Free drawing apps: the top 15 for Android

There is no doubt that digital designs are increasingly accessible, especially with tablets. There are a number of free drawing apps that you can try to make your art in the most diverse ways.

Although the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are the fruit of many people's desire, Android tablets are getting better and more cost-effective. Thinking about it, we separated some of the best free drawing apps for Android today. Check out our tips below!

1. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

free drawing apps tips

There are dozens of Adobe applications and software that are perfect for anyone who loves to draw. On Androd tablets, one of the most popular and complete is Photoshop Sketch.

It already has the advantage of having a great interface for tablets and smartphones, after all, it is not very polluted. It is also possible to do many actions just with gestures on the touch screen, which means that you don't have to open interface options all the time.

Of course, he also has many types of brushes and other tools to make his drawings impeccable. It can be downloaded and used for free, but there are more features if you are willing to pay.

To learn more, visit the link.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Taking advantage of the subject of Adobe apps, we will also suggest Illustrator Draw. If the name sounds familiar, it is because there is a very famous design software for computers called Adobe Illustrator only.

You can tell that this is your mobile version and more focused on drawings. It can be a great indication for those who already use the program on the PC and want to have this option on the tablet or smartphone.

It has very advanced features and can be a little difficult to learn at first. Still, it is one of the free drawing apps that is most worth knowing.

Check out more by accessing the link.

3. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is another drawing software well known to professionals who draw on the PC. Fortunately, he also received a mobile version for Android recently.

Even in a short time, it was established that this is one of the best apps to draw on Android. It is one of the most complete and advanced, which can be bad only if you are not used to the most polluted interface of these apps.

It can be downloaded for free today, but it is good to take advantage of it because it will soon have a fixed price. If you liked it, you can check out more by accessing the link.

4. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is also well known and respected for its advanced features. The difference is that the mobile app for Android has already earned this reputation alone over the years.

It used to be paid, but now it's one of the best free drawing apps you can find. Just make an account quickly and it can be used completely free of charge on your tablet or smartphone.

Like some others, it has a very simple and easy to understand interface. But behind it, it also brings very advanced tools and full of customization options.

To learn more, you can check out the link below.

5. MediBang Paint

use medibang on android

Our next suggestion is MediBang Paint, which is another piece of software that gained fame on the PC and only later had a mobile version. is another PC software that ended up receiving a mobile version recently.

It is often highly recommended as one of the best sites and apps to design. The mobile version does not have a super easy to understand interface and ends up following the standard of the original software.

Still, the app has been greatly improved and is constantly being updated. It has many brushes and resources to help you make the drawings more beautiful and interesting.

To learn more, check out the link.

6. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a very curious app, since it started very simple and has been improving a lot recently. It is currently considered one of the best drawing apps you can use on Android tablets.

Many consider it as one of the best alternatives of Procreate on Android. It has many brushes, tools and super useful resources to make your drawings even better.

If you want to check out more, you can download the app for free by accessing the link.

7. ArtRage

ArtRage is another good option among the free drawing apps you can try. It is a good alternative especially if you are looking for an application that works on a variety of devices, including tablets and computers.

It can be downloaded completely free of charge and has excellent tools and brushes for your drawings. If you want to learn more about what the app has to offer, you can check out the link.

8. Tayasui Sketches

A super interesting app for designers is Tayasui Sketches. It is available for virtually all devices, including Mac, iPhone and Android, so there is no shortage of options for you to try it out.

Its interface is very clean and offers plenty of space for your drawings. Other than that, the brushes and effects are very realistic, much more than what we find in some paid apps including.

To learn more about the app, check out the link below.

9. Ibis Paint X

To continue our list, we have Ibis Paint X to recommend you. It is also considered one of the best alternatives to iOS apps for Android users.

In addition to the normal drawing features, it also allows you to record the screen while drawing. This allows you to have the entire design process being created to share with your friends or on social networks.

Other than that, it is worth mentioning that it has 142 brushes, 37 filters and more than 700 fonts for you to use as you wish. Check out more at the link below.

10. Concepts

free design apps concepts

Another good option among free design apps is Concepts. It is a little different from the rest, as it is mostly used by professionals and even architects.

But fortunately it can also be used by those who have drawing as a major hobby. It has many interesting tools, especially if you want to make more minimalist sketches.

If you are interested, you can check the link below.

11. Artflow

Artflow is another of the most loved Android apps for anyone who wants to draw. It is very complete and does not lose anything for the apps available on the iPad.

It has a very simple interface to understand and with all the tools easily available. It has many brushes ready, but it also allows you to create your own.

To check out more about Artflow, visit the link.

12. PaperDraw

PaperDraw is a very interesting app that does everything possible to recreate very realistic results. It has several types of brushes and other resources that can make your drawing very detailed.

It is also possible to import photos and other drawings to use as a reference or to draw on top. For those who are still learning, this can be very useful in training.

If you want to know more, check out the link.

13. Dotpict

Dotpict is another suggestion among the free drawing apps that you can try out. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to make pixel art on an Android device.

You can do everything manually using the tools provided or with the help of a grid to get a better sense of the drawing. The app is obviously free, but you can make in-app purchases for more features.

You can download the app by accessing the link.

14. InspirARTion

InspiARTion is one of the least known free drawing apps on our list. But that does not mean that it is of lower quality or that it does not offer features as advanced as the others.

It has many tools and many brushes so you can draw in the styles you find most interesting. You can also import existing images or drawings already made for reference.

To learn more, you can check out the link.

15. Krita

use krita on android

To close our list of free drawing apps for Android, let's suggest Krita. This is a software well known to anyone who uses drawing tools on the computer.

It is completely free and recently won a version for Android devices. It is worth mentioning that it still has an interface very similar to the PC version, which can be strange for those who are used to mobile apps.

Anyway, it's super complete and advanced, so it's worth checking out. You can download the app at the following link.

Did you like the free drawing apps?

Did you take advantage of our list to discover the best drawing apps for phones and tablets? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips.

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