Earning stars on Facebook Gaming: how to achieve?

Among so many platforms to make lives, Facebook Gaming is one of the best currently for those who want to focus on gameplay broadcasts. In addition to being easy to use, the platform also offers a way of monetization for those who want to make money from streaming. That money comes with Facebook Gaming stars, which you can earn from your viewers and followers in general.

But how is it possible to earn these stars on Facebook Gaming? You can check this and other valuable tips with our guide below!

What are stars on Facebook Gaming?

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The stars at Facebook Gaming are the way your followers can donate money during the broadcast. Each star is worth 1 cent, which is very little, so the idea is to collect as many stars as possible to get paid.

The scheme is that in order to be paid, it is necessary to collect 10,000 stars, which is equivalent to 100 dollars. Your followers can access these stars by purchasing them directly from the Facebook Gaming store or by watching their stream, as you can naturally earn them in small quantities like that.

Of course, streaming is not always an easy task, but tools like BeLive and Ciclano can help you get more followers and even broadcast on multiple platforms.

They are excellent options for those who plan to live on Youtube and Facebook.

How to earn stars on Facebook Gaming

Well, as you can see, you end up totally depending on your viewers to earn stars on Facebook Gaming. They need to want to buy these stars or donate the ones they naturally receive from you.

The idea is to do everything possible to win over your fans to receive these stars. It is worth mentioning that to get the stars there are two mandatory things: you need to have at least 100 followers and a minimum of 4 hours of stream divided into 2 days over a period of 14 days.

Below, we will cite some good tactics and tips to get stars on Facebook Gaming more easily. Of course, if you still don't have the requirements that Facebook asks to earn stars, the tips can also help you with that.

1. Make long streams

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To start, our tip is to try to make long streams, even because of the requirement that Facebook Gaming has for those who want to earn stars. Of course, we are not thinking of anything absurd, but it is always good that your broadcasts are more than 1 or 2 hours long.

Even if you don’t have a lot of people watching, it’s good to keep up. Many people can come in and out of the broadcast during that time and even start following you if they like what they saw.

2. Broadcast frequently

Another good tip is to make your transmissions with a good frequency. After all, there's no point in broadcasting every two weeks on scattered days and hoping there are loyal followers with nothing better to watch.

You don't have to broadcast every day, but try to create a very stable schedule. Set aside good days and times to broadcast, thus creating a routine for you and your followers.

So, even if they don’t see a broadcast notification, followers will remember that it’s time to watch you.

3. Broadcast broadcasts to other networks

Unfortunately, Facebook Gaming is not very good at sending notifications to all of your followers or potential stakeholders when you're broadcasting. Our main tip to deal with this is the dissemination of the stream on other social networks.

This can be your own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube. Do your best to reach as many people as possible so they know they can assist you at that moment.

This is something very common even for those who broadcast on Twitch or YouTube. If you also live on Instagram, it may be a great idea to use a tool like Instago to make it easier to set up your streams.

4. Interact extensively with those present

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Like it or not, you can only start earning stars on Facebook Gaming if your followers really like the content. In addition to doing everything possible to offer quality broadcasts, we recommend that you interact a lot with those watching.

It's a great way for followers to feel a greater connection with you and more willing to donate. Apart from that, it can also encourage them to stay in the stream longer.

Remember that the more time they spend watching you, the more stars they can earn naturally. And why not give those stars exactly to those they've been watching for so long?

5. Choose interesting games

Another tip to keep your audience interested is to know which games to choose to broadcast. It is not necessary to stay focused only on the most popular games of today, but on those that most interest your audience.

They may like older games, challenging games or titles they can play with you, among others. One way to find out is to have a nice interaction with them.

You can do weekly polls asking what they would like to see, for example.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips on how to earn stars on Facebook Gaming? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our tips and if you managed to understand the concept of the Facebook broadcast service.

And if you're thinking of doing live on YouTube and Instagram, be sure to check out our guide to apps for making lives!

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