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Today (07/04) the Emergency Aid website and app for informal workers during the coronavirus was launched. If you don't know him yet or if you need to learn how to take advantage of this benefit and earn that extra emergency income, read on.

Read our guide to find out all about this federal government benefit!

1. What is coronavirus emergency aid?

It is a financial benefit that the federal government is allocating to informal workers, individual microentrepreneurs (MEI), self-employed and unemployed with the objective of guaranteeing safety and health during the crisis caused by the coronavirus and with the consequent lack of income because of the quarantine.

It has the value of R $ 600.00 per person per month, with a limit of two people per family and with a preliminary duration of three months, a period that can be extended if the pandemic continues. In other words, emergency assistance can be a maximum of R $ 1,200.00 per family.

The benefit is increased to R $ 1,200.00 per month in the case of homes supported exclusively by a woman, as long as it fits the other criteria.

If you were registered with CadÚnico, or Cadastro Único, before 03/20 and fits all the rules of the Emergency Aid program, you will receive automatically, without having to make any other registration.

Those who were not registered until then, need to register again through the Caixa website or through the Emergency Aid app, available both for Android through the Play Store and for iPhones through the App Store.

Remember that if you receive Bolsa Família assistance, you can still take advantage of the benefit. However, only if Emergency Aid is more advantageous, as Bolsa Família will be suspended as long as it wins the new benefit.

What is

2. Who can have this benefit?

There are some guidelines and rules for accessing this government benefit, which we will cover in this topic so that you know whether or not you can take advantage of it. Are they:

  • Being of legal age: To be eligible for Emergency Aid during coronavirus, you must be over 18 years old;
  • Being an informal worker: Another requirement is that all applicants for the benefit are self-employed workers with informal income, without a formal contract;
  • Not being a beneficiary: If you receive any type of social security or assistance benefit, unemployment insurance or any type of program other than Bolsa Família, you cannot apply for this benefit;
  • Family income limits: There are very strict income limits. They are that the monthly family income does not exceed half a minimum wage (R $ 522.50) per person or that the total monthly family income does not exceed the limit of up to three minimum wages (R $ 3,135.00);
  • Limit of taxable income: One more need that potential beneficiaries must fulfill is not to have received taxable income in 2018 above R$ 28,559.70;
  • Fit in any of the working conditions: You must perform one of the following categories of work. JUST ONE IS NECESSARY!
    • Exercise activities as individual microentrepreneur (MEI);
    • Be enrolled in the CadÚnico (Single Registry) for Social Programs of the Federal Government before March 20, 2020;
    • Have met the average income requirement (income of up to half a minimum wage per person or up to 3 minimum wages per family) by March 20, 2020;
    • Being an individual or optional contributor to the General Social Security Regime (RGPS);

Who is it for? Emergency Aid

3. How to register to earn Emergency Aid?

There are two ways to do this and the most recommended is through the official website. However, in case you don't have a computer available, there are official apps for doing so.

In the case of internet browsers, first go to the official aid website. Click the button that says "Make your request" to start the process. On the next screen, read the requirements and then check the two boxes at the bottom and click the button "I have the requirements, I want to continue".

Emergency Aid Start

Now, enter your personal data, such as full name and CPF and click "Continue". On this screen, enter the cell phone number and choose your telephone operator to receive an SMS with a confirmation code on your line. click in "Continue".

data and mobile number Emergency Aid

Then enter the code received and click again "Continue", remembering that the code can take up to 10 minutes to arrive. Inform the complementary data, such as average income before the pandemic, professional activity and where it comes from.

validation and data

Enter the number of your family members who have a CPF and fill in the data correctly for each one, with their CPFs and birth dates. Choose whether you want to receive through a bank account that already exists or if you want Caixa to create one automatically for you.

Composition and receipt of Emergency Aid

If you have an existing account where you want to receive your Emergency Aid, the account must be on your CPF. Choose the right bank and enter the relevant information. If you need a new account, choose whether you want to create it with your ID or with your license and enter the document number.

Finally, check that all data is correct, accept in the box at the bottom and click "Complete your request". Within a period of up to 24 hours the result of the request will be available on the website!

Complete Emergency Aid

In the case of smartphones, you need to download the app for your operating system, be it Android or iPhone. To do this, go to the Play Store or the App Store.

The process will be very similar, so the explanation will be brief. Start by clicking "Make your request", scroll down, check the boxes and click "I have the requirements, I want to continue", enter your personal information and click "Continue", enter the mobile phone number and choose the operator and tap "Continue".

On Mobile 1

After receiving the code by text message, enter it and continue. Include supplementary data, family members with CPF and choose where you want to receive Emergency Aid. Now review the data and click "Complete your request". Okay, now just wait to be approved!

On Mobile 2 Emergency Aid

4. When do payments start?

Also important to know is when you can count on earning enough money to pay the bills, coming from this benefit. They will be as follows:

  • 1st Installment
    • Anyone who has savings at Caixa or a BB account holder receives from 4/9;
    • Who has an account with other banks receive from 4/14;
    • Who is not enrolled in CadÚnico will receive within five working days after registration.
  • 2nd Installment
    • From 4/27, in order of month of birth (January, February and March 4/27, April, May and June 4/28 and so on);
  • 3rd installment
    • From 5/26, also in order of month of birth (January, February and March 05/26, April, May and June 05/27 and so on);

So, what did you think of our guide on how to apply for your Emergency Aid?

Leave in the comments if you knew him or if we were the ones who presented you with this help to deal with the coronavirus. Don't forget to also check out our tips on where to consume cultural content during quarantine and our selection of coronavirus apps.

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