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Extra income on the internet [Guia Completo]

Extra income on the internet [Guia Completo]

Currently, we all need to earn more money, a task that has become easier because of connectivity. Therefore, we have selected some of the best ways on how to make extra income on the internet, to solve your problems.

If none of them work, we also have other related guides, where you can learn how to make money traveling, how to deliver via Rappi or iFood or even how to become a local friend and earn from it!

If you are interested in making more money, keep reading our article, where we list and detail the best options for you!

1. Work as a freelancer

If you want to know how work at home and make a lot of extra income on the internet, the first and one of the best options is to work as a freelancer. But, before understanding how to make money from it, it is necessary to know everything about the area; let's do it!

What is a freelancer?

The freelancer, also called freela, is a freelance professional who works independently, providing services to individuals or companies for periods of time, charging a price stipulated by you. It is the easiest way to get some extra jobs, being greatly favored by tax issues.

An interesting thing about this line of work is the fact that the freelancer works without a formal contract, that is, without employment. This brings with it a large number of advantages, such as the fact that, precisely because of the lack of ties, it can serve several companies and projects at the same time.

In addition, you do not need to dedicate yourself full time, you can choose when you want to work, working your own hours and being able to increase your income according to your mood. It is also possible that you can get a recurring freela, even without a bond, as long as what you produce is satisfactory for whoever hired you.

The freelancer, therefore, can be very well paid in several different ways. It is important to remember that, like all self-employed work, nothing is guaranteed!

What is a freelancer?

What does it take to be a freelancer?

Now you know what freelancing means; however, it is important to understand what is needed to work with this and make extra income on the internet, which we will cover in this section.

For you to be able to join this type of employment, you must be a very organized person, since you are responsible for your own schedule. Everything related to your professional life depends on you: tasks to do, project management, meeting deadlines, communicating with clients and even making sure payments are right.

Therefore, without organization you can damage your image and lose customers due to delays and contact failures. In addition, you have to discipline yourself so that you can deliver everything on time, since there will be no one asking you if everything is in order. So, check out time management tools here to help you with that!

Time management extra income on the internet

Having contacts is another very important thing to earn extra income on the internet, however non-essential. With this, you can easily get many opportunities, having more chances of being chosen if you meet people.

However, it is also possible to get project offers starting from scratch, through the best sites for freelancers (more on that below).

Another essential for those who want to work as a freela is personal marketing, either by sharing their skills with friends and family, or by creating an excellent profile on the websites for professionals of this type.

A major concern for anyone wishing to make extra income on the internet using this method is whether it is necessary to have a diploma or qualifications. The answer is: it depends on the area, among other aspects.

In general, having a degree if you want to work in engineering or accounting is ideal, no matter how necessary. Having him will simply cause those looking for services to put you at the top of the hiring list.

However, even without having diplomas and qualifications, it is perfectly possible to get jobs even in the most coveted areas, as long as you have either a large network of contacts or experience, proven by portfolio.

What is good and what is not?

Working as a freela has several benefits, at the cost of certain things that you may consider important. The main negative is the lack of stability, since there are no links.

  • Schedule flexibility

One of the biggest attractions for professionals who want to work like this is the complete flexibility acquired, in addition to having autonomy. You can decide to do your projects during the night, take days off, dress as you like and work where you want; of course, as long as everything is delivered on time.

  • Possibility of higher wages

Another great attraction of making extra income on the internet is how much you can get out of it. In more traditional jobs, you earn a fixed salary, regardless of how much you have to work. By this method, however, it is possible to accept several projects at the same time, taking money from each one, receiving more frequently.

Of course it depends on where you operate, but it is certainly an excellent way to make money.

As mentioned above, this life does not guarantee financial stability, since you have no ties. Even though it is possible to withdraw a lot of money, this is not guaranteed; so keep in mind that you may end up earning very little in one month, and a lot in the next.

To avoid financial ruin, you need to have a good organization of yours, to avoid going through stressful situations.

Another counterpoint to working as a freela is that, due to the nature of the job, you are not entitled to several things, such as the 13th salary, paid breaks (as much as this is easily compensated by working too much in one day to release the next) and FGTS.

Therefore, financial organization is essential to ensure that you have a livelihood even if you become ill or cannot work for any reason.

Best sites for freelancers

If you want to make money online like this, you need to know the best platforms so that you can find opportunities.

Best sites for freelancers extra income on the internet

This is undoubtedly the best known site for those who want to use an application to make extra income on the internet, working from home. Through it, employers from all over the globe seek out who can provide quality services for them.

It is possible to create an excellent profile in it, which will help you to get proposals, in addition to having a very well implemented search section. Check through the link.

