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If you need to store your files permanently, without the risk of losing them, using one of the best services for online storage is a good idea. In this guide, we cover Google Drive and all of its applications.

Keep reading to know everything about it and everything it offers for you!

What is?

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services available, developed by Google and launched in 2012. It allows its users to upload their files to company servers, synchronize them across all their devices and share files.

It has a web version that can be accessed in the best browsers and applications for iPhone, Android, Windows and MacOS.

What is

Google Drive works in conjunction with several other company platforms: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. The four together form a Google office suite that allows collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets and more, which are all stored in Drive.

Among the applications of Google Drive, is the fact that it offers 15 GB of free storage for all its users, in addition to being able to increase the storage when hiring paid plans.

In 2017, it had more than 800 million active users and more than two trillion files stored.

Getting started with Google Drive apps

What are the Google Drive apps?

Now that you know a little about Google Drive, let's take a look at everything it is capable of so that you can really make the decision to use it above other storage services.

  • Storage: Having a Google Account, you have 15 GB of free storage, shared between Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. You can store folders, email attachments and even create backup copies of photos and videos. When you subscribe to Google One, you get a lot more storage;
  • Multiple formats: Through Google Drive, you can store files of any format. Photos, videos, presentations, PDFs, folders, zipped files … in short, you can save everything;

Multiple formats

  • Sharing: Another great application of Google Drive is that you can share any file you upload. They are private at first, but with a few clicks you can send them to your friends to view, comment on or edit;
  • Safe: The platform values ​​security very much, making it irrespective of what happens with your device, your files are never compromised;
  • Attachment storage: It’s very easy to save all your received attachments in Gmail emails. Just click on the Drive logo;
  • Search: One of the Google Drive applications, is to be able to search what you want to find among your saved files. It has an AI that recognizes different things in the images, being able to search, for example, "cat" to see all images and videos with a cat;
  • Google Photos: All of your photos stored in Drive can be edited in Google Photos to make them look really professional;
  • Chromebooks: All Chromebooks have Google Drive built in, so your files and photos are automatically saved. Plus, you get 100 GB of free storage for two years;
  • Collaboration: With Google Drive, you can create collaborative documents with a variety of other people. Create spreadsheets, presentations or whatever using the Google tools offered;

Google Drive apps collaboration

  • Google Forms: Another of the Google Drive applications is the automatic storage of spreadsheets generated by the forms you create;
  • Google drawings: Create flowcharts or diagrams and easily add them to other documents or add them to your websites;
  • Scanning: Google Drive allows you to scan, or scan, your files via the smartphone app. Just take a picture of the document and it will automatically be saved in PDF;
  • Offline: It is also possible to make files available offline so that you have access to them without using the internet;
  • Versions: Google Drive also has a version history for all files and documents stored there. With that, you can compare changes made in the last 30 days in a really simple way!

Google Drive app versions

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