Check out 10 free website hosting providers

Anyone thinking of creating their own website or blog must have faced the need to choose a free website hosting service. Fortunately, this is not so difficult to find today.

Of course, there are fewer options that can be used for free, but they are still of great quality. If you're curious, to find out which free website hosting providers are worth it, check out our suggestions below!

1. Wix

how to use wix

To start our list, let's recommend Wix, which is one of the best known services in this category. With it, you can create the website you want and without having to worry about costs.

Of course, the free version has some limitations, such as when creating your URL. But it is still an excellent alternative for those who cannot pay for a paid service.

The best thing is that the use of Wix is ​​very easy for those who know nothing about tools to create websites. To learn more, check out the link below.

2. x10Hosting

Our next recommendation is x10Hosting, which is a good choice among free website hosting services. They offer some tools and options that only premium services have.

A good example is that the storage space is unlimited, but other than that, there is no display of ads and it has a tool for creating websites. The platform has an easy-to-use script installer and uses high-performance SSD storage.

In this way, they guarantee very fast speeds for all sites hosted with them. Check out more at the link below.

3. Infinity Free

A very interesting alternative is Infinity Free, which we recommend you to try. It has unlimited storage, no ads and unlimited bandwidth too.

Other than that, there is support for 10 free email accounts, free SSL and a 99% uptime guarantee. All without having to pay, which seems like a great deal.

If you found a good offer, you can check out more by checking the official website.

4. 000WebHost

It cannot be said that 000WebHost is one of the best known services on our list. Still, it offers excellent hosting for free sites, so it's worth checking out.

It is distributed by the staff at Hostinger, which we will even mention shortly on the list. They offer 1 GB of storage, a tool for creating websites and even an automatic WordPress installer.

Pretty interesting, don't you think ?! Check out more about the platform when accessing the site.

5. Weebly

free Weebly website hosting

Weebly is another great option that you should consider if you are looking for free website hosting platforms. It is well known for being very simple to use, even for those who have never used such a service.

You have several existing models, just drag and place what you want in the middle of the screen. They also promise to keep your site up and there is SSL free of charge, which guarantees good security.

If you want to check out more, just follow the link.

6. Awardspace

In some ways the Awardspace may seem a bit limited compared to others on our list. Still, it has its own advantages over competitors.

They offer, for example, one domain and three subdomains completely free. In addition to this benefit, there is support available 24 hours a day and a super easy to use script installer.

You can check out more on their website.

7. Freehostia

Freehostia is definitely a simpler option, so it's aimed at those who really want something small to start. That or someone who doesn't care about not having several resources available when setting up your site.

With this platform, you have 250 MB of storage, 6 GB of Bandwidth, 24-hour support and a script installer. It is also possible to have three free email accounts.

If you want to know more, check out the link below!

8. Freehosting

Freehosting is an alternative that you can try among our options. They offer 10 GB of storage, a tool for creating websites, 24/7 support and much more.

In addition, you have a script installer and a free email account. The only caveat that some users have with this platform is that they can delete your site without warning if you violate its rules.

This is not a problem if you read, agree and follow the rules and terms proposed by them. If you want to know more, check out the link below.

9. GoogieHost

GoogieHost is perfect for anyone looking for a free website hosting provider that is really fast. It offers a very interesting cloud hosting that promises all that speed and security for free.

There is 1 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free commercial email and even free SSL. Pretty interesting, don't you agree?

If you liked what you read, you can check it out even more on the following website.

10. Hostinger

free hostinger website hosting

To end our list, we have a service that is not exactly free, but is one of the cheapest that you will find. Hostinger is a well-known platform that costs less than 5 reais a month.

So I had to recommend this option, even if it is not completely free like the others. Their service is very fast, they guarantee a 99% chance that your website will always be live.

If it goes down for a while, you get a percentage of what you paid for a refund. You can check out more at the link.

Did you like free website hosting services?

Did you take advantage of our suggestions to meet some of the best free web hosting providers? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us exactly what you think of the options.

If you want to know more about the subject, check out our online course guide to create websites.

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