Create logo with winning website design: rules and features

A website that is profitable should be popular, known and understandable. Your company's brand acts as an emblem or symbol. Therefore, it plays a very important role. How to create logo with winning design for website? What do you need to know and what rules should you follow?

It is worth mentioning that a logo is necessary even if you only have one business to earn money online and work from home. Let's find out now how to create a winning website design logo!

What is a logo and why is it needed?

The logo is a compact graphic image created to represent the company, brand, organization, website, individual or product. To correctly create a logo for your website, you will need to understand its main functions:

  • Recognition;
  • Notoriety among your target audience and niche;
  • Originality;
  • Express what your business is.

The scope of use is not limited to the site, for which the development was actually carried out. The logo will need to be present in advertising, on packaging – if you sell products – and on employees' clothes, for example.

They must be everywhere that can be related to your organization. Remember, even the lack of an alphabetical component does not hinder the construction of a clear association with the website, brand or company.

Therefore, it is safe to say that you should not save money on the quality of your logo. It must be of high quality, professionally made and thought to the smallest details.

A well designed logo for your website will have a big impact, which will result in the following results:

  • Increased recognition of the company and its products or services;
  • Creating a positive image in relation to your business;
  • Increased customer loyalty;
  • Differentiation from direct competitors;
  • Protection against counterfeiting and confirmation of your original idea;
  • Creating a visual identity for your company.

Today, almost all companies, organizations, products and brands have their own logo. So it is difficult for newbies to create something unique and exclusive. Let's find out what is really important to learn how to create a logo for the website that is striking and professional.

How to create logo with winning design for website?

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The design of the website logo must be developed based on various requirements and rules. Obviously, there is a creative component, but the “skeleton” plays the main role. So there are 5 rules for a good logo. Check it out below!

1. Singularity

This is perhaps the first thing that you need to pay attention to. Even though there are already millions of logos, you will need to create something on your own.

Taking print and copying your competitors' ideas, even if they bring some benefit from your niche, will not bring a good result. Your proposal should be unique for everyone to pay attention to it.

2. Simplicity

A logo should be simple enough to be remembered, understandable and legible, regardless of its size and place of application. It is interesting that the human eye perceives the images in a simple and light way, making the block stand out. For this, it may be interesting to use applications to remove the background from images, making it easier to work with the logo.

If you achieve such a design, your logo will be seen on a shelf among many other products. Still on the internet, where you can be competing with hundreds of ads from your competitors.

3. Compliance

Obviously, it is very good that the user immediately understands the branch of activity of your company through the logo on your website. By learning how to create a website logo that conforms to your type of business, it becomes easier for consumers to remember your brand.

On the other hand, this is not a rule written in stone. In the auto industry, for example, famous companies like BMW do not use the image of a car and Hawaiian Airlines does not have a plane on the logo.

4. Adaptability

It is a fact that mobile devices are gaining more and more popularity, so you must create a logo for your website that is easily adapted to the screen size of the user's device. A user must understand whether they visited your site or accessed a clone page from the first second.

5. Durability

When creating a corporate symbol, you will need to think about whether it will remain relevant after 5, 10, 20 years. To achieve this, don't try to follow fashion. Otherwise, your logo will lose its popularity and its change could lead to the loss of a large number of customers.

5 most used logo types

Before considering ideas for creating a winning website design logo, it is worth seeking a little knowledge about types, shapes and styles of corporate logos.

All this diversity can be systematized and divided into 5 major groups. We will explore each of them in detail below.

1. Textual Logo

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This type is used by websites with short, concise names. The stylized corporate font is chosen according to the preferences of the brand owner. In addition, to introduce originality, small graphic elements can be used in the letters.

2. Symbolic Logo

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It is a very common form, it is an abstract symbol. This logo is easy to remember by customers and causes an associative series with a certain brand and company.

3. Alphanumeric logo

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Logos of this type contain characters that convey the name through the use of initials. It is used by websites and companies whose owners trust that the initials will provide better information about their products or services, rather than the full name.

4. Combined Logo

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Both symbols and words can be used to create this type of logo. The advantages of this type are obvious.

Here, the graphic component is responsible for visual perception. After all, it is he who makes the logo easy to remember. The textual component serves to demonstrate the name of the company.

5. Badges

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This type of logo is a more complex version of your brand name. Its characteristic is to make the consumer locate the name of the company, the meaning of the design and what is its symbol in this type of special art.

What to consider when creating a winning website logo?

When choosing and combining words with images, it is important to consider some nuances when choosing a font, color and symbols.

The font is a key element of the logo, on which legibility, perception and understanding of the message depend. They fall into some specific categories, which we will list below:

  • Serif: small dashes placed at the ends of the letters when changing the line thickness;
  • Sans serif: regular shape, right angles and straight lines;
  • Handwritten: can be used partially to write a capital letter on the logo;
  • Typewritten: imitation of the letters of a typewriter. They usually combine easily with the rest of the elements in the logo and are a type of font used frequently;
  • Decorative: a large group that contemplates the rest of the other sources not mentioned. Fonts of the Fail, Comic Neue, Bohema and Airbag lines are some examples of decorative fonts.

It is worth mentioning that the source you choose when learning how to create a logo for a websiteit should be suitable for your business.

In addition, it must accurately characterize the service or product being sold and be different from the color of a direct competitor.

Tip: see this article with sources for Instagram and find out if any of them will be used to build your logo!

How to create a website logo: 5 best services

To create a winning website design logo, you can use online generators. There are hundreds of them on the network, easily accessed by internet browsers. The simplest to use and with excellent results are as follows.

  • Logaster: one of the leaders among the type services, it allows you to create a logo and adjust it to your taste.

You can choose from a large number of fonts and images. There is the possibility to choose icons considering the company's field. Logaster has a free edition and a paid version with advanced features.

  • Turbologist: it is simple and one of the most popular generators. It contains more than a million icons and many sources of quality. Payment is made only if the option for printing is required;
  • Withoompf: provides quick creation of standard logo. It allows to develop a simple, relevant and beautiful corporate brand that can be obtained in about 5 minutes;
  • TailorBrands: this generator makes it possible to obtain ready-made solutions in a few clicks. Using this service, you will be able to generate a logo and immediately check how it will look on the website, in a printed form or applied to products such as cups, pens and T-shirts;
  • Logomaster: provides simple professional logos, great for new businesses that still can't invest a lot in visual identity.


By knowing how to create a website logo, you can develop your own logo for your brand according to the marketing rules. Did you find something that can be part of your logo? Then take a picture and use any of these apps to turn photos into drawings to see the result!

The main thing is to make your current and potential customers like it. After creating your logo, keep working on the visual identity of your business and also check out these apps for making banners!

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