Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone: Top

These days, when you hear about espionage, you always interpret it in the worst possible way. And considering how common hacks are, access to your cameras, and more, that's justifiable. So why use the best spy apps?

That's where things get a little more difficult. After all, this use will, in most cases, be quite unethical and dishonest. Still, there are situations in which this is justified.

Spy apps will serve the functionality of tracking a device's activity in several ways. It can track everything typed, can track location, record screen, record calls, mirror sent messages, and much more. These apps are generally invisible to the normal user as well.

If you're really interested in using one of the best smartphone spy apps, just check out our full list below!

1. mSpy

Let's start our list with what is one of the best parental control apps, mSpy. Not only is it one of the best tools, it is also one of the most used. It has a very high level of performance and responsibility which makes it one of the best spy apps.

It offers a wide range of features and capabilities, allowing you to monitor all calls on the devices it is installed on, view and monitor all text messages, among other things.

Besides, you'll be able to monitor in real time the location of all devices the app is on and even see all media files on smartphones!

The best part is that you can try all these features for free for 7 days. For that, just follow this link!

mSpy best spy apps

2. Room

Then there's also Qustodio, another tool with a big focus on parental control. But let's face it, parental control is the same thing as spying, so this is one of the best apps in its class!

One of its main strengths is its high compatibility with a wide variety of platforms, running on Macs, Windows computers, Chromebooks, Kindle, Android and iOS!

Now, when it comes to reasons not to use it, there's really only one reason: the price. Still, it can be very worth it. It lets you monitor all calls and text messages, monitor the location in real time, and even has a tool called geofencing.

What this means is that the moment someone with the app on their smartphone leaves an area that you determine, you will receive notification about it. Finally, it also offers web filters. Follow the link to try it for free!

Qustodio best spy apps


The next best spy app on our list is XNSPY, being one of the industry leaders. With it, it is very simple to monitor one or more people, and it is extremely popular for both personal and professional use.

In addition, it offers more than 30 tools with which you can monitor and track basically everything that is happening on a smartphone, including phone calls and messages in real time. It is even possible to monitor a person's GPS to know where someone is at all times.

One of its main differentiators comes from its really complete and advanced capabilities, which include WiFi logging, WhatsApp monitoring, and more. Just to top it off, there are new tools always being added.

This means it is "future proof". In other words, if a new social network appears next year, you can be sure that XNSPY will be compatible with it. Follow the link to see more!

4. Spyic

You've probably noticed how often the best spy apps are parent-focused, with features designed to monitor kids. That is the case, too, with Spyic.

But of course, even if the marketing is done for monitoring children, all the features can be easily and efficiently used for monitoring other people.

Among the main features it gives you access to are the monitoring of phone calls, presence on social networks, real-time GPS tracking, monitoring of text messages and WhatsApp, geofencing, browsing history, and your complete anonymity.

All this and more starting at 9.99 USD per month. Check it out now!

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another really complete and good option, available for all smartphones. You can use it to monitor your smartphone's location, see all voice calls and text messages, monitor social media, and even always keep an eye on the camera.

With it you can even monitor video calls made in many of the biggest applications. Another thing is that you can always stay hidden, so whoever you're monitoring never suspects anything.

On top of that, it is also possible to use a keylogger with it to know absolutely everything that is typed (including passwords) on the monitored devices.

The plans aren't particularly cheap, with the personal plan costing USD 24.95 per month. However, it has two professional plans: the first costs $9.99 per device, with a minimum of 5 devices, and the other costs 6.99 per month per device, with a minimum of 25 devices.

If you want to know more about Hoverwatch, follow this link right now!


6. Spyier

Among the best spy apps on our list is Spyier. It's one of the easiest to use, so it's very easy to monitor the online activities of your kids and whoever you want to spy on.

As a result, it is one of the most used around the world. It's extremely effective for both parents and employers who want to know what their employees are doing on company devices.

It has all the tools you would expect from such an app, such as logging calls, monitoring messages and the person's online activity. In addition, it can also track the location in real time!

Finally, there's the hidden mode. In other words, as is quite common in other apps, whoever you're spying won't know that someone is always watching. The price is very affordable and if you want to see more, follow the link!

7. SpyPhone

One more genuinely useful and interesting option if you always want to keep an eye on someone is SpyFone. One of the best spy apps, you'll be able to track calls, text messages, and location very simply.

Besides, it has a mode called panic mode, through which you'll be able to find your lost device quickly, being perfect for finding stolen smartphones.

One of the coolest tools in this alternative is the ability to find out who owns whatever phone number is calling you (or calling whoever you are spying on). Find out all about this app by following the link!

8. Clevguard

Clevguard offers several different product alternatives for monitoring Android, iOS and Windows. Besides, it offers the “Anti-Spy Phone”, which serves to protect your device from being spied on.

With this app, you'll always be able to keep an eye on your loved ones, being able to monitor all the most used apps (such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Telegram, Tinder, among others) and also monitor phone calls and text messages on the smartphone of anyone.

It's completely invisible, so your kids won't know you're on their device, and in just 5 minutes you can do all the initial setups.

