Don't you know Facebook Gaming yet?

Currently there are many different apps for making lives, which offer a variety of features. The best known is Twitch and, to compete with it, there is now Facebook Gaming, which is gaining a lot of traction.

Keep reading and discover everything about the Facebook lives platform, learning how to use it!

What is Facebook Gaming?

Here, we will explain everything you need to know about this Facebook platform, a relatively recent addition.

Facebook Gaming is a tool created by Facebook for the live streaming of game videos, e-sports and similar game championships. It arrived in Brazil in 2018 with the intention of being more attractive to streamers, competing with the most well-established and best-known live platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

It has a very simple functionality: it is a place where people who like to play video games can share their experiences live. If you want to check out a streamer on the platform, but you don’t have an account, no problem, just go to the site and go!

Streaming is also very easy: anyone can, just have a Facebook account, configure the streaming tool they will use and start.

It currently has a dedicated app, launched in January 2019 on Android. Through it, you can check the streams that other users make or make your own.

However, if you don't want (or don't have space to) download another application on your Android smartphone, you can also access the Gaming section directly through the Facebook app!

To access your computer via internet browsers, just follow the link to the correct section or, if you prefer, you can simply type in your browser.

What is Facebook Gaming?

What games can you watch?

There are many different games that you can check out via Facebook Gaming, which is really practical. In addition, you can also follow specific games to see all the streamers in that category.

Just go to the official Gaming website to see the full list, which includes some of the biggest of the moment, such as PUBG, League of Legends and Free Fire.

What are the advantages of streaming Facebook Gaming?

One of the best things that streams on this platform has is the reach and the number of potential viewers. Marketing and promotion are much better too, as they are connected to one of the largest social media platforms today.

When you start a new stream, you can post it in your feed or in a group to have more people watching you. People in the groups will then be able to view your post while browsing your feeds.

As long as you can entertain your audience, it is relatively easy to gain a good following naturally. Since everything happens on Facebook, it’s even easier for your fans to share Gaming content with their friends, giving you even more reach.

What are the advantages of streaming Facebook Gaming?

And the disadvantages?

Even with all the associated positives, especially the reach that comes with using Facebook to stream, there are several things that can make the platform less attractive to new users, whether they are streamers or viewers. Are they:

  • The Facebook algorithm will not warn your followers every time when they start streaming in Gaming, making it necessary to use a platform like Twitter for this;
  • Facebook will always prioritize streamers that pay for space above those that don't;
  • There are some privacy issues, since all logged-in viewers are using their real names (or Facebook accounts), making attacks easier;
  • The interface can be quite boring to navigate;

In addition, there is all the difficulty of any new stream platform to compete with Twitch, since this is not only the oldest in the business, but it has also created a great sense of community with those who use it.

How to make money on Facebook Gaming?

After all, that's why you want to stream, isn't it?

There are a few main ways you can earn money by streaming. The first is the Level Up program, through which channel followers can donate Facebook stars to anyone they prefer.

The program is limited to people who have a minimum of 100 followers, who make a minimum of 4 hours of stream divided into 2 days over a period of 14 days.

Then you can receive the stars. Each star is worth 1 cent, and in order to be paid you need to collect 10,000 stars (or 100 dollars). The more you stream, the more your followers will earn stars, increasing the amount they earn proportionally.

The other way to earn money is to create a profile on other platforms through which your followers can donate money to you, as this is not directly possible.

Did you like our explanation of what Facebook Gaming is and how it works?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the platform or if it was new to you. Don't forget to check out, too, how to live on YouTube and Facebook or live on YouTube and Instagram at the same time!

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