Create a free website in 5 minutes: how to do it?

You may not believe it, but not only is it possible to create websites without having technical knowledge in the area, but it is also possible to create a free website in 5 minutes.

If you came here wondering how to do it, then you came to the right article. Of course, you will not have a website with the structure of a large online store, but you will already be able to create a simple blog, with templates ready to start writing and walking the path to earn money on the internet when working at home.

To achieve this feat, we will use Blogger, one of the main tools to create websites in the world, managed by Google itself. With it, you will be able to create blogs easily and in a short time, without having to spend hours on online courses to create websites.

Before you create a free website in 5 minutes with our tutorial, however, first let's answer the question: what is Blogger?

Check it out below and start getting ready to create your own website quickly!

What is Blogger?

Although not as popular as WordPress, Blogger is one of the main tools, especially for novice bloggers. Because it is a Google tool, it is completely free.

Like the rest of the tools, it is also very simple to use, requiring no prior knowledge of website design or programming. That's why you can create a website in 5 minutes using the tool.

Because it has several free templates, just choose the most suitable for you and include the buttons and links necessary to put your website online. That's why we chose Blogger as a tool for this tutorial.

Create a free website in 5 minutes using Blogger

The only thing you need to have to create a website for free on Blogger is a Google account. If you already have one, you're all set to start. It is also worth remembering that it is not necessary to choose a domain or hosting service, since this is done by the platform itself.

Now that you know that, go to Blogger and click New blog…

click on new blog and create free website in 5 minutes

Create your blog name and click Next.

create the blog name

Indicate the address of your website, the one that must be typed in the bar of internet browsers to be accessed. click in To save Next.

create free website url

Your blog will be created in less than 1 minute! Of course there is nothing on it and it can barely be accessed. So we ask for the 5 minutes in the title of the article.

The next step now is to configure the Theme his. This is where you will choose how it will be structured Click the button with that name in the menu on the left.

click theme

Blogger chose a standard template for you. However, when scrolling down the list, you can choose another theme, just click on it and press the button To apply.

choose the theme

For now, we will not include any customization, as this is an option that takes some time. That is, telling you to customize the options will not allow you to create a free website in 5 minutes.

Your website is already created, but still without content. Just click View blog to see how the theme turned out.

click on view blog to create a free website in 5 minutes

It's just that it doesn't really matter to have a website in less than 5 minutes if there's no content on it, is it? Then click the button + New Post to start creating content.

new post

Now it's your turn: take care of your content and post consistently so that your new site starts gaining visitors as soon as possible!

Do you want a website with another purpose, like selling online?

So in fact, there is no free option, let alone allowing you to create a website in 5 minutes. For a business that starts to bear fruit quickly, it is essential to make an initial investment in an ecommerce platform.

One of our indications is the Zyro. Also with a wide selection of your own themes, you can set up your online store without needing technical knowledge in creating websites.

In addition, Zyro also allows easy customization, simply dragging and dropping elements on the site to be able to assemble it, without having to write a single line of code or spend hours trying to do something in Photoshop.

Finally, you can also install programs for checkout, shopping cart and purchase statistics on your website, all with just a few clicks.

To learn more, click on the link right now to meet Zyro!

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