How does WhatsApp Business work? See how it helps you

If WhatsApp is already one of the best messaging apps that an average user can use today, its Business version is also great for companies. But because it is still somewhat new, it is common for entrepreneurs to ask themselves how WhatsApp Business works.

Fortunately, it is not so complex and really only exists to make life easier for companies and professionals who want this extra form of communication with customers. Therefore, we will explain better how WhatsApp Business works for those who have doubts. Check it out below!

What is WhatsApp Business?

how whatsapp business guide works

First of all, it's good to at least explain what WhatsApp Business is for those who don't know the app that well. Essentially, this is a mere commercial version of the messaging app that we already know.

This version was created because many professionals and companies already used the normal app to chat with customers. The problem is that since the app had no resources to help them, they needed to use external apps to make the experience more efficient.

This included things like creating scheduled messages, giving automatic replies and more. With this demand, the developers decided to make this commercial version to reach an even larger audience.

In addition to having the tools that users were looking for in other apps, WhatsApp Business also brought totally unexpected features. But we will see this in more detail in the topic below.

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How WhatsApp Business works

Knowing more about what the app is, it's time to talk about how WhatsApp Business works. Well, in a simple way, you can say that just make an account for your company, put your logo as a photo, the name of the brand and establish an opening hours.

This way, your customers will know what the profile is about and when they can get in touch. But other than that, you have several resources, as mentioned above.

Key features include the following:

  • Special company profile
  • Opening hours
  • Possibility to create automatic responses
  • Create templates for quick responses
  • Leave scheduled messages for specific situations
  • Put customizable labels on conversations and contacts
  • Create a product catalog
  • Make audio and video calls with employees and customers
  • Establish product delivery location for customers

Pretty interesting, don't you think ?! As you can see, you can manage different aspects of your business using only WhatsApp Business.

This is even more so if you need to work from home to earn money or make your extra income. If that's the case, don't forget to check out our guide on digital banks!

This turns out to be much more valuable than just using the normal app to chat or answer a customer. If you still have doubts, how about knowing the advantages you have when using this app?

Main advantages

whatsapp business is worth using

Having a sense of the amount of features and how WhatsApp Business works, you can still ask yourself what its benefits are. Well, you can say that you have good advantages regardless of being a large, medium, small company or even a self-employed professional.

The most obvious advantage is that you get a direct channel to communicate with your customers. This can strengthen ties and make your customer more satisfied with your company.

But outside of that, you can highlight the following benefits:

  • Productivity and efficiency: With an easy-to-manage inbox and features that allow for quick responses, you can be more efficient when talking to customers and asking questions.
  • Organization: with the help of the app's labels, you can mark which customers received their orders, which ones have a problem, etc. All in one app.
  • Easy-to-view catalog: freelancers and online stores benefit greatly from the catalog feature. With it, you create a beautiful list of your products / services, in addition to mentioning availability and prices.
  • Short link: the app also allows the creation of a very short link so that your customers can contact you through WhatsApp. This makes it a lot easier so you don't have to pass a number every time a customer asks for the contact on the internet.
  • Absent message: in addition to having normal automatic messages, you also have messages for when the profile is absent. Thus, the customer knows that no one can serve him at the moment and does not have to wait for an answer.

Of course, these are just some of the general benefits. Many professionals can take more advantage depending on the area they work for, while others may not be able to use all the resources.

Anyway, it is an app that cannot be missing in a company that wants to maintain this direct contact with its customers.

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Did you like the app?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn more about the app and how WhatsApp Business works? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what your impressions of this version of the application are.

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