ENEM mind maps: where to find and do?

If you want to start studying for ENEM this year, to ensure that it will pass now, now is a good time. And, to increase your chances, learning to make ENEM mind maps is an excellent idea.

Keep reading our article and find out all about what these maps are and how they can help you!

What are Mind Maps?

So that even those who do not know anything about mental maps can be located, we will briefly explain what they are and how they can help you study for ENEM.

The term "mind map" is a name given to a diagram systematized by an English psychologist, called Tony Buzan. This type of diagram is intended to help people who use them to better manage their time and projects, for example.

They help a lot in memorizing information and learning, besides having their uses in managing their knowledge and even in solving possible problems, in addition to several other uses.

It was created with the idea that it can organize content in the same way that our brain stores it, which helps a lot in strengthening knowledge.

What are ENEM mind maps

Where to make ENEM mind maps?

There are different platforms dedicated to creating mind maps, with different options and features. They can help you achieve the most diverse goals with relative ease and simplicity, especially when compared to trying to achieve them without using these maps.

It is possible to create them even on a sheet of paper, but it is highly recommended that you make an online mind map, as the organization gets better. In addition, you will have access to them through any of your devices, whether through internet browsers, your Android smartphone or your iPhone.

Among all sites for making mind maps, the most recommended is MindMeister, which is not only one of the best known of its kind, but is also excellent for creating high quality maps in the format you want, including excellent options to help you study.

How to use MindMeister?

Now that you have a general idea of ​​what they are and where to make ENEM mind maps, let's explain in depth how to use MindMeister to perform this function. Check out the guide below!

In order to start the process, go to the official website of the platform, where you will need to register. This can be done by connecting to your Google, Facebook account or signing up with email.


Choose the option you prefer, as it doesn't really interfere with anything, and proceed.

With the account created, you will be directed to a screen where you need to accept the terms and conditions and then choose how you want to use the website. On the home screen is where you can start creating maps, remembering that free accounts have a limit of 3 maps at a time, being necessary to delete one of them to create more.

Then click "Show more" at the top of the screen, next to "Models", so you can start creating your ENEM mind maps. Several categories of maps will appear. Scroll down until "Education" to see the various existing models of learning maps.

Are they “Exam Preparation” (Preparation for Exams), “Essay Writing Checklist” (Job Writing Control List), “Homework Planning” (Home Themes Planning) and “Cornell Note Taking” (Take Cornell Method Notes).

Models mind maps ENEM

THE Exam Preparation it's probably what you want, but you can use it using one of the others. With it, you can organize everything you need to know before ENEM arrives and increase your productivity in the study.

In the center, you can add an image for the exam in question. In the upper right corner, there is the "General", where you can add all the basic and most relevant information for your exam.

For example, the date that will occur, the type (oral or written), the number of questions, the evaluation method or the maximum score and more. In addition, you can create links to previous test notes, such as last year's ENEM.

General mind maps ENEM

In the bottom right corner, you will find "Weeks until the exam", which allows you to organize yourself in how you should study, for example, in weekly order. Add what material you want to cover each week, a review period of what you have studied and, if you want, place images to make your map more interactive.

Weeks until the ENEM mind maps exam

Another important part of creating ENEM mind maps is the "Resources", found in the lower left corner. In it, it is recommended that you add links to your research on the subjects, summaries of what you have seen, ready-made works where you can review the material, class notes and even other maps you have already created.

Finally, on the "Grades", in the upper right corner, you can add small but relevant information on the subject. For example, the date and time you made an appointment with the teacher to help you with any essential questions or topics to review to ensure you really understand them.

Notes and Resources

What did you think of our guide on where to find and make ENEM mind maps?

Leave in the comments if you already knew MindMeister and if you knew that it could be used with this functionality. Don't forget to also check out our list of apps for making mind maps and remember that they can be used to work at home.

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