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In this quarantine everyone is having to deal with a lot of boredom. One of the ways to deal with it is by watching new things. To help you do that, we've selected the best anime sites online!

Keep reading the article to know everything about each one, choose what you prefer and go see them!

1. Netflix

We started our list with one of the best streaming services, Netflix, which dedicates much of the catalog to Japanese-style animations. Including several of the best anime of 2019, such as Beastars, One-Punch Man and Carole & Tuesday.

It has several films in the same style, as well as several anime that are not of Japanese origin. It offers several subscription plans, through which you can watch what you want when you want it on your computer or any smartphone, in addition to several other platforms. Follow the link to the official website.

Netflix best online anime sites

2. Crunchyroll

One of the best known and best sites for watching anime is Crunchyroll, which offers a wide selection of content completely free of charge in 480p resolution. It also offers paid plans that release even more anime in resolutions up to 1080p and can follow new episodes in less than an hour from its release!

As examples of what you can check through this site are the highly acclaimed The Promised Neverland, the Demon Slayer and My Roommate is a Cat, some of the best anime of all time.

As with Netflix, you can watch them on your computer, smartphones and a wide variety of other platforms. Find out more about this site that has one of the apps for watching anime by following the link.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Very good alternative among the best online anime sites for those who want to have access to a large number of very good anime in a legal way, Amazon Prime Video can be used on iPhone, Android, tablets, smart TVs and your computer , with a limit of up to three devices accessing simultaneously.

It does not bring any kind of gratuity, being necessary to have an Amazon account and subscribe to Prime Video in order to start watching. In your catalog, you find Dororo, for example. Click on the link to see everything about the site!

4. Anime-Planet

In a way it is somewhat strange to have Anime-Planet on the list, since everything it offers comes directly from Crunchyroll. There are more than 45 thousand episodes for you to check out.

It does have a big advantage, however, over Crunchyroll, which is its major focus on the experience of its users. It gives recommendations of what to watch, with reasons for the suggestions and has several integrations that make it really attractive for those who like to watch anime. Follow the link to see more.

Anime-Planet best online anime sites

5. Looke

Another very good site for those who want to watch anime is Looke, which has a highlight in the market for streaming services because it is national. In addition to having a version for computer browsers, it also has an app for Android smartphones.

It has a wide catalog that includes shows, national cinema, independent cinema and, of course, anime. In the collection, you can find names like Knights of the Zodiac and Digimon, for example. It is available for you to start using through the link.

6. NetMovies

A Brazilian streaming service that is also one of the best online anime sites, originally created to compete with Netflix, nowadays NetMovies was acquired by Looke. It has more than 12 thousand titles of the most varied genres, including documentaries, shows and anime.

It offers a free 7-day period for you. It has compatibility to work on any computer, smart TVs, smartphones and more. To watch offline, however, it is necessary to use Android. Click on the link and find out everything about them.

7. Claro Video

Another option is Claro Video, the streaming platform of the cellular operator (and currently an internet provider) Claro. It offers access to films and series of all types, sports content and more. It also allows you to choose whether you prefer to subscribe to access all content or whether you want to rent or buy specific media.

It allows you to download what you want to watch later and you can also subscribe to premium TV channels. See all this and more by following the link.

8. CONtv

Among the best online anime sites we also have CONtv, an excellent app for watching anime. It's a pretty big platform with a wide selection of content – and the best, you can watch it for free. Of course, if you go to see this mode you will have to face advertisements, which are removed in paid plans.

It has a lot of nerdy content for its users, like anime and Japanese movies. You can find, for example, No Game No Life and Yu-Gi-Oh, two such classics. Go to your official website to check it out.

CONtv best online anime sites

9. Hidive

Finally, we also have Hidive, a relatively new competitor that offers free anime. Unfortunately, the selection of what you can watch without paying anything is quite limited, in addition to, in many cases, being able to watch only the first episode without charge.

As a paid service, however, it is really good, with versions for both browsers and smartphones. The premium plan costs 5 dollars a month or 48 dollars a year. Follow the link and see more.

So, did you like our selection of the best online anime sites?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all, if you think we forgot any and which is your favorite. Don't forget to also check out our anime guide 2020, the list of apps for watching anime and the best series for weekends.

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