Create an app: Learn how in 7 steps

If you want to have your own app, but you don't know anything about programming, that's fine, since on sites like the App Factory you can easily create a free app. However, if you want to create games or have access to more advanced features like apps to remove background images, this option will not work.

Read on to find out everything about this great site and start creating your app right now!

What is the Application Factory?

As mentioned above, the platform we will use is the Application Factory, probably the best known in Brazil. It allows users to create free Web Apps, offering support from the community. Its main point is the fact that, through it, you don't need to know anything about programming!

This platform is one that is available in several languages ​​and that is used to create hundreds of applications each day. Offers four plans for users: the Free, The Essential, The Pro it's the Prime, each in a different price range.

Paid plans have discounts in case you prefer to subscribe on a semiannual or annual basis, 18% on a semiannual basis and 27% on an annual basis.

THE Free evidently it has no cost for you, but it has many limitations: you can only create a Web App and not an application itself, with advertisements, only 50 pages in your account and 1GB transfer limit.

THE Essential has the cost (without discount) of R $ 49.00 per month, bringing you the possibility to create Android apps without advertisements. It also allows more than 500 pages in your account, 15GB of free download and much more.

The plan Pro it has a very high cost of R $ 129.00 per month (without the discount). In it, you can create iOS apps, 1000 pages in your account, 100GB transfer limit, personalized support, complete forms and more.

Finally, the Prime is a plan where you will hire the App Factory team to create the app for you, with consulting, integrations, personalized design and all the benefits of Pro.


How to create an application in the App Factory?

With all this in mind, we will then proceed to the step by step of how to create an app. Check it out below!

1. Registration

To start the registration, go to the official website of the platform through the link. On that page, then, click on the button that says "Begin" to start the process. You will be redirected to the registration page with your Google account or with your email.

To complete the registration, some personal information is required. They are your full name and phone number. You will then be redirected to a breeding guide.

2. App settings

Now, you must select the category of the application you want to create, starting with its category, from several options. Set the type of the app within the category (or leave it for later).

App settings create an app

Upload your logo, if it already exists, or create one later. Choose the name that your app will have and proceed. Now, choose how you want to create the app, whether from existing Themes, whether you want to use Layouts to create your own app or whether you want to turn a website into an app.

Also, choose the main accent color that your application will have and then you can proceed to further editing it.

3. Main editor create an application

The application editor at the App Factory has four sections for you to create exactly what you want. On his main screen, you can change his name, category, area of ​​expertise, description and view.

Main editor create an application

4. App content

The second tab of the application editor is the one you will use to insert and personalize the contents. It's a long list of possible additions, like a photo album, a catalog, contact information and more.

In addition, you can choose to include a series of links to your social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other options.

App content Create an app

5. Visual editor

This is where the magic really happens. In the visual editor you can change the appearance of the application you are going to create in depth, with several options: whether you want the header to appear or not, configuration of the display, change of opacity, color type, size of icons and more.

You can also choose its main theme, customizing the colors, include images for the background, header and opening, and configure the application icons.

Visual editor create an application

6. Settings

This publisher option is restricted to users who have purchased a plan. In it, you can control access to the app, asking for a login or not, a customization of the login, what type of advertising you want to include in your application and more.


7. Publish

With all this, you will be able to publish the application you just created. This will happen when you click on the Publish in the upper right corner of the screen. With that, you can decide if you want it to be a free Web App or if you want to join the paid plan to publish it in the app store.

So, did you like our guide on how to create an app?

Leave in the comments if you already knew this very complete platform or if it was a novelty for you. Remember to also check out our list of the best apps for team meetings, apps for turning text into audio and apps for relationship inspiration!

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