HBO Go on TV: how to watch on LG Smart TV?

Do not doubt that HBO Go is an excellent streaming service, especially for those who like exclusive series and films. The best thing is that in addition to using the service on mobile devices and the PC, it is also possible to use it on your Smart TV. But to use HBO Go on TV, you need the official app for that format.

Fortunately, it is very simple to set up everything and put HBO Go on the TV. To learn how to do this, just check out our guide below!

HBO Go on TV

Using HBO Go on TV is certainly not a difficult task and you can solve everything in just a few steps. For our tutorial, we used an LG Smart TV, but the procedure is very similar on other TVs of this type.

Step 1: to start, turn on your smart TV and press the menu button on your controller.

hbo on tv

Step 2: With the menu open, you need to browse your Smart TV app store. In the case of LG TV, it is the Content Store.

tv store

Click on this store to continue.

Step 3: Next, you should look for the search icon in the TV store. To use HBO Go on TV, you need to install your app first.

hbo go on tv search

Step 4: in the search bar, you must type “HBO Go”. Once you've done that, click "Search" or "Search", depending on your TV model.

search on smart tv

Step 5: done that, you will see the result of HBO Go on TV. Click on the app icon.

hbo go on tv search

Step 6: This will take you to a screen with more information about the app. There will also be an "Install" option, which is where you click.

install hbo on tv

Step 7: wait for the app to install and click "Start" when you're done.

open the hbo go app

Step 8: This will open HBO Go on TV. To follow, just log in to your service account or create a new one right there.

hbo go account

Okay, now just enjoy HBO Go and watch series and movies that interest you most!

How is the HBO Go subscription?

Now that you've learned how to use HBO Go on TV, it's important to talk about your subscription. After all, it is impossible to watch any content without subscribing to one of the plans that the service offers.

Fortunately, this subscription not only gives you access to the catalog, but lets you download content to watch offline. Currently, you can choose one of three subscription types:

  • 1 month: R $ 34.90
  • 3 months: R $ 89.90
  • 12 months: R $ 289.90

Obviously, it is nothing so different from what we find in other services of this type. The good thing is you can try HBO Go for at least 7 days free.

Whether to try the service or just to marathon a series that I was curious to check out. Click on the link to register on the platform.

The HBO Go catalog

Speaking of subscriptions, you can't join one without knowing about the HBO Go catalog. As you can imagine, the library of original series is impressive, considering the amount of content that the channel has produced over the years.

But HBO Go is not only good for those who like to watch series. It is also great for anyone looking to watch war movies, spy movies or even fantasy movies.

Now if you prefer to watch Netflix series or watch anime, perhaps a competing service is more appropriate.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn how to use HBO Go on TV? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our tips and if you managed to use the service on your smart TV.

And be sure to tell us if there are also other apps for watching series and movies that you like to use!

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