Create Yahoo email: how to do yours? [Passo a Passo]

Yahoo is one of the most important technological giants on the web. One of the first portals to feature news and various services, many users who started surfing the internet in the early 2000s had to create Yahoo email and used them for many years. Many still use it, too.

What does that mean? Creating Yahoo email means you get a free and stable service, but without looking old. After many updates over the years, having a Yahoo Mail means being able to access it directly from your cell phone or computer, in addition to allowing access to other Yahoo services, such as news, weather and information about the financial market and sports, among others. others.

Never had an email before, but need to integrate with the digital world to have more facilities?

Then see below why you need an email, why the Yahoo service is a good option and, finally, a step by step teaching you how to create Yahoo!

Why do you need an email?

Having an email is essential for anyone who wants to be in the digital world. Think of it as a kind of digital ID and CPF, since you will need to use it to register for all types of services on the internet.

Even social networks require the registration of an email to send newsletters or offers to your email address. The same happens when trying to buy anything in an online store, for example.

It is worth mentioning that an email is also required on government websites or that provide some type of public service. That is, even benefits or troubleshooting in your neighborhood requires having an email address for virtual communication.

Want (or need) to exist on the internet? So you need an email right now!

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Why is creating Yahoo email a good option?

Although it is no longer a technological giant compared to Facebook and the old rival Microsoft, Yahoo has a solid, accessible and most important service: easy to use.

This is the big point for creating Yahoo email, rather than other services. If you still prefer to access a website to see news and check your email, the company has kept that experience intact. In other words, it does not need to adapt to service requirements that are "full of modernity".

On the other hand, this does not mean that Yahoo email has the same design or has not adapted to the new times. Its interface is clean and simple to use, without giving the appearance of being dated. In addition, it has smartphone versions, allowing you to access your messages also by cell phone.

Did you understand how creating Yahoo email can be an excellent and simple idea? Then see our complete step-by-step below for you to make your email on the platform!

How to create Yahoo email?

The first step is to access the link to the Yahoo homepage and click on the button Mail.

start creating yahoo mail

Now, select the alternative Create an account.

make an account

Fill in your personal information on the form and click on the button Continue.

fill the form

Click the button next to I'm not a robot and again on the button Continue.

click I'm not a robot to continue

Confirm the phone number placed on the form you filled out by clicking Send me a text message with a Verification Code to receive a security code, which will allow you to create Yahoo email.

get the verification code to create yahoo mail

See the code in the SMS area of ​​your cell phone and enter the code on the screen by clicking Check after.

verification code

Tip: the capture code above is just a example and it will not be used for your registration!

Now, just wait for the Yahoo email creation process to finish and your account will be ready. click in Concluded to finish the process and you will be able to see your new inbox now!

yahoo mail inbox

Tip: Now that you've created your email, check out this complete guide teaching you how to use Yahoo Mail on mobile phones!

Does this type of email address work for my company?

Yahoo Mail is an excellent service for personal emails, but we do not recommend it for use in your company. As the service is free, the exchange of emails will not look professional to anyone who is communicating with you.

For business email, ideally, create email with domain own. In addition to showing professionalism, the use of this type of email makes it possible to use a platform called e-mail marketing.

These platforms allow you to create emails with offers of your business for those who are registered with your bank of customers and prospects.

In addition to the entire creation process, with it you can take shots without having to write all the email addresses. You can even schedule this delivery for the time that you think is most possible for your customers to open and buy through this email.

It is worth mentioning that you can generate performance reports using these tools, showing how many people on your list opened the email and even how many bought through it.

LeadLovers is one of these services. It is one of the best rated in the world, in addition to offering all the features we mentioned in this section of the article.

Get to know it right now by accessing the link and seeing everything it has to offer!

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