Discover 5 benefits of WhatsApp Business for your company

Today it is much more common to have a relaxed and light relationship with your customers (check out the best games for WhatsApp!), No matter the branch of the company. Fortunately, it is possible to use messaging applications and even social networks to improve this relationship. There are excellent benefits of WhatsApp Business, for example, if it is well used in your company.

This app has been in high demand by users for years, since before you had to use other apps in combination with normal WhatsApp. All to have the features and benefits of WhatsApp Business, which are now native. If you are curious and want to know what these benefits are, check out our list below?

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

As we mentioned before, there are multiple benefits of WhatsApp Business for your company. This goes for both those who earn money in larger companies and those who work from home to earn extra income.

After all, this version of WhatsApp is great for any type of business. Its biggest advantages today are:

1. Having a professional profile

use whatsapp business

For starters, you can't talk about the benefits of WhatsApp Business without mentioning the possibility of having a professional profile. Of course, you can get your current WhatsApp, change the photo and name and call it a business profile.

But this version of WhatsApp was literally developed for the professional industry. You will have much more possibilities of personalizing your brand profile and can leave important notices to your customers.

Other than that, having a profile focused on just that gives an image of credibility to your customers. Imagine if you would prefer any number of WhatsApp to solve the problem of a purchase or if you would like a well-assembled and reliable profile.

That's exactly how your customer will think when it comes to contacting you via WhatsApp.

2. Automatic responses

Before the commercial version of WhatsApp existed, many companies had to resort to applications that inserted a type of automatic reply in the messaging app. Despite being an easy solution, it was still full of extra steps and if the app stopped working, it only gave a headache.

We now have this directly on WhatsApp Business and you should definitely take advantage of it. The automatic responses are great for when customers come in contact and you don't want to keep them waiting for a human attendant.

After all, depending on the time, you may not even have someone available. Other than that, you can also use this feature to filter the subject that the customer wants to talk about, since he can reply to automatic messages.

This way, if a real attendant is needed, he will already know the subject that awaits him. This helps a lot and saves everyone's time.

3. Scheduled messages

how to use commercial whatsapp

Another good aspect among the benefits of WhatsApp Business is the possibility of scheduling messages. Say you want to schedule messages talking about discounts, promotions or even updates on a customer’s order.

Now all this is possible and it helps a lot when dealing with a considerable number of customers. It is only advisable that you send scheduled messages to customers who really want to receive them.

Nothing surprises a faster WhatsApp client than a shower of random messages.

4. Opening hours

If you use ordinary WhatsApp to talk to customers, you will receive messages at all times. Be it in the morning, afternoon, night or even at dawn.

Depending on their settings, customers will even be able to see if you are online. Here's a tip from our guide to learn how to take WhatsApp online, inclusive.

Fortunately, you can create an appointment time on WhatsApp Business and even schedule messages to notify customers who contact you after the scheduled time. That way, they even know when they can expect an answer.

5. Labels for organizing conversations

benefits of whatsApp Business Messaging

Finally, let's also talk about the tags you can use to organize all your contacts and chats on WhatsApp Business. These colored labels can be categorized by themes that you create yourself.

This way, you can put a label of the category "Urgent", "New order" or even "Payment pending" for each customer. This helps immensely when dealing with each customer, as the attendant can get a sense of what is happening to them.

This is a feature that you didn't see in other apps before Business even existed, so it's great to see something so useful added.

And if you are one of the beginning entrepreneurs, we suggest you take a look at our digital banking guide. After all, it's a great way to manage your finances right on your smartphone!

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips and find out what the main benefits of WhatsApp Business are? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of this version of the application.

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