think are important about yourself. For example, "What makes you laugh?" or "What kind of music do you listen?" are some of those offered;
  • Add interests by hashtags. Just search and you can add as many as you want to make it clear what you like;
  • Connect your Instagram account to Badoo, so your photos are available in this app;
  • Check your profile;
  • Add your mobile number.

Profile 2

How to filter users?

With your profile complete, it's time to learn how to filter users and start getting new matches to have new interactions. This can be done in the main menu, represented by the second icon from right to left at the bottom of the screen.

In this menu, click on the filtering icon in the upper right corner, where you can make several selections to define which profiles you want to appear for you. It's possible:

  • Select whether you want the app to show you only Women, only Men, or both;
  • Determine the age range of potential matches;
  • Determine the maximum distance between you, being from 2km to the whole country;
  • Only show profiles that have certain interests;
  • Determine all information about the user, just as you did for yourself in your profile.

Badoo Filters

Returning to the main menu, it will be possible to swipe left or right to “like” or “dislike”. In the event of a match, the following screen will appear:

Badoo Comexion

After determining the desired filters, you can view the profile of the users who appear to you as potential connections. To do this, just slide from the bottom up. There, it will be possible to view all the photos they have posted, in addition to being able to see all the information they have posted.

Other app features

Next to the filtering icon is what allows you to increase your exposure, a tool that you have to pay to use. In the upper left corner, you can see a list of all the people who liked you, in order to give instant matches.

In the bottom bar there are two icons that we haven't mentioned yet: Conversations and the People close.

By clicking on the Conversations, you’ll see a screen where you can chat with everyone you match, in addition to seeing everyone who visited your profile and being able to send a message to these people.

In People Close, you will see a list of Badoo users who are close to you at the moment or who you have been through. You can then visit people's profiles and start conversations.

In addition, Badoo has a function that shows how popular your profile is, accessible by clicking on the popularity icon, available on the Conversations. There, you will have several options to increase your visibility and generate more matches more quickly.

Returning to your profile, you can still change some account settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper left corner. Through it, you can:

  • Change basic information, such as Name, Date of birth, Genre and Location;
  • Hide your account. This will cause your account to be “deleted”, but you can redeem it whenever you want;
  • Change Account Preferences:
    • Privacy: Decide if you want to show the distance, if you want to show when you are online, if you want to allow public search of your profile, if you want to activate the function "He came face to face with", if you want to allow sharing your profile and can change advertising preferences;
    • Notifications: You can change when you want to receive alerts, with options to receive when new messages arrive, make new connections, receive likes, meet other users, receive visitors, be favored, receive gifts and have tips about Badoo;
    • verifications: You can check the account and then decide if you want to limit your messages or hide details about yourself;
    • Payment settings: It is possible to change how you will pay for Badoo Premium going forward, in addition to buying credits;
    • Invisible mode: You can activate the "Almost invisible", to hide its presence, the “Invisible visitor”, so as not to appear as a profile visitor and "Hide Premium", so that no one knows you're a Premium user.
  • Go to the help center, if you are having any problems with the app;
  • View information about your app;
  • See the users you have blocked;
  • Follow Badoo on Facebook.

In addition, you can also buy more credits for your account. With them, you get many benefits that are really worthwhile and will exponentially increase the amount of connections you make. Are they:

  • Stay on top of People Nearby: When you spend 50 credits, you will be on top of the people around, so that everyone can see you;
  • Appear more at Meetings: With 100 credits, you will gain prominence and get more connections;
  • Highlight Photo: With 100 credits, it is possible to make your profile appear automatically to everyone;
  • Notify Online: Spending 100 credits, you can notify everyone with whom you made a connection that you are online and want to chat.

What did you think of our complete Badoo guide?

Tell us if you already knew this relationship app or if we were the ones who introduced you to it. If you prefer to use someone else to find dates, you can mention the name of the app in the comments!

Don't forget to check out our selection of the best tips on how to get fit in quarantine, the best ideas for dealing with boredom and how to work at home with productivity!

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