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Although we are very close to the end of the year and the Christmas recipes are the big stars of the celebrations, eventually it will pass and it is important to take care of the food outside these special dates. There is an option to order food from delivery apps, but we know that the cost is considerably higher than cooking on your own. So we have put together some healthy and fit recipe site options.

That way, you can have a healthy and fit diet, achieving goals such as losing weight or improving your health. You can use cooking recipe apps, but if you prefer to access healthy and fit recipe websites in your internet browsers, just choose one of the pages below and access them from that article.

Stop cooking games and check out the best places on the internet to cook healthy recipes to follow!

1. Time Recipe

With a good collection of recipes and a look that makes everything more appetizing, Receita da Hora is a website for those who want healthy recipes, but that brings all kinds of options. With different categories, you can learn to cook different types of side dishes, as well as main dishes, salads and even drinks.

In the fitness food category, Receita da Hora brings dishes considered low carb, that is, with few carbohydrates. Without losing sight of the goal of helping you to have a delicious meal, you will learn how to make meat dumpling fit, as well as pancake batter with ingredients with less carbohydrates.

Get to know one of the best healthy recipe sites by accessing the link.

screenshot of healthy recipes site recipe of the hour, showing various dishes and desserts

2. EverythingTasteful

Perhaps one of the best known apps for cooking, TudoGostoso also allows you to access your collection through the website. In fact, the website is the main page of the service, which has been online since before the advent of mobile applications.

Because it is so traditional, its collection is one of the largest on the web in Portuguese. Therefore, there is no shortage of healthy and fit recipes to please all types of palates.

Visit the TudoGostoso website to learn more!

3. All Recipes

A site without much ado, you can already get recipes from the moment you access the homepage. With several categories, Tudo Renda also has a special section for fitness dishes.

It also has a special section for teaching cooking tricks, tips for buying ingredients, and techniques for better seasoning your dishes.

From breads and cakes to vegetables, legumes and soups, you can learn how to cook on the site Tudo Tudo.

4. Tastemade

Another of the most traditional healthy recipe sites out there, Tastemade is available as a web page or app. On the website, you can read the instructions for the recipes, but also have videos to understand the techniques in practice.

In addition to categories like the healthy recipes themselves, you can search for dishes with specific ingredients. For example, you can search for the category "recipes with oats" or "recipes with pumpkin". Ideal if you already have a certain idea of ​​what to prepare, but you still don't know exactly what.

Access Tastemade through the link!

5. Panel

Created by chef and presenter Rita Lobo, Panelinha is a website focused on healthy eating, but also practical. In addition to the recipes, the site has a video section with the presenter, who also sells courses to those who intend to become professional.

The website's healthy recipes are also divided into unconventional categories. For example, Christmas recipes or glossaries complete with recipes where carrots or pumpkins are the main ingredient.

Click on the link to know Panelinha's recipes!

screenshot of the home page of the panel site, showing two horizontal rows with four recipes each. Each row shows a different category of revenue

6. Recipes & Spices

Like other healthy recipe sites, this page is also the online project of a well-known chef named Sandra Matarazzo. In addition to the website, the chef also has one of the busiest YouTube channels on the Brazilian internet.

The page has specific categories for salads, festive dates and a special one with vegetarian and gluten free recipes. If you are looking for a website that has healthy recipes, but also has other options, Recipes & Spices can be an excellent choice.

Access the link to learn about Recipes & Seasonings.

7. Edu Guedes recipes

Television presenter Edu Guedes is not limited to his TV schedules. On his website, he brings some of his main recipes for you to consult whenever you want.

With several types of meals, it has a category dedicated to fit dishes. In it, you can find instructions for cooking dishes such as ricotta gnocchi with spinach or chickpea croquette, for example.

Click on the link to access the presenter's website!

8. Ana Maria Braga's recipes

Perhaps the best known TV presenter in the country, Ana Maria Braga's website on Globo is also a repository of recipes that the professional has shown on TV daily for the past 20 years. Didn't you understand any instructions she passed on your program? Just go to the website to check the instructions in full again.

The site also features articles with recipe suggestions to prepare in special situations, such as the holiday season itself. Healthy recipes are also available in a special category, which teaches you how to make detox juices, crepes and different juices.

Go to Ana Maria Braga's page and save your favorite recipes.

9. Petitchef

One of the best healthy recipe sites, Petitchef is also available as a mobile app. On the website, you can check out suggestions of the day, which occupy the highlights of the page.

Petitchef also features special articles on healthy eating for adults and children. Thus, you are better educated in relation to what you are consuming, in addition to learning how to cook new dishes.

See more by visiting the Petitchef page.

10. Reception

Receiteria is a blog focused on articles for the kitchen. In addition to finding unique recipes, you can access specific articles that compile dozens of healthy recipes in one place.

One of the largest recipe catalogs on the internet, Receiteria will certainly have a dish that evokes your curiosity. So, click on the link to see the page.

screen of the reception website showing two horizontal rows, with four recipes each

11. Create Eat Grow

What makes Creating Eat Growing one of the best healthy recipe sites is its focus on food for those with food allergies. Among the materials on the page, you can find alternative recipes for healthy living.

You will learn how to create natural yeast, see recipes for everyday life or holidays, as well as separate recipes according to the various dietary restrictions that exist. Learn more about Create Eating Grow through the link.

12. Fit & Fat kitchen

One of the best free recipe apps, Cozinha Fit & Fat also makes your stuff available on a website. The page aims to bring a balanced and unrestricted diet.

Because of this, it is one of the best healthy recipe sites for anyone looking to plan a recipe calendar for the week. In your structure, you will have a week full of dishes rich in nutrients to keep your health up to date. On the weekend, it is allowed to exaggerate a little, with a slightly more greasy but also pleasurable recipe.

Access the link to use Cozinha Fit & Fat.

13. Chubby Vegan

Perfect for those who decided to cut animal products from their lives, Chubby Vegan is a website with courses and articles on veganism. This also includes vegan recipes, especially confectionery.

On the blog, you can find texts teaching how to make vegetable milks like rice, as well as dishes like vegan bolognese, pasta with tofu sauce and cakes with dough without milk and eggs, both of animal origin.

To learn more, visit the Chubby Vegan website through the link.

14. Kitchen Guide

You no longer have the help of your parents in the kitchen and you need to get by? Then the Kitchen Guide is a great option among the best healthy recipe sites.

You already receive several suggestions the moment you access the page, but you can filter recipes according to what you want to cook. In addition, the Kitchen Guide has a special session with tips, ideal for those who are just starting out and want to learn new techniques.

Click on the link to see the site!

15. Here in the Kitchen

Closing our list of the best healthy recipe sites is Here in the Kitchen. The page has a guide with quick and practical recipes, perfect for those who need productivity even in the kitchen.

To make it easier, the recipes have an ideal step-by-step for beginners, who do not have so much sense of obvious things in the kitchen. For example, you will not need to research how to cook an egg or peel a potato for a recipe, as the website will teach you how to do this.

Get to know Here in the Kitchen by clicking on the link!

screen from the website here in the kitchen, showing two healthy recipes for dessert, side by side

Which healthy recipe sites do you usually access?

Did you like the alternatives we presented throughout the article? Which of these healthy recipe sites do you go to for inspiration for new dishes?

Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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