Engaji – how to gain followers in this app [Guia Completo]

Apps like Engaji can make a difference in your journey to gain followers on Instagram.

Although it is perfectly possible to make your profile evolve only with the tools that the social network itself offers, using some apps will speed up this process. Engaji is one of those apps that will help you get followers on Instagram faster.

The best: it can help you have more real and legitimate followers. That is, people who will probably be interested in the content you are distributing on the network.

Have you heard of Engaji? Want to know more details on how it can help you with the task of boosting your Instagram profile? Then see below what it allows you to do and continue to check out our complete platform guide!

What does Engaji allow you to do?

The platform works on three fronts: automatic interactions to get new followers, automated directs to stimulate the engagement of followers who arrive and scheduling publications in the feed or Stories.

Each of them is important in managing your profile. Therefore, it is interesting to work in the three environments.

After all, new followers are of great help, but if you don't know how to organize your Instagram feed, you may end up losing them when you notice that your profile does not contain professional content.

But is investing in platforms like Engaji really a good idea, since it is possible to work on your profile and evolve without using them?

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That is what we will answer in the next section of our article. Stay with us!

Why use an app to gain followers?

We don't recommend tools like Engaji because they are a kind of “only way” to succeed on Instagram. As we said above, it is perfectly possible to do so without the app.

But there are two major advantages to using the platform.

The first is that it accelerates its growth rate. Whoever is on the first goal of getting the first thousand followers on Instagram knows how important this is.

Engaji can help you reach that goal before the deadline you set for yourself. Automatic interactions are one of the best ways to attract followers to visit your profile.

From there, just have good phrases for Instagram bio and an organized feed to convince them to press the follow button.

It also means that Engaji works differently from platforms to buy followers.

Engaji only facilitates the connection, without removing the user's choice of following you or not. Buying followers – a practice that goes against the rules of Insta – will only give you a batch of fake followers, which will not generate engagement or allow you to earn money on Instagram.

In addition, it allows scheduling posts and Stories much easier and faster. Anyone who has tried to schedule posts on Instagram using the official tool knows that it is not that easy to find.

Another great advantage is the ease of accessing the reports without having to constantly navigate between menus, since all the features of Engaji can be accessed directly from the control panel. No more decorating where each function is – and getting frustrated every time you forget.

Okay, this is the last delay we're going to do before I teach you everything you can do on Engaji. See below how to use the platform!

Complete Guide to Using Engaji

The first thing you need to do to start using Engaji is to create your account.

Click on the link to access the platform. Then go to the button Sign.

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Choose the monthly or quarterly platform plan and click on the other button Sign according to the option you selected.

choose your engagement plan

Now, fill in the registration form with your name, email and mobile number.

fill the form

On the same screen, click the button Apply discount coupon and insert the coupon larrossa, which will give you 10% discount on any option you choose.

apply the large coupon to get a discount on Engaji

Then, it’s time to enter your payment information. Engaji accepts payments by credit card, bank slip, your PayPal or Hotmart account.

After following these steps, your Engaji account will be created and you must link your Instagram bio to the platform.

See how in the next section!

How to link Instagram profile to platform

With the account created, you must link your profile to the app for it to perform its functions. The first step is to access the email inbox you used to register. This is where your temporary password will be used to log in to Engaji.

Tip: we will not show this part, but we strongly recommend that you change the password as soon as you log in for the first time!

Now, put your username on the home screen to start linking your Insta profile to the platform.

put your Insta username on Engaji

Then, enter the password you use to log into your Instagram.

put your password

Choose whether to authenticate by SMS or Email and click on the button Add Instagram.

engagement authentication

Wait a few moments and the connection with your Instagram profile will be done!

How to schedule automatic interactions?

One of the coolest advantages of Engaji is that it just takes your hand so that you can set up automatic interactions well. After connecting the platform to your profile, it will guide you through this process. click in Start configuration on the screen that will open right after connecting your profile.

