Best photo apps: Check out the top 35!

Those who like to take and edit photos are always looking for excellent options for apps for that. In this list, we have selected what we consider to be the best photo apps so that you have several alternatives to choose the one you think is ideal.

Read on and find out what they are and see the main features of each one!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Starting off our list, we have what is one of the most complete, most practical and possibly best known of photo editing applications: Adobe Photoshop Express, the younger brother of Adobe's Photoshop CC. Through this application, users are able to create collages using simple and intuitive features.

Examples of these are the various features that allow the cropping, straightening or rotation of any image. In addition, you will also have access to the incredible 45 effects and many special and exclusive functions, such as removing smudges and smudges from photos. It can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Play Store.

In case you are interested in an option that is even more full of options, we have Adobe Photoshop CC in its desktop version. Find out more about this incredible and complete program through our link, where you can take advantage of the free trials and, if you like, purchase it!

Adobe Photoshop Express

2. Adobe Lightroom

As an alternative to Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Lightroom is another option to edit your images as you wish, with a focus on adjusting details such as light, colors and exposure. It is also possible to synchronize everything you are doing on the various platforms on which it is available: Android, iPhone, internet browsers and computers.

Within this package, users are able to find a wide variety of pre-defined filters and tools that will help everyone, from beginners to advanced.

The application is free to use, but it has a paid premium version that brings features such as perspective correction and some more detailed adjustments. Visit the Lightroom page now to learn more about the app!

3. Snapseed

One of the best options among the photo apps is Snapseed, an alternative developed by Google for smartphones, allowing you to take photos before editing them. Within the app, you will find a really large number of tools, from the most basic to the most advanced.

It is possible to adjust the size, the images, their brightness, their color, add the filters you want and many special effects, put text on the images, use overlay features and many other options. To see more about Snapseed and install it, follow the links to the App Store or Play Store!

4. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is an application that can be somewhat limited in its functionality, but which is particularly good at what it proposes to do: correct any defects you find in the photos you take.

Examples are pimples, spots on your skin and even people who appeared in the background of your photo without your permission, things that can be removed quickly. Through it, it is even possible to remove wires from lamp posts, scratches on the objects you are showing … in short, anything you don't want.

Just use your smartphone screen to mark things you don't want and then delete them. It is available through both the App Store and the Play Store.

5. Pixlr

Another really good and complete alternative is Pixlr, one that can be used to create the most incredible images. The application helps users to create excellent collages and guarantees access to all the necessary tools to leave their selfies and photos in group exactly as they want.

You can also place any text in your images, automatically correct their color, resize and crop image files and many other options. To learn more about Pixlr, just follow the link to its official website, where you can download apps for Android and iPhone.

Pixlr best photo apps

6. Over: graphic designs

Another of the best photo apps is Over, whose main focus is the creation of graphic design. It offers a truly large number of the most varied resources so that you can create art for posters, cards, flyers, flyers and more.

In it, you will find more than 25 thousand different effects, including the most varied frames, backgrounds, shapes and illustrations, for example. It also allows the inclusion of shadow, color and font in any text, being able to choose from hundreds of different fonts. Access the App Store to download it for iOS or the Play Store for Android.

7. Affinity Photo

Another alternative for smartphones from a computer program, similar to those from Adobe, Affinity Photo brings with it a surprising amount of tools, elements and filters. It is one that is unique to the Apple ecosystem.

Through it, you'll be able to adjust and edit anything you want in real time. It supports very high resolution images with more than 100 megapixels, allows you to open, edit and save Photoshop files, has support for all the most common formats, such as PNG, JPG and PDF.

In addition, it allows the use of unlimited layers, you can put filters in real time, save documents as templates to use them later and much more. Learn more about Affinity Photo by clicking on the link.

8. Darkroom

Following the mold of most of the best photo apps, Darkroom is another one that brings a free and a paid version. Through the free version, you will have access to a wide range of editing tools, such as brightness and saturation adjustments, being easy to find and use.

In the version where you need to pay, the app will give you access to an incredible collection of filters and elements for you to place in all your editions and standard models to place them, besides being able to create your own models and save for later use. It is exclusive to iOS devices. Check everything on the official website.

9. FaceTune 2

Those who love taking selfies need to know FaceTune 2, an excellent application that allows you to apply virtual makeup, touch up your photos on the iPhone, and even allows you to add filters and backgrounds to give your photos extra style.

Other features offered are the possibility to whiten teeth, remove pimples and remove crow's feet from the photos, as well as editing tools such as resizing photos, adjusting saturation and temperature and even a history of everything you have done. Check it out on the Play Store or App Store.

10. PicLab

Among the best photo apps is PicLab, which brings with it a large number of features in its complete editor. Through it, you'll be able to add filters, resize images, apply cuts, effects, textures and much more.

If you want to place text on your photos, you can rotate as you like, change the size and opacity, place multiple layers, choose from many fonts and use emojis and stickers, among other options. To use, you can download both for Android and for iOS!

PicLab best photo apps

11. PlaceIt

Unlike other options, PlaceIt is an image creator for business purposes. Through it, you can easily create your brand from more than 20 thousand ready-made templates. You can create your logo, your own layouts, text animations and much more.

