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Something that everyone who uses the internet goes through is not understanding any article or website because it is in an unknown language. In order to read, it is necessary to use one of the best translator apps, so that the text is in your preferred language.

Read our article and find out which are the best applications for translations, in addition to being able to compare them and choose the most appropriate for your use.

1. Google Translate

Any list that talks about translation apps needs to include Google Translate, Google's translation service. It is capable of translating more than 100 languages ​​by text, also supporting bilateral conversations in up to 32 different languages.

It offers very accurate translations, due to the use of neural networks and the fact that it is constantly learning and improving. Translate by voice, translate images and photos and even make transcriptions. Download the Android or iPhone app right now through links to the Play Store or App Store.

Google Translate best translator apps

2. Microsoft Translator

Another excellent option for those who want to translate texts or speeches is Microsoft Translator, one of the best translation apps that offers results with really good quality. It offers the ability to translate texts, photos, directly from the camera and even offline translations.

Its biggest benefit over almost all other options is the fact that it supports up to 100 people to talk to each other at the same time in multiple languages, as opposed to the typical translation between just two. Download now for Android or iPhone.

3. Speech & Translation – Translator

Among the best translator apps we have Speech & Translation, which uses Apple's speech recognition technology to work so well. Translates and recognizes voice in real time in up to 54 languages.

In text translation, it supports up to 117 languages, in addition to having a premium version through which the app is completely free of advertisements, translates in an unlimited way and unlocks the offline mode, when you do not have access to the internet. It is exclusive to iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store.

4. Skype Translator

It is almost impossible that you do not know Skype, especially in this time of quarantine where everyone communicates by video calls. What you may not know about it is that it offers simultaneous translation to speak to foreign clients without communication problems.

By text, it translates more than 50 languages. It allows its users to make video or voice calls with up to 24 people on any device, be it Android, iPhone, MacOS, Windows or any other supported. Download the app now from the Play Store or the App Store.

5. Yandex.Translate

We also have Yandex.Translate, among the best translator apps. It has a particular focus on offline mode, so you can translate any of the main languages ​​without internet. It has a library of terms, synonyms and meanings for you to improve translations and your language skills.

It offers voice translation and allows you to chat in different languages. It supports 95 languages, translates photos, pronounces translations, translates entire pages through the app and more. Download it for Android or iPhone!

6. iTranslate

Another of the best app options to translate is iTranslate, which has the ability to translate into more than 100 languages, in addition to allowing users to switch between different dialects and choose which voice they want to hear.

It has a thesaurus and different meanings, phrase book, translation sharing and much more. In the premium version, it allows translation of spoken conversations for multiple users. Go to the Play Store or the App Store to download.

7. Linguee

An alternative that can be somewhat unusual among the best translator apps, Linguee is an excellent translation app for smartphones. Your translations are contextualized with real-life examples, which makes it easy for you to understand what each suit really means, also showing synonyms for all translations done.

Offers dictionaries in several languages. Translation from Portuguese is limited to English, Spanish, French and German as target languages. It has a version for internet browsers, which can be accessed through the link, and can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone.

Linguee best translator apps

8. Babylon

Finally, we have Babylon, one of the most famous translator options. Originally, it was just a dictionary, but it became a truly complete translator, being integrated with several of the best dictionaries, such as Oxford and Merriam-Webster. It is compatible with more than 75 languages.

Through it you can translate emails, articles and texts that you are reading on your device, making use of the more than 1600 glossaries and dictionaries that you use as a basis for this. Use on the web at the official website or download to your smartphone via the link.

Did you like our list of all the best translator apps?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all or if you prefer to use one that we didn't include here. Don't forget to check out our complete guide to translator for Brazilian sign language, how to use Google Translate offline and how to use the Google Translate extension in Chrome!

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