Now, define another Instagram profile whose audience you will target. For example, if you have a fashion Instagram, you can target a famous influencer to automatically interact with their followers' posts.

Choose a profile that matches the audience you want to reach. The minimum required to activate the automations are five profiles or hashtags on Instagram.

search profiles

When searching for a profile, the corresponding options will appear below. Click who you want to use as a reference.

choose a profile to automatically interact with engagement

Then, click Hashtags to choose the terms. Again, include hashtags that are used frequently within the area in which you operate.

search for hashtags

Now, choose the hashtags that will parameterize Engaji's automatic interactions.

choose the hashtags that the engagement will automatically search for

After selecting the profiles and hashtags that will calibrate your searches, click Next step.

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To end this section, choose which profiles will be on your safe list. Profiles included in this list will never stop being followed automatically.

safe list

When you are finished choosing, click Next step again.

Then, you will need to set up automatic messages for new followers. Check it out below!

How to create automatic messages for new followers?

Automatic interactions are great for anyone looking to grow on Instagram.

The welcome messages are excellent for stimulating engagement and opening a bridge of contact with your new followers. As soon as you finish configuring automatic searches, Engaji will guide you to create automatic message templates.

So just create the message in the text box that will be shown in the window and click Send Message.

create your message on engaji

Tip: the code {{firstname}} that we show on the screen above will make the first name of the new follower appear, giving a more personalized tone to your automatic direct on Instagram.

To activate automatic messages, Engaji asks you to create at least five models. Repeat the steps above until you have all the models ready. Then click on Finish.

finalize your message

After configuring the automations, you will be taken to the tab of the same name. In other words, the Engaji guide ends here.

However, these are not the only features of the application. Next, we'll show you how to schedule your Instagram posts ideas in the feed and Stories!

How to schedule posts in the feed and Stories?

To start scheduling your posts, just click on the tab Posts, followed by Add Post.

click on the posts tab of Engaji

First, choose what type of post you want to make.

  • Add post: publish only one photo or video in the feed;
  • Add album: publish several photos or videos in a post to the feed;
  • Add story: Publish photos or videos to Instagram Stories.

choose the type of post

For this example, we will use the first option. Click on the button Choose the media to post.

send the photo or video to post via Engaji

Select the image or video you created to post to Instagram. Scroll down the screen a little more and write the caption in the space provided.

write the post caption

Click the button next to Schedule Posting.

activate the button to schedule a post on Engaji

Then choose the time and day when the post will be published on your Instagram and click the other button Schedule Posting.

schedule the publication!

Tip: want to see how your posts are organized by the week? Then return to the main page, click on the tab again Posts and choose Calendar Posts!

follow your posts on the calendar

Have you been using Engaji for some time and want to measure your results? Then see our next excerpt!

How to view reports on Engaji?

Engaji's last environment is reporting. Through them, you will be able to know if your posts are getting engaged, how many new followers you have gained and also check the amount of automatic actions that the platform performed when you were in charge of your profile.

To access it, return to the Engaji home page, place the mouse over the tab Accounts and click Statistics.

access Engaji statistics

On the home screen, you can see a screen similar to the one you see when accessing your Instagram profile. Scroll down the screen a bit to find your profile evolution graph.

profile evolution chart

By default, Engaji shows statistics for the past 7 days. To change the period, click on the button that we will show in the screenshot below and choose one of the menu options.

change the analysis period on the button

By scrolling down the screen, you will be able to know which are your three best posts of all time.

know your 3 best posts

Keep going down until the end, where you can see how many daily actions Engaji did when taking care of your profile, in addition to the number of posts he published each day.

see daily actions and compare averages

The longer you use the platform, the fuller this screen will appear, in addition to including your average daily growth.

Enjoy 10% discount on the Engaji subscription!

Now that you know everything that Engaji can do and the advantages you will have in developing your Instagram profile, how about starting to use it right now?

To help you with this task, you only need to follow two simple steps: click on the link now to access Engaji and use the coupon broad to have 10% discount on the subscription of any plan!

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