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Hostinger: the best environment to host your website

Hostinger: the best environment to host your website

If you are looking for ways to make money online daily on the internet, then creating websites is one of the best alternatives to achieve the goal of online entrepreneurship.

It is perfectly possible to make money on Instagram or with videos on YouTube. Both are valid platforms and if you already have a channel, that’s no reason to leave it alone. On the contrary, the site will be a way to reach a new audience or have an exclusive sales platform, without having to depend on the money from sponsored ads and posts.

On the other hand, these platforms have their own rules. Not only that, but they can change at any time and it can hurt your income.

This does not happen when you have your own website. When creating a website, you are the one who will set the rules and you are not at risk of losing your income due to a new rule that came up suddenly.

Among the various platforms for creating websites, Hostinger is one of the best options. Based in Lithuania, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the European Union and offers its services through its Brazilian subsidiary.

In other words, all platform tools and support are available in Portuguese. So stay with us for the next few paragraphs and learn more about Hostinger!

What is Hostinger?

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Hostinger is one of the ideal platforms to start creating your website, especially if you are a beginner. It offers hosting with a control panel designed for those just starting out, making the process of setting up your website easier. He also brings his own website builder called Zyro, which we will talk about later in the text.

But you have been reading about “hosting” since the beginning of the article and you still don't know exactly how it works? Rest assured, it is very easy to understand.

When we talk about hosting websites, it means that we are going to store it on a server, where it will be kept online so that other people can access it. Think of it as a cloud storage service, but publicly accessible.

Web sites are not available in any kind of vacuum. This makes hosting websites essential to put your pages on the internet.

This is the service that Hostinger offers. The platform takes care of storing your page, being responsible for saving your content and keeping it online 24 hours a day.

Hostinger makes it possible to create different types of websites. See below what types of sites you can create with the platform.

Two points that highlight Hostinger in relation to other hosting services are its cost benefit, with one of the lowest prices available. In addition, its customer service is also one of the most evaluated in portals such as ReclameAqui.

What are the main features of the platform?

With Hostinger, it is possible to create websites of any kind, but some of the plans make it easy to host specific pages, such as WordPress for bloggers. In addition, most plans offer unlimited creation of websites and professional email accounts.

It also offers Cloudfare protection and SSL certification – which indicates that the site is protected and legitimate – free of charge for some of the available plans. It is also possible to integrate it with GitHub, a database where programmers usually send different types of software, including free plugins for websites.

In addition, you do not need to be a designer with web expertise to create your website hosted on Hostinger. The platform itself offers the Zyro builder, which we mentioned earlier. Find out more about him below.

Zyro website builder

One of the biggest challenges for anyone creating a website is its customization. How to use and customize themes, change aesthetic options and even how to position icons, buttons and menus on the site.

In the past, this was a task only for professionals specializing in web development. Currently, you can create websites simply and quickly, without the need to have a whole training behind.

This is the case of Zyro, a website builder integrated with Hostinger. With a variety of template options for any type of business and help your website look the way you envisioned, you will have at your disposal tools to personalize it.

The process should take a few hours and he still has an automatic writer based on artificial intelligence. That is, Zyro even helps you to produce the content of your blog or online store.

See below the main features of Zyro

  • Several templates for all types of business on the internet;
  • Personalization of menus and images inserted on the website pages;
  • AI writer to assist in the production of content;
  • SEO optimization, making it easier for your site to be found in Google searches;
  • Responsive design, adjusting the screen of smartphones, tablets, monitors and notebook screens;
  • Looking for a logo for your online business? Also meet the Zyro Logos Creator;
  • Slogans generator.

Visit the Zyro Website Builder page to learn more!

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Other benefits of the website hosting platform

In addition to the mentioned features and the Zyro builder, check below some benefits available in the plans premium from Hostinger.

  • 99.9% uptime (your site may drop just 0.1% of the time since its publication)
  • Unlimited databases;
  • FTP accounts for sending unlimited files;
  • Weekly backups;
  • Free domain;
  • SSH access;
  • 2x more processing and memory than standard;
  • Sites, email accounts and unlimited bandwidth;
  • DNS and access manager;
  • 30-day warranty;
  • 24 hour support.

Create your website with Hostinger now!

Were you already thinking about creating a website and were you researching Hostinger? Did you like what you read so far?

Then it's time to start your new project on the internet!

Click on the link to learn more about Hostinger and how it can help your online business!

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