Houseparty and how it ends social isolation

A previously unknown application, Houseparty has become one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iPhone after the recent quarantines caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

What makes the app so special in this time of social isolation? The answer is quite obvious: he has become an important ally to help keep in touch with friends and family, at a time when having face-to-face meetings is not possible. That is, Houseparty makes it easy and fun to meet online.

Unlike messaging apps like WhatsApp, you can only make video calls. They can be direct or in groups. In addition, you can play with some games that can be played while chatting through the app.

Want to learn more about the app and how to use it to get friends and family online? Then stay with us for a few more minutes!

Houseparty – what is it?

Launched in 2018, perhaps the app's own developers were unaware of how the coronavirus pandemic, which makes social contact impossible, could leverage it to suddenly download lists.

The purpose of the app is to gather friends and family for a video call in which the purpose is to have fun. The app has no intention of being a corporate meeting app like Zoom, for example.

That is why it is so useful in the fight against social isolation caused by COVID-19. Although nothing substitutes for physical presence, the light and fun aspect of Houseparty comes close to trying to reproduce a home meeting, but with each one in their own home!

Next, we'll show you how to use the app and its main functions.

It is worth mentioning that Houseparty also allows you to play some simple and fun free games. These games are more similar to what we do at meetings between friends – similar to the games we already see on Facebook Messenger – than in the fantastic game universes.

How to use Houseparty

The first step is to download the app on your Android, on your iPhone or download the extension for Chrome and Opera internet browsers, simply by accessing the link.

Next, you need to create your registration. To do this, simply enter your email and full name, then create your username and password.

After creating your registration, you will be invited to import the contacts from your smartphone or your Facebook.

You can also create an invitation link, just tap on Copy Profile Link and paste into your WhatsApp groups. So your friends and family can also download the app to make video calls with you.

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Next, you'll need to give the app authorization to access your smartphone's camera and microphone. If you want to search for other users in your region, you will also need to authorize access to your location.

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After this phase, you will be active in Houseparty! If you don't have any friends in the app yet, click Add Friends to get the link or access your smartphone and Facebook contacts to invite them.

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Swipe down to see yourself in the app. In the icons at the top left and right, you can also add friends to the online meeting. To return to the previous screen, simply swipe back up

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See the screenshot below and then check out what each icon in the bottom bar means:

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1 – Camera: turn the smartphone camera off or on;

2 – Arrows: changes from the front camera to the rear and vice versa;

3 – Padlock: opens or closes the meeting for new guests;

4 – Microphone: turn off or on the microphone of your cell phone;

5 – X: leaves the meeting and closes the application.

Finally, click on the icon in the form of two dice to access the four games available on Houseparty.

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Call your friends to the party at home!

The app is already on a meteoric rise similar to what we saw recently on Tik Tok. So it won't be long before a friend invites you. How about looking the coolest of the group and already inviting your friends who are still playing pranks for WhatsApp for something new.

Invite them and tell us below what you think of Houseparty!

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