Creating sales sites: what are the best platforms?

Creating sales sites is one of the best ways to make money online. Especially in this delicate moment that we are going through, forcing us to be quarantined.

If you were already an entrepreneur, but only sold items in your physical store, perhaps now is the best time to take your sales to the internet. But we also believe that, while knowing everything about selling, creating sales sites is far from your specialties.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a computer wizard or hire an expensive professional to create sales sites. There are several platforms whose focus is precisely to help those who need to open a virtual store easily and quickly.

That way, you do not expose yourself to the coronavirus, and you can work at home peacefully. This is for both those who already have a store and need to adapt to the quarantine as well as those who are thinking of using the internet to earn extra income.

Next, we'll bring you some of the best platforms for creating sales sites. All are easy to use and you will have no problem getting your store online.

Check it out below!

1. Bagy

If you are already used to demonstrating your products on social networks like Instagram and your Stories, then our first recommendation is perfect for you. Bagy is a platform to create sales sites integrated with Instagram Shopping.

Have you heard of Instagram Shopping?

It is a way to sell your products directly from the posts you make on the social network. It works in the three small steps that we will show below.

  • Idea: you put your product in one of your Instagram posts ideas.
  • Creation: you take the photo or record the video and prepare for publication;
  • Marking: instead of tagging people or place, you choose to tag your product with Instagram Shopping. You enter the name, a short description and the price of the product;
  • Publication: Once published, your Instagram followers will be able to touch the tag and be taken to your sales site.

However, before using Instagram Shopping, it is necessary to take some steps. Some of them are the creation of a Fan Page and store on Facebook, where you will send your catalog to be integrated with Instagram. Only then can you use Instagram Shopping?

Did you find it complicated?

We also found it a little bit. This is where Bagy is advantageous!

In addition to being a platform for creating sales sites, they offer to take care of this process for you. Thus, any product you add to your inventory can be marketed through Instagram Shopping.

Want to know more about this platform? So click on the link right now to see how it works first hand!

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2. Nuvemshop

One of the most complete platforms for creating sales websites, Nuvemshop specializes in offering tools for both the small and the big entrepreneur.

That is, you can create your online store through Nuvemshop and not worry about changing it when sales increase. It offers solutions that allow you to scale your business.

Nuvemshop has tools for inventory management, sales automation and even integration with social media to also sell on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. It is also worth mentioning its integration with some essential tools for websites, such as email marketing or online chat for real-time service.

It offers 30 days of free trials to set up your online store using the tools they offer, just click on the link to get started!

3. Wix

Another of the best known platforms for those who intend to sell over the internet. Wix brings a huge collection of templates to create sales sites. These templates are customizable and make creating the store a lot easier, as it saves you the trouble of assembling your look from scratch.

Speaking of personalization, the templates are easy to customize, since you only need to use the mouse or touch the screen – if you use a smartphone or tablet in the creation – to drag and drop the different elements available.

Discover all the tools that Wix offers to create your store by accessing the link!

4. Brazil on the Web

Brazil on the Web is one of the national platforms for creating the most used sales sites in our country. Also offering a complete environment to create your online store, the site values ​​the ease in the creation process.

That is, you can develop your sales pages quickly. In addition, it has an integration tool to make money on Instagram.

It is also possible to develop pages for marketplaces of large retailers, such as Americanas, Magazine Luiza and Mercado Livre, among others. It is worth mentioning here the educational materials that the website content team produces, making you more skilled to create your own internet store.

Click on the link to see how the Brasil on the Web platform works!

Brazil on the web

5. Shopify

Probably the best-known online sales platform, Shopify's main advantage is its integration with Facebook. This makes the task of setting up your store also on the most used social network on the planet easier.

This is because creating a virtual store through Shopify allows you to transfer all the inventory placed there right in your Facebook store. Without this process, it is a little more difficult to send the inventory.

In addition to this integration, Shopify also brings one of the largest collections of store templates you can use to personalize yours. Other features include models that adapt to the screen of smartphones and tablets, integrated marketing tools that facilitate the creation of sales campaigns and SEO optimization, ideal for those who have a blog and want to put an online store on it.

Find out all about Shopify by visiting its page!

Which platforms to create sales sites is the best?

We cannot answer that question for you. However, it is worth mentioning that most of those described above also make it possible to add several payment methods, in which you can transfer the sales amount to your account at a digital bank.

So be sure to take advantage of the free trial offer and opportunity. Use this time to test all the features and see which of these platforms to create sales sites was easier to use and manage.

To continue learning about business on the internet, be sure to also check out our article with 5 resources to convert more into your online business!

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