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Challenge videos for Instagram: how to record?

Challenge videos for Instagram: how to record?

One of the best types of content to have more followers on Instagram are the Challenges that are always appearing. Especially if you're a makeup blogger, where there are more and more video options from Challenge to Instagram.

That is, in addition to giving a boost to your profile, you still have endless ideas of posts for Instagram. But it is not enough to just point the camera to take selfies at the face and start recording. Creating your own Challenge videos for Instagram requires some preparation, mainly because they have several different phases.

Therefore, we will help you gain followers on Instagram by teaching you how to produce this type of content and avoid as many failures as possible. Still, it is normal to have difficulties in the first attempts.

After internalizing the process, you will find that it gets easier and faster. Check it out below!

How are the Instagram Challenge videos?

If you haven't seen any content like that, Challenge videos can be posted on the feed, Stories and even on Instagram Reels, the rival of TikTok, where these challenges originated. Usually, they are sets of short videos that show an “evolution”, as it happens in the Evoluiu Challenge.

In the beginning, the content producer has no makeup on and starts dancing to the music. In a prominent moment of the song, she advances a stage, showing the basis of the finished makeup. Then, she keeps repeating until she has her makeup complete, showing the final result. See an example below.

Now, see below how to produce your Challenge videos for Instagram, but we leave a tip beforehand: watch the maximum challenges already made and observe the details of the production. This will help you better plan and execute your own challenges.

Step # 1 – Define how many phases the video will have

As you can see in the example above, the Challenges have a very intermittent rhythm. That is, it is divided into very clear phases.

This means that your first task will be to plan how many clips your challenge will have. How many stages of makeup will you show your Instagram Stories to? You can leave the steps written on paper, saying how you will be on each one.

Jotting down or scripting these phases will also help you know when to stop makeup to record the next clip.

Step # 2 – Separate what you will need for recording

Will you wear any special clothes? What makeup will you use throughout the process? To avoid breaking your concentration when recording or applying makeup, organize all the necessary material on your desk.

That way, you can record and put on makeup without worrying about stopping everything just to look for a part of the makeup that was missing. Also, be sure to test your camera and have your challenge music saved to your favorites for easy access.

video studio photo

Step # 3 – Decorate the video choreography

Most of the challenges are musical and these songs usually have specific choreography. It is important to remember that many of them are agitated and you can sweat if you have to repeat it several times.

What can sweat cause? A smudge on your makeup, making you have to clean up completely and start all over again. So plan, rehearse and memorize the choreography before you even start recording the challenge.

Step # 4 – Record the clips

The moment of truth has arrived! If you are going to use your phone to record, leave your favorite video recording application open. Also test the light and its framing. Now, record the first clip.

As you will register each stage of makeup, you will have to stop now to start applying makeup. Here, you have two options: whether to record during makeup or to record only the clips where you will be dancing. Both are valid and can work.

Step # 5 – Use a video editor to bring everything together

The video editor is the tool responsible for gathering all the video, in addition to making the transitions between each phase smooth. If you have recorded the entire makeup process, most of these programs allow you to speed up the playback speed many times, improving the quality of your videos for Instagram Challenge.

For mobile editing, we recommend Movavi Clips. In addition to having great options to make the transition between the stages of your challenge video, it also allows you to control the playback speed and also brings a great collection of graphics and filters that you can apply to improve your video.

The application is available on both Android and iPhone and you can get to know it through the link.

screens from movavi clips, suitable for challenge videos for Instagram

Step # 6 – Apply the necessary filters and publish!

With everything ready to post your Challenge videos to Instagram, now just publish your video! Remember that Instagram has a series of its own filters and stickers that can improve the quality of your Challenge.

That done, just publish and see how your followers react to your video!

Want to be an influencer on Instagram?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as an influencer on Instagram, we have another suggestion besides checking and making your Instagram challenges: a profile manager!

With a profile manager, you can schedule posts at the best times and days for you, in addition to setting up automatic messages to new followers, among others. It is also possible to see reports on the growth of your profile on similar platforms.

Scalehot is one of those tools that help you manage Instagram profiles. In addition to the functions mentioned above, it also has automatic interactions. There, you can configure specific hashtags, locations and profiles.

By doing this, Scalehot takes care of your profile, searching for posts according to what you set up, enjoying and following on your behalf. By doing this, you become more noticed, increasing your chances of receiving new followers who are real and interested in your content.

Want to know how an Instagram profile manager works? Then access the link right now and try Scalehot for FREE for 7 days!

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