Doogee S95 – discover the new line of Android smartphones

Doogee is a relatively unknown smartphone brand in the country. However, its focus on offering a smartphone with battery and excellent resistance. The manufacturer recently launched its Doogee S95, which also has a Pro version.

To get an idea, Doogee calls its cell phones an “indestructible smartphone”, as it meets three security certifications, which we will talk about later in the article. If you need a powerful, sturdy cell phone with a battery that allows you to stay all day without charging, the Doogee S95 and its Pro version could be your next favorite smartphone.

So stay with us and learn more about the new Doogee S95!

Doogee S95 and S95 Pro – Camera

The camera is one of the main criteria for those looking for a new device. After all, it is with him that he will take pictures for years to come.

At this point, the Doogee S95 does not disappoint. With a triple camera manufactured by Sony at the rear, adding up to 48MP, the device also uses artificial intelligence technology to optimize your photographs and deliver better results.

In addition, the triple camera features an ultra wide angled lens, enabling panoramic photos up to 120 °. In addition, it is possible to apply digital zoom up to 10x.

The front camera also does not disappoint, bringing 16 MP, making the Doogee S95 also a great option for selfies and Stories.

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Other accessories that can also be applied are power banks for portable charging or special lenses to take photos that the original smartphone would not be able to capture.

Finally, what makes the Doogee S95 and Pro an “indestructible smartphone” are their safety certifications. See below which are the certificates that the newly launched device has.

  • IP68: protection against dust and water. At IP68, the smartphone is completely immune to dust. Regarding water, this pattern means that your device can be submerged in fresh water for long periods;
  • IP69K: this special certification means that the smartphone is resistant to water from steam and high pressure jets;
  • MIL-STD 810G: this military certification means that the resistance of the smartphone has been tested in several scenarios, such as impacts – including shots and explosions -, radiation, falls, vibrations, humidity and temperature variations, both from high to low and the reverse.

Give the Doogee S95 and S95 Pro a try!

The smartphone has just been launched on AliExpress, the main option among online shopping sites. Despite not being marketed in Brazil, its price is also an attraction, since its configurations compete with the main smartphones on the market, which tend to be more expensive.

The Doogee S95 cost between R $ 1,600 in the standard version and R $ 2,140 in the Pro edition. However, the devices have a special launch discount. Click on this link to discover the Doogee S95!

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