Another excellent website for those who want to work as a freelancer is Upwork, through which you can find countless opportunities for your skills. It also offers tests to demonstrate your level of proficiency in the subject. Access by link!

The last of our website recommendations is Fiverr, which also has one of the best apps for making money. The name, in English, means five and refers to the minimum price for each job, five dollars.

It is possible to carry out works of all kinds, even though the main focus is for artists, whether it be drawing, music, dubbing or writing. Follow the link to see the site!

2. Teach online courses

Another excellent way to make extra income on the internet is through websites to create online courses. In order for you to do this, however, you must have extensive experience and knowledge in some area.

If you are excellent in any language, have knowledge of crafts or programming, or even home repairs, you can create your own course to sell it, taking money from it.

It may not seem like a very difficult thing, but it really is. To do this, you must know how to structure classes, be willing to help people who have purchased the course and need help and more.

There are also more than one teaching modality: it can be done by video or in writing, with people having their personal preferences. Ideally, your course should use both methods to reach a larger audience.

In addition, you must create exercises for students. It is not necessary to create and sell these courses: as long as you have a good quality camera (newer smartphones will do!), A tripod for stability and where to record. With that, just start the creation!

Teach online courses extra income on the internet

Best sites for creating online courses

The first of our indications of sites to make extra income on the internet teaching is Beved. Through it, you can create courses of all types, almost without restrictions, and decide how much you want to pay.

The platform is designed to help teachers create the best quality content possible and is one of the most popular here. Check out our guide on how to teach at Beved or go directly to the site to see more!

Another of the best known online course sites is Udemy. It has a truly gigantic collection of courses, be they programming, languages, video and photo editing or even writing.

However, through it you can teach only through recorded lessons and PDFs, making it impossible to do webinars. In it, you also have access to an area of ​​the students of the courses, where you can easily answer questions. Check out more through the link.

Finally, we have the Hotmart Club, another excellent platform. It is created by one of the largest affiliate services in the world and is one of the best options for making money from apps.

It has a functionality very similar to the previous ones, but it has the bonus of not charging anything for the creation of the courses, just charging a percentage of the sale value. Go to the site through the link!

3. Create your online store

The last of our options for making extra income on the internet, working from home, is to create your own online store. Of course there is a lot of competition for that, but it is extremely easy to do and you are almost guaranteed to get something out of it.

There are four main types of product marketing, and you can use several in your store, ensuring a higher income. It is necessary that you understand each one of them in depth, so that you can work with them.

Create your online store extra income on the internet

  • Sale of own products

The first of the four is the marketing of things that you have produced yourself, whether handicrafts, clothes or whatever. Here, you are responsible for absolutely everything, including manufacturing.

  • Sale of imported products

It is very likely that you will not only know but have already used one of those shopping sites outside of Brazil, such as AliExpress or Wish. Through them, you can import millions of products from various countries, paying small amounts.

The advantage is that you can stock products purchased at paltry prices and resell them, charging much more to make a lot of profit. Even if you want to create your own brand, many of the products come with none, so you can print as you wish.

  • Sale of third party products

There are several platforms where you can sell third-party products through affiliate programs. In them, it is possible to sell everything, such as health supplements, photographic equipment, watches and more.

A great benefit of this alternative is the fact that you are not responsible for anything besides the support of your store. The delivery. logistics and everything else is the responsibility of the producer!


Best sites to create your store

The first of the best options for creating an online store and making extra income on the internet is Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, with more than 800 thousand stores already created and more than 100 million dollars in sales.

Through it, you can customize your store as you wish, with several shopping cart and checkout features, management panel, an excellent hosting service and an app to manage the store! To see more about Shopify, follow the link.

WooCommerce is a virtual store platform created by WordPress. Precisely because it is his, it has a huge amount of interactions and extensions, which can be easily added to your store.

It is also possible to personalize your page in depth, with several themes and a very complete administrative panel. To learn more about WooCommerce, go to the website!

Another of our website recommendations for creating your online store is the CloudShop, a Brazilian platform through which you can customize your page from more than 40 professional templates. All have categories, search engines with filters, related products and much more.

It also has good logistics and goods delivery solutions, marketing tools and an excellent application where you can control everything from your smartphone.

It is also possible to create virtual stores through the largest social networks, Facebook and Instagram. Through them, you will have a huge reach with ease. Follow the links where we teach you how to make money on Facebook and Instagram.

So, what did you think of our guide on how to make extra income on the internet?

We hope that we have cleared your doubts and helped you fill that hole in the income. Using any of the methods we have listed, it is likely that you will achieve something and, if nothing goes right, also check out how to make money by clicking on ads.

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