Family quarantine? 20 movies to watch

During the current quarantine period, it can be difficult to think of ways to pass the time. Getting sites to watch movies and series can be a good option for those who are bored. This is especially true for those who are quarantined as a family and want something that pleases everyone.

To help you with this, we have separated some of the best films to see in the family quarantine. There are several works from different genres, so there is something for every type of taste. Movies can also be found in various apps for watching movies and series, including Netflix. Check out the entire list below!

1. Big Fish

family quarantine best movies

To start our list of films to watch during the family quarantine, we have Peixe Grande. Despite the name, the feature film does not have much to do with fishing.

In fact, this film directed by Tim Burton focuses on a father-son relationship, which has always been a bit distant. He is almost told from super exaggerated stories that the father told his son and his friends about his life.

It is only in the final days of the father's life that his son realizes the importance and real meaning of these stories. Really a very beautiful film and to watch in any situation.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Speaking of beautiful films, you cannot fail to recommend Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Although not exactly a romance, the story is focused especially on a couple.

After separating, the woman does a procedure to erase all memories of the ex. When he finds out, he does the same, but regrets it as he relives those memories during the procedure.

Since his body is asleep, he has no way of stopping the process, so he tries to escape into his own mind with the memory of his ex-girlfriend. It may seem confusing, but we guarantee it is one of the best films on the list.

3. How to lose a man in 10 days

Our next suggestion already goes to a more comical side. This film accompanies an advertiser and a journalist who need to get into a fast relationship to achieve something in their careers.

He needs to make a woman fall in love in 10 days to prove he understands women and get a new account at his agency. The girl needs to do her best to win over and irritate a man in the same period to write a specific article and have more freedom in the magazine for which she works.

Of course, without knowing it, the two do it with each other, something that makes their goal very difficult to achieve.

4. Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide is a fun French film. We accompanied a dinner of three couples and a single man who have known each other and are friends for many years.

Since many of them keep checking their cell phones all the time, it is suggested that they leave their phones on the table. If you receive any calls or messages, you must answer on speakerphone or read everything aloud.

This only creates more problems for those who have something to hide. Something that ends in fights and secrets being discovered throughout the night.

5. Fyre Festival: Fiasco in the Caribbean

For those who have never heard of it, the Fyre Festival promised to be one of the most anticipated and expensive music festivals in the world. It was supposed to be a party full of luxury, famous people and well-known artists.

Only when the first people arrived, there were only a few trailers available. No DJ, luxury, stage, guests or anything like that.

This documentary shows exactly how it happened and how it was possible to deceive so many people so easily. A very interesting film to see as a family.

6. Click

We know that not everyone likes the actor Adam Sandler, but Click is one of those films that can be fun regardless. The plot shows a man who gets a remote control that controls his life and the people around him.

He can go back to the past, pause time at any time and advance boring moments, for example. Of course, after abusing this power, he sees control more as something negative than positive.

7. Severity

Gravity is already an option for those who want to see more dramatic films in the family quarantine. In it, we accompany an engineer and an astronaut on a space mission together. Everything is going well until they are hit by space debris at high speed.

The consequences of the impact leave them without communication with Earth and they need to find a way to get home. The film can be very tense, but it is also very good.

8. The Host

The Host is a good option for those who like the famous Parasita (which won the Oscar for best film recently). The South Korean film was originally released in 2006 and was also directed by Bong Joon-ho.

He is about a monster that kidnapped a man's daughter, and follows his attempts to rescue her. You can't reveal much more without counting some spoilers, so it's worth saying that it's a great movie and worth checking out.

9. Mega romantic

Although there are great romantic comedy films, we know that several of them have the same clichés. This is exactly what Megarrromântico jokes about, it already spends most of the time being a parody of these stereotypes.

It shows an architect who does not believe in romance and who hates romantic comedies. After hitting his head he sees his life transform into a film of this genre.

