Best online course platform: 10 alternatives

One of the best ways to make money online online is through online classes. If you have a skill and know how to teach it, then you can already choose the best online course platform and start recording your classes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of platforms where you can advertise your course. Some of them make no distinction of material. That is, you can put a course on any subject.

Others already have a more thematic approach, accepting only classes on a theme, as do these online programming courses.

There is no way to make the best online course platform for you. This is a decision you have to make yourself.

This does not mean that you will be left alone on this quest. We search the Internet for 10 service alternatives that can become your best online course platform. We will show you their main characteristics and what types of courses they accept.

So learn what the best platform options are by reading the next few paragraphs!

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1. Udemy

Perhaps the best known among the platforms. Udemy brings one of the largest collections of online courses on the internet. You can teach on any subject and sell them on the platform.

Udemy only allows the sending of recorded lessons, ie it is not possible to perform live webinars. On the other hand, you can include several features, such as PDF texts or the Office suite. Ideal for offering complementary content.

One of the advantages of Udemy is that your students will have access to their classes both on the computer and on cell phones.

best platform online courses udemy

2. Hotmart Club

Created by one of the largest affiliate platforms in the world, the Hotmart Club is the section for anyone who is selling online courses. The platform allows you to create an exclusive members area for your students, allows you to send courses on any subject and you can sell it through affiliates, taking advantage of the structure of the site.

The HotMart Club also allows you to send extra material and your students can take classes on their computer or cell phone.

3. Owl

Unlike the two we have mentioned so far, Corujito uses another approach: the sale of private lessons. Even if it is not an online course itself, we consider this as an alternative that may work for you.

It also allows you to give lessons on any subject. Among its features, it allows you to share the screen, videoconference with one or more students simultaneously and brings a tool that works like a blackboard to put and delete notes.

4. Leadlovers

Like Hotmart, Leadlovers is one of the top platforms used by digital marketing agencies. It also brings a unique section to distance learning, which makes it a candidate for the title of best online course platform.

In addition to providing an environment in which your students can attend your classes and contact you, you will have tools for marketing automation. Chatbots for Facebook Messenger, management of your sales process and URL shorteners are some of the features that the platform offers.

5. Beved

One of the few platforms that allows you to manage courses online or in person. In the online part, Beved allows to send courses with classes of 7 to 15 minutes, being obligatory that the total duration is of at least 60 minutes.

beved allows you to teach in different ways

It also does not impose thematic limitation, allowing it to teach any subject. There is no time limit for the permanence of your course on the platform.

6. Eadbox

Eadbox brings complete solutions to anyone who wants to send online courses. In addition to the recorded lessons, you can use the platform to create webinars and live broadcasts.

It also facilitates in creating your sales page for the course. Despite this, it is also customizable, allowing you to create a page in 5 minutes and customize it any way you prefer.

In addition to the authoring tools, Eadbox brings reports on the sale and participation in your courses and allows access through the app on the mobile phone.

7. Superprof

Just like Corujito, Superprof also focuses on private lessons over the internet. It also allows you to offer your knowledge in any area, whether it be giving school reinforcement or exercising.

It connects interested students to learn about the subject they are teaching, without charging fees to advertise their classes. Go to the Superprof page to start creating your classes and see if it is the best online course platform for you.

8. Edools

By allowing courses to be created online, Edools enables students to watch their classes on their computer or cell phone. He also brings reports about the progress of his students and offers gamification tools to assist them in completing classes and exercises.

Edools also allows the creation of online forums and chats to interact with students and ask questions.

best platform for edools online courses

9. Professional

Another ideal tool for those who prefer to teach directly, without using the class record. Profes allows you to apply for classes of all kinds, whether you teach teenagers to pass ENEM or techniques to study on the computer or cell phone.

10. Samba Tech

The Samba Tech platform allows you to offer online courses and other online classes. You can also use the tool to sell single classes or offer subscription packages.

For example, instead of charging for a course, you can create a recurring subscription so your students can access all content, whether new or old.

What is the best online course platform for you?

With these 10 alternatives, you can test each of them and evaluate the features that best suit you and which one offers the best cost-benefit ratio. What did you think of the platforms? Leave a Reply

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