Gestational calculator: 10 apps to track pregnancy

There are many pregnancy apps that you can use during your pregnancy, whether to monitor your baby's development or even to look for valuable tips. But what many women look for are apps with some kind of gestational calculator.

With this type of calculator, you will be able to know exactly what is happening each week with your baby and your body. All important changes can be followed live and you can even make notes of what you noticed differently during this period. If you are curious to know which are the best apps with gestational calculator, see the suggestions below!

1. My Pregnancy

how to use a gestational calculator

Our first suggestion is “Minha Gravidez”, which is a very good Brazilian app. It is super complete and offers several other features in addition to a gestational calculator.

The app provides various information about your pregnancy and everything that is happening to the baby. Updates are weekly and you don't even have to start the app as soon as you get pregnant to keep track of the progress right.

The cool thing is that it gives a sense of when the child will be born, since there will be an estimate according to the weeks. Finally, it is worth mentioning that he has a tool to search for names.

So you get access to several baby names if you are in doubt. If you like the concept, you can download the app by accessing the following link.

2. Pregnancy Tracker

Now if you have an iPhone or iPad and want an app exclusive to your device, we can recommend the Pregnancy Tracker. It can be used for you to track your entire pregnancy.

Even so, it provides several information and tips on the development of pregnancy and the fetus each week. There is also data on all the changes that happen to your own body, something very important to be aware of.

The only downside is that it is only available in English, but this can be an opportunity for those learning the language. If you are interested, you can download the app by accessing the link.

3. Flo

You can tell that Flo is a relatively popular application and can provide you with a very cool gestational calculator. The most interesting thing is that this is an app that you can use even before the pregnancy itself.

After all, it has resources to help you know when you are fertile and which days it is worth trying to get pregnant. But of course, when you're pregnant, there are many other interesting tools.

There is a countdown timer for pregnancy and a forecast of the day of delivery. In addition, there are the expected tips and articles with information on what is happening to your body and baby every week.

The best part is that the app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

4. Pregnancy • Sprout

Another good suggestion is Pregnancy • Sprout, an excellent application that you should at least try. This is one of the best options for those who want to monitor their own pregnancy.

Among so many resources, he has a gestational calculator and a countdown timer for childbirth. But it is clear that he still offers a lot of information about his pregnancy and all the changes happening.

In this sense, he is one of the most complete, since he can show you the weight, size and even the kicks that the baby gives during pregnancy. Other than that, you can use it to make notes about your doctor's appointments.

If you found the app interesting, you can download it on your Android or iPhone.

5. Pregnancy +

gestation apps

Pregnancy + is another excellent alternative for those looking for a complete tool to use in pregnancy. Like so many others on our list, it helps you with information and tips throughout your pregnancy weeks.

This includes the baby's development and changes with his body. The cool thing is that the app still shows pictures of how the fetus looks each week, which is great for you to know exactly how it looks and what is changing in a more concrete way.

There is also a countdown timer for delivery and a weekly report with everything you need to know. Another cool aspect is that you can add items to a wish list of what you need for the baby.

This can be very useful when organizing your baby shower, as you can share the list on social networks. If you liked it, you can learn more about the app on your Android or iPhone.

6. My pregnancy and baby today

Our next suggestion among pregnancy apps is the well-known “My pregnancy and my baby today”. It is one of the most popular and well rated in the category among Android and iPhone users.

Of all its resources, you can focus on the delivery forecast and the tips according to the week of pregnancy. Other than that, there is still a contraction counter, something extremely useful towards the end of pregnancy.

Another cool thing is that the app still has tips on the care you should take in the first weeks after birth. If you are interested, you can download the app on Google Play or App Store.

7. My Pregnancy

The My Pregnancy app is another interesting bet for those looking for a gestational calculator, but want other resources too. It shows all the baby's development, with weekly updates based on your gestation period.

Other than that, he also has several tips for each week and important information about the changes in his body. There is also a to-do list of what you can do each quarter.

Of course, there is also a calculator telling you how much time is left for the baby to be born and which predicts a date based on your specific situation. To learn more, visit the link.

8. My Pregnancy Week by Week

As the name of the app already indicates, it serves to show you more information, tips and articles about your pregnancy each week. They say what changes, how the baby is developing and what practices you can adopt in your daily life.

You can follow these weekly changes in real time or even take a look at what the next few weeks will look like in advance. Of course, they also tell you the date of delivery and how many days are left until it happens.

It is also worth mentioning that the app talks about prenatal care and food that you must take to stay healthy. If you liked it, you can find out more by accessing the link.

9. GCalc: Gestational Calculator

If we are talking about gestational calculators, nothing better than offering an application called GCalc: Gestational Calculator on our list. It is only worth mentioning that the app was initially developed with health professionals and students in mind.

For that reason, it may not be the easiest app to use for those who have never seen anything like it. Still, you can ask for help to the health professional who is monitoring your pregnancy to use the app without problems.

You can calculate the probable date of delivery and gestational age by means of the last menstrual period or by ultrasound. Other than that, you can post other observations and follow the weight too.

If you want to try this app, visit the link.

10. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

To close our list of these great gestation apps with a gestational calculator, we have the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker. The application itself is very popular in itself, but it is also extremely useful.

It has everything we mentioned in previous apps, especially to monitor the development of the fetus and the changes in its body. Its difference is that you can write everything down and personalize your experience.

Basically, you write down your doctor's appointments, what you noticed differently, when the baby started kicking, etc. Other than that, you will have a countdown timer to know a forecast of the date of delivery.

The app is only available in English, but as we mentioned before, this can be good for those who are studying the English language.

If you found it interesting, you can download the app on Android or iPhone.

Did you like the gestational calculator options?

Did you take advantage of our app suggestions to find the perfect gestational calculator? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our tips and which app caught your attention.

If you already have a baby and are going for another pregnancy, it is good to keep an eye on what the little ones are consuming online. So don't leave this article without checking out our suggestions for parental control apps.

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