Better yet, you can track the location by both GPS and WiFi, and you can create a geofence to always know if your loved ones will leave the delimited area or not! If you want to know more, go to the official website!

9. PcTattletale

Another of the best spy apps is PcTattletale. As much as its name may sound like it's a computer-only program, it also offers versions for any Android smartphone.

With it, you'll be able to collect all kinds of data. Monitor your employees to find out if they are looking for another job, stealing from you, not working, not following your orders… at last, you can discover all the secrets!

Besides, it's also very simple to monitor your kids to know everything they do on any social network and wherever they go, at any time.

Know everything they say in their messages and chats, emails, websites they visit. You can even record videos of whoever is monitoring! Find out more by following the link.

10. MobiStealth

According to its marketing, MobiStealth is not one of the best spy apps for Android, but rather The best. One fact that helps support this assertion is that it works particularly well for any application you desire.

In this case, it is possible to use the basic tools to monitor various devices, including phone calls, location monitoring, and other various more basic tasks.

In addition, the tool also manages to penetrate the user's social networks to secretly monitor user usage. With this, you will receive information from whoever you want all day, with simplicity.

The price, especially if you want the monthly plan, is quite hefty, costing 59.99 USD per month. However, the annual plan drops to 149.99 USD per year. Follow the link to see more!

MobiStealth Best Spy Apps

11. iKeyMonitor

Then there's also iKeyMonitor, one of the best and easiest to use spy apps for smartphones and computers, particularly used for parental control. It has versions for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

With it, you'll always be able to keep an eye on a variety of things, including all text messages sent by the smartphone where it's installed, see all WhatsApp messages, and even block any apps and games you want.

The best part, actually, is that with iKeyMonitor you can automatically and periodically take screenshots of all activities taken on the smartphone, including photos, videos, messenger apps, and websites visited.

It goes way beyond what's described in this short snippet, and if you want to find out more about this app, just follow this link!

12. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another really popular app that offers advanced and comprehensive tools for spying, making it one of the best apps of its kind. In fact, this is probably not even the first time you've heard about him!

Offering many innovative tools and capabilities, it's one of the most practical for iPhones, but lets you monitor almost any system and device. Of course, it offers the basic tools for monitoring calls and messages, but it goes beyond that.

What that means is that you'll even be able to hack the camera and record absolutely everything that's typed into the device you're monitoring. The best part is that the tools are so easy to use that anyone will get it!

Probably the tool that sets you apart the most is the environment recording, with which you'll be able to record all the sounds around the device to listen to whenever you want. It's a little pricey, but it's worth it. Check it out on the official website!

13. Cocospy

With Cocospy, you will be able to monitor basically everything that is happening on any smartphone, be it Android or iOS. It can even monitor tablets that use these operating systems. In a matter of minutes everything is ready!

It has many top-of-the-line tools that work with extreme simplicity and flawlessness. For example, you can see all contacts saved on your smartphone, read all conversations (private and group) on WhatsApp, and even see all media from those conversations.

It also allows you to see the duration of all calls and when they occurred, create a geofence to receive alerts whenever someone exceeds the virtual limits you have placed and even have access to a complete browsing history.

One thing that sets it apart is that it allows you to track the location not only by GPS, but also by SIM card. And all this completely hidden! Follow the link to get started.

14. Minspy

Minspy is another of the best spy apps for smartphones that will certainly make your life easier. It has an extremely clean and convenient interface, so monitoring will become much easier.

It works for monitoring any smartphone or tablet that uses Android or iOS, without the need for you to root or jailbrak the device.

Minspy has all the tools you would expect from such an app, allowing you to always keep an eye on every phone call, text message, GPS location, and even social media. It also allows you to create a geofence.

Follow the link right now to see everything about this app and start using it!

15. iSpyoo

iSpyoo is one of the best spy apps with a particular focus on monitoring and video spying. It can only be used on smartphones and tablets, but is fully compatible with both Android and iOS.

It's another option that is really easy to both install and use. It has a wide range of tools and features that make it a phenomenal option.

With iSpyoo, you'll be able to easily track your exact GPS location at any time, and even have access to your location history. You can also view all text messages and record phone calls so you can listen to them whenever you want.

Monitor major social networks, emails, browsing history and record smartphone surroundings at any time. Discover all this and more by following the link!

iSpyoo best spy apps

16. uMobix

Then there's uMobix, one of the best spy apps that goes far beyond most competitors. While other apps can monitor text messages and calls, and share social media, uMobix gives you full control over whoever's account!

For this, it is necessary that whoever you want to monitor uses an iPhone. Then you just decide what you want the person to see and not see, even allowing you to leave comments as if you were the other person and much more!

You'll also be able to monitor almost any social network, always knowing what people are posting, commenting on, adding on friends, following….

In addition, you can view a call history, contact list, view GPS location, know everything that is typed, and even know everything that is said in all messaging apps! Follow the link right now to see more!

17. Google Family Link

It may seem a little strange to find a Google product among the best spy apps, but Family Link is specifically for that! It focuses on monitoring your kids, but it can be used by anyone, and it's available for both Android and iOS.