You can configure everything for your brand as needed, creating everything from images to videos with professional quality, with the desired purpose, whether for advertisements, social media or whatever. All of this is achieved with zero design knowledge. Follow our link and find out everything about them!

12. RAW Power

Another one exclusive to the Apple ecosystem, RAW Power allows you to edit the professional photos you take. It is particularly recommended for those who have newer iPhones, like the iPhone 11 Pro, or even for those using professional cameras.

It is compatible with the most common photo formats, such as JPG and PNG, but the big difference is that it allows images in RAW format to be edited through it. To find out everything about this app to take perfect pictures, just follow the link to the App Store!

13. InShot Photo Editor

InShot is one of the best known video editors for those who like to record and use social media. However, what many do not know is that they also offer one of the best applications for you to edit your photos, using effects and filters, being able to create collages and even use double exposure.

Among the many features that you find through it are the brightness control, the contrast, the saturation and the blurring tool for images, in addition to merging images, body editor and more than 250 unique frames. Download it now for Android through the Play Store or for iPhone through the App Store!

14. Moldiv

Another excellent application option for those who want to edit their photos is Moldiv. As its differential, it brings a huge amount of possibilities for those who want to create montages and collages, offering users more than 180 frames, 193 filters and 13 different themes for you to create your own style.

You can add up to nine photos in a grid, adjusting the size freely. In addition, it offers a collection of thousands of adhesives and many tools for controlling brightness, contrast, cutting and saturation, among others. It is available on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android.

15. YouCam Makeup

Particularly recommended for those who like to take high quality selfies and edit them is YouCam Makeup. He has a great focus on virtual makeup and hair styles, making it possible to create makeup in real time using his smartphone camera.

You will find among the resources offered a wide variety of lipstick shades, the volume control of the mask of your lashes, you can choose the style of the eyebrow, use artistic makeup and many accessories. Start using it right now on the Play Store or App Store.

YouCam Makeup best photo apps

16. Photofox

Photofox is another excellent application that allows you to edit all your photos as you want from its wide range of tools. Among the many features are the control of details such as exposure, colors, brightness, shadows and more.

It is possible to easily clone aspects of existing images to use them in other parts, applying the most varied filters with different effects, besides being able to write on photos using the different digital brushes.

It is great for anyone who wants to turn their photos into drawings automatically. However, this option, even if it has a free version, it is necessary to pay to be able to really enjoy it. Follow the link to the App Store to see more.

17. Afterlight

An excellent option among the best photo apps is Afterlight, available on both Android devices and iPhones. It offers a 7-day trial period, after which you must subscribe for R $ 11.90 per month, with discounts if you choose an annual or lifetime subscription.

Through it, you will have access to more than 130 unique high quality filters, more than 20 advanced tools that allow curve, saturation, light, gradient controls, more than 60 textures, countless borders and frames and even even to more than 120 sources. Go to the App Store or Play Store to download.

18. Fotor

An extremely complete application, Fotor is probably the only one on our list that is available on almost all existing platforms, with versions for Android, for iPhone, for Windows, for Mac and even a web version in internet browsers.

Through this application, users can make use of many different functionalities, including varied styles of montages and collages, the creation of celebration cards, changing the background of images (and may even make it transparent, being one of the applications to remove background image) and more. Discover everything through the link!

19. Camera +

One more option that is exclusive for devices like iOS, Camera + is one that works in order to increase the functionality found in the standard native iPhone camera app. Through it, you can control the exposure and focus separately, so you can take lighter or darker photos.

In addition, in the application you find a stabilization function, making taking pictures with a more professional look is even easier. Now, no one is going to take a blurry photo with this app. Discover all the features offered by Camera + on its page on the App Store.

20. Canva

We have among the best applications for editing and configuring your photos, Canva, one that offers many different features that allow the editing and creation of banners, posters, pamphlets and many arts, and you can also place text on images.

Through this incredible application (which also has a web version) you will be able to easily create stylized posts using the more than 100 fonts offered and the hundreds of layouts available for the photos, all of which are found in its free version. Just follow the link to download the apps!

Canva best photo apps

21. Foodie

Foodie is an application that is free for you to use, with a specific focus on just one type of image: food. That is, if you like to take pictures of meals to post on Instagram, this is an excellent alternative.

In it, you will find a large number of filters to improve the appearance of what you are going to eat, whatever it is, from sushi to hot dogs. The app also offers you several guides on how to take photos of foods, with hints of angles. Download now for both Android and iPhone!

22. DesignLab – Creative Design

DesignLab – Creative Design is an option that has a great focus on social networks and, in particular, the famous Instagram Stories. This application has a wide variety of tools that allow its users to start the arts from scratch or edit them from any of the thousands of models found here.

In addition, if you want to write on your photos, DesignLab has dozens of fonts and color, size and opacity options, as well as several different effects and filters that you can place. If you are interested in this free app, follow the link to the App Store.

23. Lumii

Lumii is one of the best photo apps on our list, with several advanced tools for users. It has an interface that is really simple, intuitive and accessible so that you can quickly leave all your photos exactly as you want.

