Check out 15 activities to do with children in quarantine

It is not easy for anyone to have to be quarantined because of the Coronavirus, but at least there are ways to make this experience less tedious. This is especially true for those who have children and want a way to keep them entertained during this time. To help you with ideas, we have separated some activities to do with the children in the quarantine.

These are very simple activities in general, but when done with the family, they can help to spend time more pleasantly during quarantine. If you're curious, you can check out the best activities to do with your kids in the quarantine below!

1. Watching movies

activities to do with children in the movies quarantine

A very simple tip to spend time during the quarantine is to watch. There are great titles in streaming apps these days, so you can really enjoy this activity with your kids.

A good suggestion is to share who chooses the movie of the night. You can do this with the whole family, with one choosing one film at a time. In this way, everyone watches something they feel like.

If in doubt, we have made lists of films of various genres. This includes romantic comedy films, drama, science fiction, documentaries and more.

2. Watch series

Another good tip is to watch series with your children. This is even better because it creates a good routine for you, as you can watch one or two episodes every day at the same time, for example.

If you are looking for something more in the long run, this may be one of the best suggestions. For those looking for good tips on what to see, just check out our lists of comedy, drama, fantasy series and more.

3. Watch drawings

An option for those who still have small children or who are not very interested in series is to watch drawings with them. There are many children's drawings that follow a more complex plot, being good to watch for both the child and the adult.

We even have a list of some of the best animated series ever made, which you can check out at the link below. Only follow the recommendation according to age, as not all are for children.

4. Read books

Although it seems like a lonely activity, there are many books written to be read in pairs. This is especially true for children's books, which you can even read to your children.

Another cool idea is to get a short and fun book for the two to read separately. Then they can talk and discuss it, almost like a book club. This may even extend to the whole family.

The best thing is that you don't have to restrict yourself to books you have at home or go out to buy new titles. There are countless places and ways to read eBooks, and many digital books are free.

5. Read comics

read online comics

If your children prefer, there is also an option to read comic books, also called comic books. This is a good way to get more interested in your kids' hobbies, too.

There are comics of all kinds these days, not just superheroes. You can even find versions of famous books in this format, which can liven up your kids when reading something they might not want in the normal way.

6. Try an online course

The option of taking online courses can also be very interesting. In that case, it is best to choose something that you and your children are interested in so they can do it together and exchange experiences.

There are excellent course sites that you can use, so options for where to take the course will not be missing. Drawing, photography or music courses can be good suggestions.

We only advise you to ask your children what they would like to do. This can make the whole experience more pleasant, as they will be much more interested. You can also use some games to teach children to read and write, making it easier for the little ones to study.

7. Do physical exercises

It is quite evident that exercising is important at any age. Therefore, it is essential that one of the activities to do with children in the quarantine involves physical exercise.

There are many applications It is not because you are far from a gym that you need to stand still and not exercise. One of the best activities to do at home are physical exercises that can be performed at any place and time.

There are excellent exercise apps that teach you how to do this, for example. Many use ordinary objects that anyone owns or even the weight of their own body.

8. Get together with family online

We are fully aware that the quarantine caused by the Coronavirus has hindered real meetings with family members. So it can be really cool to have online meetings a few times a month.

It is a good way to integrate you and your children with family members further away. There are great online meeting apps that you can use, if you just have a smartphone in hand.

9. Cooking different dishes

A nice idea for those with children is to bring them into the kitchen. You can try different recipes, especially if it's some kind of salty or sweet.

If it's a whole new dish for both, it can be even more fun. After all, the two will be learning and will have more patience with each other.

At the end of the day, you will still have something very tasty to eat with the rest of the family. Easily one of the best activities to do with children in quarantine.

10. Play some games

play with children in quarantine

Playing video games is fun regardless of age, so it can really help anyone who wants to do something with their kids. There are countless cooperative games that you can try.

Another cool thing is to ask your kids' favorite games. Even if they are not the same as yours, it is worth trying them out if you can play them in a group.

There are also great free games that you can download. So there is no lack of variety and you can try something different each week. Here are some games to play with the family that we selected in this article.

11. Visit museums online

Since it is not possible to visit certain places today, our suggestion is to do so online. There are many museums that have much of their collection available for this type of visit.

It is something very interesting and you can find works scattered around museums around the world in this way. We even made a list of the best museums to visit online if you're curious.

12. Write on a blog

One of the best activities to do with children in quarantine is to write on a blog if they are feeling creative. Of course, it is a suggestion more focused on those who are already interested in writing.

If this is one of your children's hobbies, it's worth a try. The blog can be very simple to set up and does not need so many posts right from the start.

Of course, it is something that should only be done if it is being profitable and fun for everyone. After all, this can have the opposite effect if you are having difficulty writing.

13. Record videos

Another simpler suggestion is to record videos. They can be YouTube-style videos or home videos, even involving the whole family in daily activities.

This way, you will have many fun memories to review when the quarantine is over. You can record and edit videos directly on your phone, as there are many apps that make this easier.

14. Learn an instrument together

activities to do with kids in quarantine tips

If you have an instrument at home, you can also learn it together. In general, instruments such as the guitar, ukulele and piano can be some of the simplest to learn.

There are numerous classes online and you can learn your favorite songs in no time. Once they learn well, playing music together can be one of the best activities to do with children in quarantine.

15. Ask about your interests

Finally, we have a very cool suggestion that usually goes unnoticed. Instead of just choosing a lot of things to do together, ask your child about your interests.

This can give you better ideas of activities to do with your children in quarantine. After all, your kids may have very different tastes than the things we suggest here.

Obviously, it will be much more beneficial for everyone if they do something personalized. You can even ask if they have any idea what they want to do during that time at home. There are plenty of apps for kids that can help you with this task!

Did you enjoy the activities to do with the children in the quarantine?

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Also check out our other suggestions on what to do during the Coronavirus season and say what else you would like to see here.

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