HBO Go: how to watch on Samsung Smart TV?

HBO Go is one of the best streaming services available in Brazil. It competes directly with giants like Disney + and the Netflix series. Therefore, it is also available for several brands of smart TV, mainly those of Samsung.

If you're still integrating into this new world of Smart TV, you may be having a hard time watching HBO Go. So that you can watch some of the most award-winning fantasy series like Game of Thrones and Westworld, we've made a comprehensive guide teaching you how install the app, start the free trial of the service and browse the catalog.

Check it out below!

How to install HBO Go on Samsung Smart TV?

Before starting, it is worth mentioning that Samsung's recent smart TVs use Tizen's own operating system. This tutorial was made on the 2020 TU8000 model, but it is similar to editions released in some previous years.

That is, there should not be much difference between the steps to watch HBO Go on your television, even if it is not the same model used to create the article. To get started, turn on your smart TV and go to the tab Apps.

main smart tv screen with red arrows pointing to the Apps button

Then search for the HBO Go app. When you find it, click Download. Wait for the installation to finish and, in the same window, click Open to access HBO Go for the first time.

hbo go application screen with red arrows pointing to the Open button

How to start the free trial of HBO Go on Smart TV?

An advantage of this app for watching movies and TV shows is that you have 7 days free to try the catalog. Still, it is necessary to subscribe to take advantage of this period, canceling it if you choose not to continue as a subscriber.

In addition, another warning: it is not possible to subscribe to the service directly via your smart TV. You can become a subscriber and enjoy the free period by creating your registration on your computer using the Android or iPhone application only.

After downloading the smartphone app, open it and tap on Start your free trial.

hbo go app screen with red arrows pointing to the start your free trial button

Then, create a username, indicate which email will be associated with the account and create a password. Check the box if you agree with the terms of the streaming service and tap Submit to continue your registration.

white background screen with registration form highlighted by a red border box. Red arrows point to the Submit button, which must be touched after filling out the registration

Then choose one of the subscription options: quarterly or monthly. Regardless of your choice, you will have access to the free seven-day trial.

white background screen with the words 1 month highlighted. Below, written in black

Okay, after taking this step you can already enjoy the HBO Go catalog. But how to access it using your Samsung smart TV?

See below in this step by step teaching you how to browse the app catalog to see movies and series!

How to browse the catalog?

To access your newly created HBO Go account, return to your Samsung smart TV, but keep your smartphone in hand. Open the app on the television and select Log in with your HBO Go account.

hbo go home screen on tv, with red arrows pointing to the Login button with your HBO Go account

Enter your login information and you will be connected to your HBO Go account using your Samsung smart TV. At first, you can already choose some of the highlights and recommendations of series that the service shows on its home page.

service home screen, showing featured programs

If you are looking for something more specific, like war series, you should tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

service home screen, with red arrows pointing to magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen

Then just type in the name (or a word) of the series to see if it is available.

hbo go search screen, with the name

Finally, just touch the left button on your remote control to open a menu, from which you can choose a specific category to explore on HBO Go.

hbo go home screen with left side menu open and highlighted by arrow and red border box

What did you think of the streaming service?

Now that you know how to sign up for the free trial and explore the service catalog, tell us: how do you like it? Did you find some spy series for fun? Which series will you start watching? Comment with us!

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