She needs to do her best to get back to her reality, but that's when she ends up discovering her feelings for an old friend.

10. Bandersnatch

movies to quarantine in bandersnatch family

For those who want something more interactive to do in the family quarantine, we recommend Bandersnatch. The plot unfolds according to the viewer's own choices, since you have several options of what can happen next.

For that reason, we will not reveal much of the story. It is enough to know that it all starts with a programmer who begins to question his reality when he begins to adapt the book of a crazy writer in the form of a video game.

11. One more chance

Another Chance mixes a little drama and comedy. The production tells the story of a couple who is over 40, but who is still trying different methods to have children.

Things in the couple's life change positively when their niece is going to spend a season at their home. Despite having a very simple plot, the film is very interesting, charming and worth checking out.

12. The Avengers

If you like superhero videos, there's no reason to miss the first Avengers movie. He's not exactly the first one you should watch if you want to follow the entire Marvel heroes saga, but it is indispensable.

It shows the heroes available at the time joining for the first time as the group known as the "Avengers". Something really cool to do with the family in quarantine.

13. Constantine

Another good bet for those who like comics is Constantine, despite not being anything conventional. The film is based on the comic books of the same name and shows exorcist John Constantine helping a detective to unravel the death of her twin sister.

What many believe to be suicide appears to have paranormal situations involved. What the two don't expect is to find a much bigger situation involving demons, angels and the Earth.

14. Hacked Privacy

If you like watching movies that show you something that really affects your life, this can be a good documentary to check out. The book shows how much of your information is available on the internet and how it can be used.

It is a good choice if you want to see an interesting documentary and know how dangerous social networks can be. Besides, it's great to see documentaries that are not just in the format of Netflix series as well.

15. El Camino

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, the film El Camino is a must. He tells what happened to Jesse Pinkman after the final events of the famous series, which obviously takes some of the mystery out of his last episode.

The film itself is very still and dragged, so it follows the rhythm of the rhythm well. Even so, it shouldn't be a big problem for anyone who has accompanied her for five seasons.

16. Back to the Future

Our next nomination may seem a little strange, after all almost everyone has seen Back to the Future. But we have to agree that even if you have already seen it, it is a great movie to see with your family during the Coronavirus quarantine.

For those who haven't seen it yet, it shows the protagonist and a scientist making trips to the future. First to save a life, then the relationship that would give rise to the main character.

17. Bird Box

Bird Box is one of those films that you know well without having watched. It was so successful when it launched on Netflix that it ended up generating viral challenges that became quite dangerous even in 2018.

His plot focuses on a mother taking her two children on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world, in which a mysterious presence drives people to suicide. To prevent this from happening, the whole trip needs to be done with everyone blindfolded.

If you are looking for a suspense to see with your family, this can be an interesting option.

18. Rome

Since we're talking about Netflix movies, you can't miss mentioning Rome. This was the first film from the streaming service to receive several awards, including the Oscar.

It is in black and white follows the story of a Mexican family in the 1970s. They go on vacation to try to overcome the abandonment of the husband and father, who ran away with his lover.

Although it seems very simple, this drama is very interesting, has an excellent script, very convincing performances and beautiful cinematography.

19. La La Land

If you like musical films, La La Land is one of the best recent recommendations. It is a lot of fun, it does not have so many musical moments and it is a great bet to see in the family quarantine.

The film also won several awards and has a really incredible soundtrack. It is very difficult not to fall in love with the film.

20. Moonlight

To end our list of films to watch in the family quarantine, we recommend Moonlight. It was based on an autobiographical play never published and focuses on the main character's childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

In this way, he explores the difficulties in facing his sexuality and identity. As a result, he also deals with the physical and emotional abuse he experienced while growing up.

Did you like the movies to watch in the family quarantine?

Did you take advantage of our list to see some of the best movies to watch if you are in quarantine with your family? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips.

Also take a look at other ways to consume cultural content during the quarantine caused by Coronavirus.

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