How does Google Images work? Learn all about the feature

There is no doubt that Google is the best search engine you can use today. And this is not only true for sites you can find, but for photos through the excellent Google Images. It's just that not everyone who uses this feature knows exactly how it works or what it has to offer.

After all, it can be a lot more complex than you think. There are several search methods and ways to make your search extremely specific. In addition, Google Images had a somewhat unusual creation, you know?

Well, you can check this and more in our complete guide to Google Images below!

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How did it come about?

You may not know it, but it took a few years for Google Images to be implemented in the most used search engine in the world. Before it was created, people couldn't search for any image on Google, so you had to do a normal search and hope to find a website that had the photo you wanted.

That changed in 2000, no less than three years after Google was created. On this occasion, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez participated in the Grammy Awards wearing a very different dress from Versace.

This made several people search for that dress that same day on Google, trying to find images and information about it on websites. Since most people just wanted to see the dress, it gave the idea of ​​creating a way to just search and find photos on Google instead of websites.

In 2001, Google Images was officially implemented, but it was much simpler than what we have today. The cool thing is that even today we see Jennifer Lopez and Google mentioning this unconventional beginning of a feature as useful as this.

How can I search?

Now that we know how Google Images came about, it's worth talking about how it works today. That is, how you can use it to find the image you are looking for.

Well, there are a few different ways you can use it. We will highlight the main ones below:

1. Search for terms

filters to search for images

This is the simplest way to do searches on Google Images, as it works the same way as any search on Google. Just enter the terms that have to do with the photo you are looking for and perform the search.

You don't even need to be on the Google Images page for this, as you just need to select the “images” tab after you have performed the search. This way, Google shows you all the photos related to the terms you entered.

This is great for those looking for generic or very specific images, as you define the terms you are going to use yourself. It is worth mentioning that when you click on the “tools” option below the search bar, you activate some filters.

This way, you can select the size, color, file type, time the photo was posted and even if it has any copyright.

2. Image search

google images tips

One of the coolest things is that you can just drag a photo on Google Images to do your research. This way, you can try to find where that photo came from or find similar photos on the internet.

This is known as reverse lookup, since instead of looking for an image from scratch, you use the image itself to search for more information about it. There are a few ways to do this in addition to dragging a photo into the search field.

On the home page, you can click on the camera icon. When you do this, it gives you the option to upload a photo from your PC or paste the image URL for the search to be carried out.

3. Advanced search

google images advanced search

Another great way to use Google Images is through advanced search. You can find this option by clicking on the "Settings" tab below the Google search field.

In doing so, you have the opportunity to do the most advanced search possible on Google. You choose the terms, expressions or words that are related to the image or even words that are never related to the photo.

Otherwise, choose the size, proportion, colors used in the image, type of image, region of the post, website where it may have been posted, etc. Basically, it is the best type of research you can do if you want something very specific.

Did you like to know more about Google Images?

Did you learn more about Google Images with our guide? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us exactly what you think of the tutorial and this Google feature itself.

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