Find out how Instagram Polls benefit your profile

Instagram polls are one of the best Instagram news that has appeared in recent years. Excellent for generating engagement, they require very little effort to respond.

This makes the task of generating engagement with your followers on Instagram much easier. Although limited to Stories, it has several advantages.

Excellent source of posts for Instagram, by understanding polls you are better able to keep your profile active and with an increasing number of followers. In addition to keeping in mind of those who use the social network frequently.

To help you better understand what Instagram polls can do for your profile, see our brief summary of the tool below. Next, we'll show you in an objective way how this type of post can help you boost your profile.

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What are Instagram Polls?

Polls were the first Instagram stickers that allowed interaction. Before that, the stickers only served to illustrate your Stories.

Creating the sticker is very simple, as we already showed in our guide to create polls. Just create content in Stories and access the sticker part on the edit screen. Then just choose Polls or the option with an emoji in a slider bar. The second is also a type of poll, although it works differently.

After publishing, just let your followers on Instagram click on one of the options (or slide the bar in the case of the sliding poll). After some followers choose options, you can access the results on the Stories analytics screen. The same that shows how many people viewed or interacted with your content.

examples of instagram polls

There, you'll see how many people voted for each option, who those followers were and a preview of the vote, with their due percentages. It sounds like fun, right?

Fortunately, Instagram polls are not just fun. To show you in a more practical way, here are some of the ways they can help your profile gain followers on Instagram!

What can Instagram Polls do?

While it appears to be just a fun feature, there are several benefits that these simple questions can have on your business. To help you better understand how they can be useful, we've separated four of the main advantages of using Instagram polls.

1. Increase your engagement

The first and obvious benefit is increased engagement. Because they are extremely easy to participate, your followers are more likely to see what you are asking and leave your opinion.

It is worth noting, of course, that there is no point in asking any question. Your posts must make sense within the theme and proposal that your profile presents. That is, there is no point in creating a poll on fishing boats if your profile is about multiplayer games, for example.

See in the example below how the financial influencer Nathalia Arcuri uses her Stories to generate engagement by testing the knowledge of her followers.

poll by influencer nathalia arcuri on instagram

2. It allows to know the opinion of its followers on a certain subject

Want to know how your followers think about a certain topic within the topic that your profile addresses? Instagram polls are the best ways to get them to respond.

Especially if used in conjunction with the question sticker on Instagram Stories. You can start by asking an open-ended question, in which your followers can answer anything.

Then, you can take the two most frequent answers and create a poll with just them. At the end of the poll, you will know the opinion of the majority of your audience regarding anything you ask.

3. Allows you to do market research with your audience

Exactly what you read: Instagram polls can serve perfectly as market research. As Stories appear only to those who follow you, it works as a targeted search.

That is, it is ideal to understand how the public that already knows you thinks. In doing so, you will be able to get a better sense of what problems they have or what goals they usually aim for. The @construaseupalco profile, for example, used a poll to assess how your audience feels when creating content.

profile stories builtupupalco doing poll to research your own audience

Although it seems like an innocent question, it is possible that the profile is evaluating new types of content or products. Still, did you see how easy it is to use this tool for something as important as market research? You can do the same!

4. Enables you to see how the public responds to a new product

Have a new product in mind and want to see how your audience responds to it? Why not make one teaser, that is, a small provocation using Instagram polls?

Just create a post showing a part of your product, creating a poll asking what you think of it. This sample can be a photo, a short video or even a text description, followed by the survey.

Want to know how to manage your Instagram for business?

Instagram polls can be great allies to your business. But just like any aspect of a company, it needs good strategy and excellent management.

The strategic part requires a lot of study and experimentation, but there is no lack of tools that will help you in the management part. Among them, Bume is one of the most outstanding.

Allowing to schedule publications in the feed, Stories and IGTV, it also has reports on the performance of your profile and posts. In addition, it is the only tool that allows you to manage your Instagram Stories best friends list.

If you have a business that depends on content and uses that list as a way to offer paid and exclusive content, then Bume was made for you. Best of all, you can try it for FREE for 5 days.

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