How iFood Works: Complete Guide [2020]

Everyone likes food, and ordering food has become easier and easier with the advent of the internet and now food ordering applications. The most famous of these is iFood, and we have created a complete guide to how iFood works, for those who don't know it very well.

If you want to know more about ordering or even want to register your restaurant or deliver food, keep reading our article to see all the details!

1. How does iFood work?

IFood is one of the largest food ordering and delivery platforms through your smartphone, without having to make phone calls. Using the app (or web site, in the best browsers), you can check all the registered restaurants that deliver where you are, all the items they offer and the prices.

Then, just complete the order, having selected everything you want, you will soon receive what you asked for at your doorstep.

Another application from the same company, iFood for Couriers, allows users to register to deliver food with their bike or motorcycle. To do this, simply register by sending photo of the documents, and wait for validation. This allows you to do a standalone job by choosing when to deliver.

2. How iFood for Restaurants Works

An essential thing to know for restaurant owners is the functionality of this platform for them, with information like fees and more. Here, we will detail everything you need to know.

First and foremost, you need to know how iFood works on values ​​and rates so you can consider if it's worth it to you.

The basic plan, iFood Basic, costs $ 100 a month, after three free months, plus a commission of 12% of the total order amount. However, in order for you to enjoy it, you must have your own delivery service.

The advanced plan, iFood Delivery, costs R $ 130.00 monthly, after the same three months free, and charges a 25% for three months and 27% later on each order received. As the name implies, this plan offers deliverers, so you don't need your own service.

Now, see how iFood works to register your establishment. Follow the link to the affiliation page, where you will need to enter information such as the restaurant name, your name, CNPJ, telephone and email, as well as the complete menu registration.

restaurant registration

restaurant registration

When everything is full, click "Submit" to be redirected to a screen detailing the plan for you. If you agree, just click “Continue with this plan” so your order goes to review. Now just wait for the contact of the iFood team.

register restaurant how ifood works

3. How to use iFood for Deliverers

If you have a motorcycle or bike and want some extra earnings, check out how this platform works for you, with details on how to sign up and more.

A great benefit of iFood for its deliverers is a completely free insurance that covers all travel, the entire time you are working on the app, and also covers your commute home. This insurance is up to $ 15,000 for accidents and up to $ 100,000 for permanent disability or death.

Now, let's look at how iFood works when it comes to registering your deliverers. To be able to deliver on this platform, you must have a motorcycle or bicycle, as well as a bank account.

The first step in signing up is to download the iFood Delivery app, available exclusively for Android through the Play Store, with no iOS version. Then enter all the basic data you need, such as your social security number, name, phone number, and Email, check the box below, and then click “Register”.

You will now receive on your smartphone a text message with a 6 digit code, which you will have to type in the app for automatic validation. click in "Continue".

delivery register how ifood works

At this time, you must create your password. Remember to create a secure password that you will remember, or use one of the best password managers. Click on the red button again. "Continue".

On the next screen, you have to choose how you want to deliver via Cloud mode, Restaurant Fixed or both – read more about them via the link. Using the Cloud, you will receive orders placed for any restaurant in the area, while Fixed is only for an establishment of your choice.

delivery register how ifood works

Choose the region where you want to deliver, with state and city, as well as search. Then select your delivery mode. If you are a motorcycle, enter CNH information. In this same screen, enter the bank information to receive the payments.

choose vehicle how ifood works

Send your photo and the required documents as requested and then just wait for the registration review! If you prefer, iFood has also provided a video guide for you to understand how iFood works for shippers.

4. How to use iFood as a consumer

We've come to the final part to learn how iFood works, how to place orders, and how to register as a consumer. This is also the easy part. For starters, when you open the app, it will ask you to access your location, which you can choose to skip.

On the next screen, you can choose how you want to sign up, whether you want with your Google account, your Facebook, your mobile number or your email. You can also just follow as a guest. From this screen, you must enter the shipping address (or use the current location).

Now that you've selected the address, let's show you how it works to place orders on iFood. On the screen that appears, you can choose from restaurants or search for specific types of dishes. Then you can select what you want from the menu.

How iFood Consumer Works

Add to cart and next screen you will need to login to the platform. After that, choose the desired form of payment, can be card by the app or the card or money. Just hope your food will arrive soon!

So what do you think about our guide to how iFood works?

Please leave us your feedback on what we said and if you already knew all this information. Remember that you can also give your own tips to readers by writing below!

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