Home Office: 10 tips to be productive working at home on coronavirus

If previously working from home as a Home Office was common for only a few professions, now it is almost mandatory for most because of the coronavirus. Even due to the lack of custom, it is quite normal for many people to have problems adjusting and being productive working at home.

So we’ve set out some valuable tips on how you can be more productive working from home and make money in this period. These changes are quite simple, but they make all the difference. You can check everything in detail below!

1. Plan your days

home office hours

First of all, it is very important that you plan your days a little in advance. Just as you would working in an office, keeping in mind what you would work on each day.

This can help you focus instead of looking for tasks to do every day. You can do this with calendar and note-taking apps if you prefer, something that makes everything even easier.

2. List your tasks

With your days better planned, you should also list your tasks for each day. Do not necessarily worry about doing all the tasks listed for each day, as one may end up taking longer than the other.

If so, it is best to simply reschedule the remaining task and reorganize your schedule. This helps you to be more productive and to have realistic goals every day.

3. Take moments of rest

It is impossible to be productive if you just focus on working for hours on end. It is important to take short breaks to rest, eat, hydrate, etc.

This is not only important for staying healthy, but it also helps in the work itself. There are problems and mistakes that many people cannot solve exactly because they are already exhausted.

With a moment's rest, you can clear your head and find solutions you hadn't thought of before. If you work with something more creative, it also helps a lot.

4. Separate professional and personal life

One of the most difficult aspects for those who want to be productive working at home is knowing how to separate their professional and personal lives. Since you are in the place you live, it is easy to mix things up in different ways.

This includes doing housework in the middle of working hours, talking to family members for a long time, etc. Our recommendation is that when you are working, forget that you are at home.

Do not do anything you couldn't do in your office or workplace. Of course, there are always exceptions for more urgent situations, but it is necessary to reinforce this behavior whenever possible.

5. Organize your work environment

how to work at home office

There is no way to be productive working from home if your environment is disorganized. After all, it may even be more difficult to find any file or document you need at an important time.

This goes for your desk, your notes and even the computer you use to work with. Set aside a day to organize everything and try to keep things that way whenever possible.

6. Stay out of social networks

Many people who work at home and do not have a boss or supervisor nearby can fall into the habit of watching their social networks. It is perfectly normal to do this during pauses, even to see if there is an important notification.

But to be productive working from home, we suggest that you avoid this activity when you are focused on a task. This can make you work more slowly and even encourage you to keep looking all day.

7. Set your times

If you are not having to wake up at a specific time to get ready and go out to work, it can be easy to do your tasks at odd times. There is no problem with doing this, but it is still important to establish these times.

Otherwise, you may fall into the danger of working less or more each day without realizing it, being much less productive. Our tip is to set up a stable schedule that changes only when you really need it.

8. Create a routine

Taking the above tip further, we suggest that you really create a routine. Just as if you were working in a normal office, as this can make you more disciplined and motivated.

You don't have to be so rigid, just follow the routine naturally and avoid distractions. When you realize, you will be following your proposed schedules without having to check your schedule.

9. Don't go back to work during leisure hours

Another good tip for being productive working at home is not to return when you are already at leisure. A lot of people like to check their work emails or finish an assignment after hours.

But this does exactly what we recommend avoiding, which is to separate professional and personal life. If you are done with your day and there is no urgent reason to get back to work, then don't do it.

You will only become more tired and possibly stressed when you should be resting to prepare for the next day. Basically, you will not be productive when you really need it.

Of course, a lot of people can do to earn extra income at the end of the month, but outside of those occasions, it is best to avoid it.

10. Use tools and apps

organizing the home office

Our last tip is very simple: use tools and applications that help you to be more productive. There are several apps of this type, whether to organize your schedules, to list your tasks or even to remind you to take breaks.

The important thing is that they can really be beneficial and should be used whenever possible. Of course, it is not mandatory, but it is always good to experiment and see what works for you.

Did you like the tips to be productive working from home?

Did you learn more about how to be productive working at home with our suggestions? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips!

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