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When you start out on the internet, your time becomes something very valuable. If you are undertaking alone, then right there you must automate the operation of your new business as much as possible.

Whether to make extra income in relation to work or if you are investing all your time in making money online, you will need tools to help you. E-Goi is one of the platforms that make it possible to automate almost all of your marketing processes.

In this quarantine imposed by the coronavirus, it is possible that you are taking advantage of your free time to invest effort in your own business. So E-Goi is offering an opportunity to take most marketing efforts off your shoulders.

With the E-Goi coupon, you will be able to pay half of the annual subscription fee for the platform. Understand below what E-Goi is and what it has to offer for the development of your business.

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What is E-Goi?

In a nutshell, a complete digital marketing platform for your business.

But what can we call a complete platform?

One of the criteria to define this is to know if it has enough functionality to control most of the marketing tasks of your business. Thus, it will enable you to do three things: see an overview of your marketing strategy, perform tasks automatically and follow the results of the campaigns you have created.

E-Goi has features that cover all three areas, especially automation. As a web platform, it can be used on any internet browser. That is, nothing to install a robust program, which will consume your computer's memory.

In the next sections, you can check in more detail some of the main features that E-Goi offers on its platform. Check it out below!

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Main features of E-Goi

As a platform for marketing automation, you can do a lot by subscribing to the service using the E-Goi coupon. Next, we'll show you some of the things that will save you time when using the platform.

Marketing Automation

The core of E-Goi is marketing automation. Through it, it is possible to configure the different messages that you can send to your client, according to their behavior.

That is, you will create the entire flow of communication and its possibilities. In addition, it will also create automatic message templates to be sent to customers, according to their profile and behavior.

For example, you can configure E-Goi to send an automatic message – the model of which you write! – to help your online store customers who have placed products in the shopping cart to complete a purchase.

If they have finished, the message they will receive is different, thanking them for their order and offering some after-sales service, for example.

You are the one who will mount the flow. Visitors and customers of your online store will automatically be placed in the middle of this flow, greatly reducing the need for you to work on it manually.

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E-mail marketing

One of the main features of E-Goi, you can manage your email list from it. This means that you can create automatic email templates, set up shots for hundreds of subscribers and check how many recipients opened the email and even clicked on a link within the message, for example.

E-Goi also makes it possible to create pages to capture emails, known as landing pages. The platform has several models, facilitating the work of those who have no experience with web page design.

If you prefer a visitor to stay on the site, E-Goi also allows you to create popups with the form. An interesting idea for bloggers, in which you can capture the contact of a visitor, without having to stop reading your text to fill out the form.

It is worth remembering that, just like in marketing automation, you have full control to configure the flow of automatic messages and segment the subscribers on your list. You can customize which messages each segment of your email marketing should receive.

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Other E-Goi features

While the tools for automation and email marketing are two of the main features, they do not end there.

With the platform, it is also possible to set up automatic SMS messages, as well as allowing your website to send notifications to users interested in following your content.

It is worth mentioning that all of your automatic submissions generate performance reports and allow you to create tests, facilitating the results evaluation process.

Take advantage of the E-Goi coupon with 50% discount!

With E-Goi, you will have the following advantages:

  • More time to work on your business strategy!
  • Have a fully automated marketing sector!
  • Greater clarity of communication flows with visitors, prospects and customers!
  • Possibility to test different message templates!
  • Easy to track the results of your campaigns!

Are you wasting time on tasks that could be performed automatically?

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