The app is completely free, and allows you to create rules for the use of your children's devices to try to encourage the development of healthier digital habits.

With it, you can know exactly how long each app is used by users, manage all apps on devices, allow and block specific apps from stores, manage purchases and even hide apps you want on devices.

Of course, it also lets you know exactly where your smartphone is so you can always find your kids at any time, no matter what. Check it all out on the official website!

18. Spyera

A spy app compatible with almost all platforms (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC and Mac OS), Spyera is one of the best apps of its kind. With it, you can monitor your smartphone on another level.

Among the features, you can record and listen to phone calls while they are taking place, listen to your smartphone's surroundings live and even record calls from Facebook, Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp and more.

It also allows you to delete text messages based on filters, take pictures with the camera of the cell phone you are monitoring, record videos remotely, view call histories… anyway, it's a never-ending list!

It has a high price of 89 USD per month, but at least you can get 100% of your money back within 10 days if you don't like the product. Follow the link to see more!

19. TheTruthSpy

We also have TheTruthSpy, another of the best spy apps that works on any smartphone. It has a large number of tools and features that allow you to know all the details of any activity carried out on the smartphone of the person you are watching.

This, without a doubt, is one of the best for company heads to keep an eye on employees. You will have access to simpler and more common tools, such as GPS tracker that updates in real time, call and message monitoring, and call recording.

In addition, you can record ambient sounds (which can automatically activate at a specific time), monitor WhatsApp, keep an eye on your browsing history, see the device's media files and even have a complete list of installed apps!

To top it off, it's an alternative that allows you to spy on almost any social network that's installed on a person's device! Find out all about it by following the link.

20. SpyHuman

SpyHuman is one of the Android-only options among the best spy apps. With it, keeping an eye on someone becomes an even easier task.

It has a complete call history, which allows you to know the time of each caller, as well as their duration. It also allows you to record phone calls and block any number you want.

It allows you to view all text messages sent or received by the monitored device, track the person's location in real time (and a map with all the locations), and even let you monitor all social networks.

SpyHuman has the tool to record the environment, to discover what is happening around the smartphone,  and much more, being one of the most effective alternatives. Check out more and get 7 days free by following the link.

SpyHuman best spy apps

21. Spyzie

Spyzie is particularly recommended for parents who want to use one of the best spy apps to invade their children's privacy. With it, you'll be able to export all monitored data at any time for later access.

It works on both iPhone and Android, allowing you to track your smartphone's GPS in real time with high accuracy and receive alerts from a geofence to let you know when someone leaves the boundary zone.

It has tracking of major social networks, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as Instagram and Snapchat. Lets you see your smartphone screen at any time with ease.

Finally, it also has monitoring of your children's browsing history so that you always know everything they are doing. Follow the link to see more.

22. Spy to Mobile

Then there's Spy to Mobile, another great option for those who want to monitor their kids. Simply put, it offers all the monitoring functionality you could ever want, at a very low price.

It lets you see all text messages (both sent and received), see your kids' entire contact list, view call history, record phone calls so you can listen to them later, and more.

Besides, you'll be able to see the location in real time as well as a history of all the locations where your children have been, so you can always be on top of them.

It even offers WhatsApp and Viber monitoring! If you want to know more, follow this link.

23. Cerberus Phone Security

Another option among the best spy apps is Cerberus Phone Security. It's probably the cheapest paid option on our list, costing a mere €5 a year.

Sure, it has less functionality than the alternatives, but it's still pretty complete if you think about the price.

The tools they offer include seeing the device on a map at any time, blocking and deleting data, backing up data, controlling all text messages… whatever.

Unfortunately, it only works on Android smartphones. It's still an option worth considering. Follow the link and check it out!

24. is certainly one of the best and most complete options among spy apps. It offers dozens of tools, many of which you can't find in any of the alternatives. Its price is pretty good for what it offers.

One of its main differentials is in its Spytool, the platform from which you will monitor. It's extremely advanced, showing you everything in one place just so you can go through it with simplicity.

It won't drain your battery, allows you to always be monitoring your smartphone when it's on, you can access the front or back camera at any time or listen to the microphone, lock apps, schedule usage restrictions, and use a geofence.

In addition, it keeps records of all WiFi networks accessed, a call log, access to all messages, recording of everything that is typed… in short, everything you could want. Follow the link right now to see more!

25. Highster

Finally, we have Highster, a very simple option to use and which is very complete in its features, allowing you to monitor any device. It costs just $7 a month for the most expensive plan.

With it, it will be possible to monitor all text messages sent and received, even if they are deleted. In other words, impossible to escape their extreme surveillance. Provides GPS location at periodic intervals so you always know where your kids are.

It monitors all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Skype. With this, it is possible to know not only what is being said and shared on the networks, but whether people are using their time as they should.

Highster also has a record of all the images and videos from the smartphone and allows you to monitor the camera, live, at any time, without anyone knowing about it. Follow the link to see more.


So, what did you think of the list of the best spy apps?

Were you able to find some that would fulfill what you were looking for? Do you have your eye on who needed it? Leave a comment with your opinion about our list, and don't forget to check out the best parental control apps too!

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