In it, you will find varied customizable filters, more than 100 effects for the photos, being able to control the intensity, patterns, stickers, fonts, double exposure and basic tools like control of brightness, contrast, highlights, heat, shadows and exposure. To find out everything about it, head to the Play Store.

24. Halide Camera

Another one that is exclusively for iOS devices, Halide Camera brings with it many advanced settings for those who understand photography and are looking for camera applications. Through it, it is possible to adjust the camera's focus, its shutter and even the ISO of all captures.

In addition, you can save them in RAW format, which makes it a very interesting option for those working in this area. It works with Siri's voice commands, making it easy to use. Download this amazing app and start using it right now via the link!

25. Piczoo

Among the applications found here is Piczoo, one that guarantees users the possibility to edit all their photos and images using many ways, such as cropping tools, mosaic creation, adding frames and filters or creating collages with predefined layouts.

In this app, you will also have access to a photo editing tool exclusively for posting on Instagram so that all retouched images will be saved in the ideal size for the social network. Finally, you can add texts as you like and configure them in the background. To see more, go to the App Store or Play Store.


26. Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions is one that has versions for both Android and iPhone, offering users a wide variety of special effects, allowing you to insert and adjust lighting effects, add rain, fog or snow and even simulate sunlight in your catches!

With it, you can create rays of light that you can customize, all in the free version. In the premium edition, you will have access to the complete collection of the application, in addition to exclusive access to all future filters. Go to the official website to start downloading!

27. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the best photo apps, widely used by those who love to edit their photos. Through it, you will have access to many editing tools and millions of stickers, also allowing you to transform photos into drawings or transform photos into cartoons with ease.

In addition, you can style your images completely manually, adding various elements and new texts to them. You can also draw over them and create collages whenever you want. Go to the App Store or Play Store to download.

28. Filterstorm Neue

Filterstorm Neue is a really complete image editing app that brings all kinds of basic and advanced tools for those who want to create montages and edit photos using an iPhone. In it, you will find ready-made filters, mask tools to create your own effects and more.

You will be able to make adjustments of the most varied, such as those of contrast, colors, levels of exposure, saturation and even the remains of your photos, in addition to many others. It also has special effects to make your photos black and white. Follow the link and find out everything!

29. Prism

Prisma is an application for editing photos with a special artistic touch, bringing a large number of filters that are inspired by the styles of the most renowned artists in our history.

Of course, it is possible for you to adjust various details of the filters, but the end result will always look like a picture drawn much more than the photo that served as the source. Go to its official website to see more and download for both Android and iPhone.

30. VSCO

This is probably one of the best known of the photo apps, being one of the best. He has a proposal that is really simple: to be a social network with the sole purpose of sharing images. That is, there is no interaction between users.

Through it, you can use many different filters, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation and many other tools, in addition to being able to check the creations made by other users. Check out everything about VSCO and go to the official website to get started!

VSCO best photo apps

31. Superimpose X

Very similar to Prisma, Superimpose X is another one that has the main functionality with a focus on transforming your photos into drawings (or works of art). In the app, you will be able to edit the images in different layers, using many filters that are inspired by renowned artists.

It brings editing tools to suit the most novice users, but also pleasing those who are more experienced in photo editing, such as creating shadows, cloning image elements and even exporting in PSD to edit in Photoshop. Exclusive to iPhone, is available on the App Store.

32. Pixelmator

Another one that was originally an application for Mac, it now has an iPhone version that brings all the editing tools for Mac with an optimization for your smartphone screen. You may be able to use it to blur photos, in addition to using simple editing tools.

It really is not as complete as Affinity Photo or Photoshop, for example, a fact that ends up being compensated by its interface being very simple and by its brushes dedicated to creating drawings in your images. Go to the App Store to download it.

33. Be Funky

We also have Be Funky among the options for those who want to edit and create photo montages through their smartphone or on the web. It is one of the most popular apps available, offering a wide range of options in its free version and even more in the paid version.

Through it, you can edit the images as you like, including filters and textures, making touches (such as skin, mouth and eyes), you can place text or frames and even focus and contrast settings, for example. Discover everything about this amazing app through the link, where you can also download the apps!

34. Open Camera

Another option that allows you to take photos before editing them is Open Camera, exclusive for smartphones that run Android. In the app, you will have all the functionality you can imagine to take the perfect photos.

Among them are a stabilizer to correct photos and videos in motion, in addition to photo settings, varied color effects, more in-depth details such as ISO and exposure, and even allows you to take photos while recording videos. To download it, follow the link!

35. Cymera

To complete our list we have Cymera, another camera app but that has deep functionality for editing your photos, whether they are already existing or recently taken. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best known options.

You will find among the many features offered by him the most varied types of lenses, filters in real time, the creation of montage from many layouts, a face and body editor, among many others. Go to the official page and find out everything about Cymera!


So, did you like our selection with the best photo apps?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all or if any of them were new to you, saying if you still think we forgot one. Remember to also check out our guide on how to recover photos that have been deleted on the iPhone and our tips on how to take professional photos with your phone!

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