Caption videos with Clips

If you want to add subtitles to your videos on an iOS smartphone, it is highly recommended that you use Clips, a free app developed by Apple itself.

Read on and discover everything you have to know about him, as well as learn to put texts in your videos!

What is Clips?

To begin, we will explain to you what Clips is, a completely free application for editing video and images. If you already know him, just go to the next topic to learn how to subtitle videos with Clips.

A software created for Apple, Clips is one of the best free video editors, released exclusively for iOS on the App Store in April 2017. It works exclusively on iPhone or iPad devices with iOS 13.0 and more, which are 64-bit.


It is quite simple to use it. Right when opening for the first time, the user will come across the front camera, in order to record new clips at the touch of a button. You can also merge photos and videos from your device's gallery to create them.

After you finish recording, they will automatically be added to a project timeline, so you can then share them on social networks. Through the app, you can also add filters and effects.

What is Clips?

How to add subtitles to videos with Clips?

This can be done using the feature called Real Time Titles. Through it, you can create animated titles for your video using your voice, with many styles to choose from.

To use them, just talk while recording a new video, or about a video that was recorded within the Clips. When playing the video, your voice recording will appear with an animated title on it.

After you finish recording, you can edit what you have recorded, and you can also include the voice recording with the title or just the title.

How to create a video

To add subtitles to videos in Clips, you must be recording a video. Then, follow the steps below to start a new one (or open one already saved).

  • It is necessary, first of all, to install Clips, which can be done by following the link to the App Store;
  • Open the app Clips. If you have used it before, the last video you used will open automatically;
  • Click the Projects in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • To create a video, just click on the +. To open a saved video, swipe the screen to view them, clicking on what you want and then Open.

How to create Titles in Real Time?

  • Now that you're on the screen to create a video, tap the text balloon button to open the Real Time Titles menu;
  • Select the Title style you want to use. To close the menu, click the X on the corner;
  • To start recording, touch the pink button in the middle of the screen, pressing it. To pause, swipe up from that button;
  • Speak while recording, controlling the length of titles from the speed of your speech;
  • End the recording by releasing the pink button;
  • To watch the video you recorded, select its thumbnail on the timeline and then tap the play button;
  • If you don't like the result, click on the trash can icon to delete and save it again.

It is possible to record several clips and then join them in a single continuous video. It is possible to add subtitles to all videos recorded on Clips of the same project.

This functionality is available in several languages. To record Titles in Real Time in other languages, click on the language switch button and then select the one you want to use, speaking on it while recording.

Disable voice recording

If you want to add subtitles to videos recorded on Clips without your voice being on the recording, follow the steps below:

  • Open the video that you want to disable the voice;
  • In the timeline at the bottom of the screen, select the clip in question;
  • Touch the audio icon to mute.

Now, when you play or share the video, your voice will no longer be included.

Disable voice recording subtitles on videos with clips

Change the style of Real-Time Titles

  • First, you will have to open the video you want to edit;
  • Now, select the clip on the time line at the bottom of your screen;
  • Touch the text bubble icon to open the menu. Touch Style and swipe sideways to see all the different ones in the app;
  • Touch a style to select and add subtitles to Clips videos with the desired look;
  • To close the menu, click the X.

Change the style of the Titles in Real Time subtitles in the videos with the clips

Edit Titles in Real Time

Finally, you can edit the Titles in Real Time that have been added to the video. For example, you can change punctuation, put emojis and change spelling. For this:

  • Touch the clip that has a recording of the type and then the text balloon icon;
  • Touch the header Text if it is not already selected;
  • To add subtitles to Clips videos as you like, touch the text and then change it;
  • Touch OK to confirm and then close the Real Time Titles menu.

Edit the Titles in Real Time subtitles in the videos with the clips

Did you like our tips on how to subtitle videos with Clips?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the application or if it was a novelty, saying if you already knew how to put subtitles with it. Also check out the best photo and video editing apps and see how to edit images and videos for Instagram.

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