Coronavirus on your smartphone: how to clean your device

It is undeniable that COVID-19 became a global concern after reaching pandemic status, the latest on the World Health Organization scale. Efforts are already underway in several countries, including Brazil, to contain its spread.

Even with little lethality, its threat is due to its ease of contagion, since the coronavirus spreads through the air and can be attached to objects for many hours – or even days! – without dying. That is, enough time to find an unsuspecting host.

It also means that heavily used objects can infect you. So it is not strange to think about finding the coronavirus on your smartphone first. The device is by far the object that we take the most during the routine.

The solution for coronavirus on the smartphone is the same as we have for us: sanitize it whenever you can, especially when you leave the house with it.

On the other hand, washing hands is easy and we all did it already. Now, how to sanitize an electronic device like a smartphone?

If you weren't in the habit of cleaning it or just wiping it with a dry cloth, then you need to check out this article.

Below, we will take a step by step to sanitize your device and consequently clean any coronavirus on the smartphone. We'll also show you what to do with accessories like cases and headphones – like the AirPods Pro – that are also used frequently.

Don't worry, cleaning is easy and lasts a few minutes. These are precious minutes that will make you less vulnerable to coronavirus and any other infectious diseases that may have lodged on your smartphone.

Check it out below and start cleaning your smartphone now!

How to clean your phone and prevent coronavirus on your smartphone?

The first step to take is to disconnect the phone from any chargers or accessories, such as headphones. These objects must be cleaned separately, as we will show later in the article.

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The next step is even simpler: remove it from the cover – we will also show you how to clean it! – and turn off the device. Cleaning it with it turned on, even with the screen locked, will take a great risk of causing your smartphone to stop working.

With everything prepared, create a mixture of water with 70% isopropyl alcohol. It is important that the proportion of water is greater than that of alcohol. Put this mixture in a bottle with spray spray.

Now, spray this mixture on a dry cloth. If you have it at home, use a microfiber cloth, also used to clean glasses. It is worth mentioning that Never you should spray the spray directly on the smartphone. Also, do not over-moisten the cloth.

Now, pass the cloth moistened with the mixture and rub it on the entire smartphone, both on the front and the back of the device.

Also clean small areas, such as the USB or Lightning ports, headphone jacks and the space around the lens of the cell phone's cameras, basically any input that needs to plug in an accessory. For them, use a cotton swab or a wooden toothpick, both dry. Be careful not to apply too much force and damage these small areas.

Finally, leave it in a dry, ventilated place for about 15 minutes or as long as it takes for the phone to dry and not compromise the integrity of the phone.

Tip: meanwhile, you can also sanitize your cell phone case. See below!

How to clean the smartphone cover?

Now that you’re avoiding coronavirus on your smartphone by cleaning the device, don’t stop here. After all, there's no point in putting the clean smartphone in a filthy case back. The virus can also lodge on the cover of any device, even if it is one of the best cell phones in the world.

The first step to take is to find a pot in which to put a mixture of water and detergent.

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In addition to immersion in the mixture, you can use a cloth similar to the one you used to sanitize your smartphone. Pass it through the corners of the cover to get rid of dirt accumulated there.

In small areas like the small hole in the camera lens and the aforementioned Lightning and USB ports, the cloth will not work. The ideal is to use a cotton swab dipped in the same mixture that you created to remove the coronavirus on your smartphone.

Finally, let the cover dry for a few more minutes before putting it back on your smartphone.

Tip: leather covers must be cleaned using a special type of soap created to clean this material!

How to sanitize accessories?

Accessories such as chargers and headphones must also be sanitized, also because we have contact with this type of device almost daily. However, there is no mystery at all.

Just use the same combination of water and alcohol in a spray, which should be sprayed on a dry cloth. From there, lower rub them thoroughly and leave them to dry for a few minutes before using them again.

Coronavirus on your smartphone: just be careful!

Often, hectic lives prevent us from taking such small precautions. On the other hand, the arrival of the coronavirus makes them even more important than it was a few weeks ago.

Here at AppTuts, we have already written some articles that will help you to get information about the progress of the virus, as well as tips for prevention, how to avoid leaving home. There is no shortage of apps to watch movies and series that will help you in this task of passing the time while this pandemic wave does not go away.

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But if PC simulation games aren't your thing, maybe these browser games will help you pass the time.

Stay with us for a few more minutes and get to know the main apps and websites to learn more about coronavirus on your smartphone or in your browser!

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