Google Nest Mini vs HomePod: Everything you need to know

Smart speakers, with wizards like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, are a fairly recent technology, having emerged in 2014 with Amazon Echo. Nowadays, they have become very popular, being possible to find them to buy in all major stores and also in many people's homes.

If you're looking to get a smart speaker device for your home, this article is for you, as we compare the Google Nest Mini vs Apple HomePod, two absolutely great handsets. If you are interested in Amazon, we have reviews of the three sold here, Amazon Echo, Echo Show 5 and Echo Dot.

1. Design and Construction

Let's start this section of the Google Nest Mini vs HomePod review by talking about Google's little one, who is the first (and only company) to market on our land.

It is covered in a very beautiful fabric, offered in two colors: chalk and charcoal which are essentially light and dark gray. It has only one input, the one for the charger, which unfortunately is no longer micro USB. Other than that, underneath it also has a button to mute the microphone by dragging it to the side.

Nest Mini vs HomePod Design

But Apple's product is much larger than the competitor's and uses the same fabric, offered in white and space gray. It has no inputs as its charger cable is built into the device. As for buttons, it has only tactile on its upper display. When playing music, for example, you can control the volume there.

2. Sound Quality

This is a very important area of ​​the Google Nest Mini vs HomePod review, as many users like to use their smart speakers to listen to their favorite music. And in this area, we have a clear winner: HomePod. Your audio is one of the best on any device of its kind.

It has a total of 7 tweeters and a woofer, all facing up or side to avoid reflection of the sound on the surface of the HomePod. The combination of these devices all results in extreme fidelity audio at all frequencies, from the lowest to the highest.

Nest Mini vs HomePod Sound Quality

Nest Mini has a much lower audio, but much higher than Home Mini and works perfectly for the assistant and even if you want to hear a song quickly, without thinking much about it, but in podcasts the voices sound muffled.

3. Wizards and Features

In this section of the Google Nest Mini vs HomePod comparison we will look at what they are capable of, comparing each other, and evaluating each other's assistants, Google Assistant and Siri.

Both products, thanks to their assistants, allow the user to listen to music across many different platforms. Nest Mini supports a wide range of services such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music, among many others, but is unable to play through Apple Music.

Wizards Nest Mini vs HomePod

However, the user can simply stream their music via bluetooth, essentially turning their smart speaker into a simple wireless speaker.

HomePod has native support for Apple Music only, which can be considered a very strong downside, however much it can be circumvented when using AirPlay to play all other services.

Both support the so-called smart home, which basically means that they can control various smart devices in their home such as lamps, thermostat, and many others. Nest Mini also has native Chromecast support.

To end this part of the Google Nest Mini vs HomePod comparison, let's look at its capabilities for making voice calls and sending text messages.

In this area, we have a clear winner, with Apple's device coming out ahead, as it can both make phone calls and send text messages, while the competitor can only make phone calls.


We have here two vastly different products with a similar central function only: to make life easier for your user. It does this by helping you do many basic tasks, such as controlling your schedule, answering phone calls, taking notes, or controlling other smart devices you have.

In this comparison, HomePod beats Nest Mini in all areas except being less portable. So for those who want better audio or an assistant who is better prepared to perform the service, HomePod is the right choice. Now if you need to save money or need something more compact, go with the Google product.


So what do you think about our comparison between Google Nest Mini vs HomePod?

We hope you have taken advantage of our article, where we compare the smart speakers of two of today's largest technology companies. Leave your comments and your preference between these two options or if you prefer any of the Amazon devices.

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