Google Play Pass vs Apple Arcade: which is better?

As we well know, subscription services that give you access to a large catalog of content are quite common today. As expected, it did not take long for this type of service to reach the virtual stores of applications and mobile games. Nowadays, you have an interesting battle between Google Play Pass vs Apple Arcade.

These are the main subscription services that give you access to paid apps and games on your phone. All without ads and with the features you would have in the premium version of the apps in question. Pretty interesting isn't it? But between Google Play Pass vs. Apple Arcade, you may be wondering which one is right for your use.

You may even be wondering what type of smartphone to buy based on what subscription services offer! For this reason, we have separated some of its main features and available resources and compared them below. You can check all this and more in the list below!

1. Where it is available

Well, one of the most important factors of such a service is knowing its availability. After all, it is no use falling in love with one of the services and only then discovering that it is not available in your region.

This was initially the case with Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade, but that has already changed. Both services were launched in the U.S. and selected countries in 2019, but are now available in Brazil at the moment.

This means that you shouldn't have any problems using either one here. Subscription prices have also been found, so you don't need to pay anything in dollars, but we'll see that later.

2. Device support

In addition to availability, you may want to know if your device is compatible with the service. As you can imagine, there are some restrictions depending on your device's operating system.

The Google Play Pass is only for those who have an Android smartphone or tablet, while the Apple Arcade is only for Apple devices with iOS. Other than that, the Apple service only works on the following devices:

  • Any iPhone released after iPhone SE
  • All iPad Pro models
  • iPad 5th and 6th generation
  • iPad Mini 4th and 5th generation
  • iPad Air 2nd and 3rd generation
  • iPod Touch 7th generation
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Any Mac released after 2012

The same does not apply to the Google Play Pass, as it only has two requirements:

  • A device with an Android version above 4.4
  • Play Store app on version 16.6.25 or higher

It is certainly something to consider when subscribing to the service, as it depends on where you want to use it. If you have an Apple tablet and an Android smartphone, for example, you may know that you only want to use the service on your cell phone. In this case, the Google Play Pass is the correct decision.

3. App and game catalog

It is easy to say that the catalog of content offered by subscription services is usually the most important aspect for anyone who is interested. In the case between Google Play Pass vs Apple Arcade, this can really mark your decision.

We say this because while the Google Play Pass offers applications and games, the Apple Arcade only has games for iPhone and iPad. While it may be interesting if you really only want mobile games, you can't say that the Google Play offer is no longer interesting.

After all, you have access to hundreds of apps in their premium form and offline games for Android. Other than that, the quantity of the catalog is also quite different.

Apple Arcade has 140 games available and the Google Play Pass has 650 apps and games in its library. Remembering that many Apple Arcade games are also on Google Play Pass.

Whatever you choose, if you like recording mobile games, both services are great!

4. Subscription price

Now that we know more about the catalog of each service, it remains to talk about the price. Incredibly, both have exactly the same subscription price: it's R $ 9.99 per month.

The story only changes for those planning a long-term subscription. While Apple offers a $ 99 annual plan, Google lets you subscribe for just $ 89 an year.

Fortunately, you have a free trial period on both services. In Apple Arcade, you get one month free, while the Google Play Pass varies between one and two months free depending on the customer.

5. Who can take advantage

Knowing the library and the price of each service, how about we talk about who can take advantage when the subscription is made. Fortunately, the person who signed up does not need to use the service alone.

That's because the two services can be used on up to ten different devices that are connected to the same account. This is great for those who have smartphones, tablets and even PCs compatible with the service.

But otherwise, up to six people who are part of family sharing plans from Apple and Google can take advantage of these services. Thus, it is much easier to share your Google Pass or Apple Arcade with family or friends who are part of your plan.

6. Supported controls

Although Google Play Pass apps can be used in the normal way, the same cannot be said for all games. Some of them just work best when you connect a controller to your device.

Fortunately, in the fight between Google Play Pass vs Apple Arcade, this is a feature present in both. You can connect several controls that have the Bluetooth option.

On Android devices, you can use the following controls: the Razer Raiju Mobile Controller, Samsung GamePad Controller and the normal Xbox One S controller – the control of the Fat version, the first on the console, is not compatible because it does not have Bluetooth. With the Apple Arcade, you can use controls made for iOS, the Xbox One S controller and the DualShock 4 on the PlayStation 4.

7. Google Play Pass vs Apple Arcade: which is better?

google play pass vs apple arcade guide

After learning all about Google Play Pass vs Apple Arcade, you may still be in doubt about the best. Well, from our point of view, it is possible to make some considerations.

The Google Play Pass is perfect for anyone who wants a service that can be used on a variety of devices, for those who have Android devices, for those who want something cheaper (on an annual basis) and for those who want normal apps in addition to games.

The Apple Arcade is for those who have Apple devices and want only a service focused on mobile games. As you can see, Apple's service is actually more limited, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its own audience.

Did you like the comparison?

Did you take advantage of this comparison of the two services to know what you prefer between Google Play Pass vs Apple Arcade? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the services and which one looks best for your use.

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